Footgolf’s coming home!

Costa Adeje hosts the Spanish Open this weekend

Maikel Álvarez, hoping to become Spanish Open Footgolf Champ

Tenerife footgolf player Maikel Álvarez, is hoping to be proclaimed Spanish champion this weekend in the Spanish Open which is taking place here in Adeje this weekend!

The game, where a player attempts to kick a football into a 21” cup in as few shots as possible, is a growing sport. According to Zeben Díaz, vicepresident of the Canarian Footgolf federation,  the Adeje Cup is taking place in the run-up to the World Cup being held in Marrakesh. The Adeje Cup “is two tournaments in one, as it’s both an international stage and the Spanish Open”.

The Tenerife player Maikel Álverez is currently second in the world rankings but hopes to claim top spot this weekend. The competition is on October 12th, 13th and 14th in the Los Lagos Golf in Costa Adeje and broadcast live via social media. 130 players are expected to take part, with the a €7,000 purse for the winners. Among the particpants are top players Ben Clarke, Nico García and Jamie Cullum.


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