New job seeker scheme to help younger graduates too


A new job placement scheme has just been signed between the Adeje council (department of local economic development) and the ‘Mensajeros por la Paz’ which will see an investment of over €80,000 to help young people (under 30) seeking their first job and those on the verge of social exclusion.

One of the slightly different aspects of this jobs scheme is that as well as assisting those who might not have finished formal education there will be assistance designed to help those who have completed superior vocational/third level training but have been unable to find that all-important first job, and will aid in job-placement with relevant companies.

“We have currently 2,800 people registered as unemployed in Adeje, many of those who haven’t finished their education and are without any certification, and at risk of social exclusion, and a large percentage of those are under 30 years of age”, commented councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martin. “We are constantly working to help in socio-employment orientation and giving vocational training opportunities to help more people integrate into the labour market”. He also pointed out the importance of staying in employment and the challenges of finding the best possible match using personalised profiles of those seeking employment.

More information from the department of economic development.

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The ‘Kellys’ hold their first conference in Adeje; call for conciliation


The Kellys is a national Spanish union of hotel cleaners

Today Adeje hosted the first ever Kellys Union Tenerife Congress, organised with the support of the Adeje Council. The goal of the conference was, according to the Union’s founder Eulalia Corralero, to “create a space for conciliation”, and to strengthen the collective, which has only been in existence for a short number of years. (The name ‘Kellys’ is a play on words on ‘those who clean – que limpian’).

Representatives from all parts Spain were in attendance, as well as the president of the Tenerife branch, Mónica Garcia, the Cabildo councillor for equality, Estafanía Castro and the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. The founder explained that the movement started four years ago with a Facebook group, and has grown since then, and the (mostly) women are fighting to ensure that, despite changes in employment law and hotel practises, often outsourcing cleaning services, their rights are protected.

Estefanía Castro said “it is no accident that the first conference in Spain is being held in Adeje, given the commitment this council and the mayor has always had for the more vulnerable. This conference is not looking for confrontation but for conciliation as the founder has stressed. The position of chambermaids has been intolerable in the past but thanks to the Kellys their struggle is now visible”.

The mayor of Adeje welcomed the delegates and underlined the importance of their work in building the society we enjoy today, “women workers who have, over the years, sacrificed a lot, silence and invisible in helping to create a healthy tourism industry in Spain. Sometimes we forget that the construction of a country depends on many more people than simply intellectuals and business leaders”.

The Adeje major commented that “if tourism isn’t working to improve the lives of those who live here we’re not doing things properly, tourism has to create wealth but that has to reach all the sectors of the population to allow us live in a society that is more just and equal.” He pledged that the council would be with the Kellys in their judicial fight for better work conditions, saying that exploitative practises harmed tourism destinations.





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El Puertito access closed

Due to on-going works on the new Armeñime roundabout, the access to El Puertito from the TF-47 will be closed for two weeks according to the Tenerife Cabildo who are overseeing the works. The access will be closed from tomorrow, November 15th, for an estimated two weeks. During that time visitors and residents will need to use the Playa Paraíso roundabout to access El Puertito.
The Cabildo are asking drivers and the public in general to respect all the diversions in place.

No to gender violence…

The events are taking place in advance of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The Adeje council is, as in previous years, organising a range of activities in the lead up to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women which is always on November 25th. These include workshops, short-story competitions among the borough’s secondary school students, events with young people to promote good relationship habits, information tables, the annual reading of a manifesto declaring the Town Hall’s rejection of this scourge on society and a minute’s silence for all victims of gender violence.

“While we will be working during these days to place the spotlight on violence against women and help for victims, the Adeje council is dedicated to this issue all year round, working with special services, offering help and assistance, workshops, information events, courses and activities for the population in general, with a particular focus on our primary and secondary school students”, commented the Adeje councillor for equality Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.

This year for the first time all the members of the Network of South Boroughs for Gender Equality will send a united message with a joint campaign on social networks, and in fact anyone interested in being part of the campaign photo should come along to the CDTCA on Thursday at 11am.  Later that day at 6.30pm in the Biblioteca Canaria, an exhibition, ‘Pino Ojeda, te busqué por los sueños’ will be inaugurated with a presentation by feminist writer Covadonga García Fierro.  This is about giving visibility to all women, says the councillor.

During next week there will be a meeting with students from the borough’s secondary schools (3rd year), on giving the young people the necessary tools to detect and combat abusive behaviour.  On Friday November 23rd at midday the institutional manifesto will be read followed by a minute’s silence on the steps of the Town Hall.  At 7pm that evening the prizes for the winners in the short story competition will be awarded.The campaign comes to a close with an event on the eradication of gender violence, ‘I Jornada Miradas Violetas’ with the participation of judicial experts and prior registration for this event is required.

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Tenerife’s champion cocktails!

The Tenerife Barman’s Association is celebrating a double victory in the recent XLV National Cocktail competition held in Zaragoza. The Tenerife association is an affi8liate of the Spanish Federation, FABE.

“Adeje has a close working relationship with the Tenerife Barman’s Association and their work contributes directly to an important element of our tourism brand as part of the ‘food and drink’ offer. We send our congratulations on their recent success”, said the councillor for local economic development. Manuel Luis Méndez Martín.

Over 250 contestants took part with Juanjo Montes Ruiz taking first place and the title of Spanish Champion in ‘Coctelería Acrobática’ (flairtending ). Emilio Rodríguez took first place in the alcohol-free cocktail section and second in the regular cocktail competition. In the ‘Tiki’ category Pedro Pablo González was second.


Your voice, your vote!

The following is a summary of information received from the Electoral Census office regarding elections for local Council and European Parliament elections in May 2019

On 26 May 2019 European Union (EU) voters EU citizens may vote in Council (Town Hall) and European Parliament elections in Spain if they express their intent to do so. The deadline to confirm your intention to vote in Spain ends on 30 January 2019.

To be clea,r nationals from EU countries living in Spain and from those countries who have signed an Accord with reciprocal rights have that right to vote.   The national office has sent this information to local Town Halls:Residents from EU member states:Residents of EU member states resident here in Spain who meet the standard requirements to vote (age, etc.) have the right to participate in local and European elections here in Spain.

Although the United Kingdom has expressed its intent to leave the EU on 30 March 2019, the Electoral Census Office (ECO) has not excluded its citizens from the electoral roll for the municipal elections, as well as for the European Parliament elections. However, their inclusion will cease to have effect if the United Kingdom leaves the EU on 30 March 2019.

EU nationals resident in Adeje

In the coming weeks the Electoral Census Office will send a written notice/letter to EU citizens resident here.  In general these will be sent to EU citizens on the ‘Padrón’ (resident register) but who have not voted in the past nor have signed the formal declaration of their desire to be on the census. The letter should include a formula whereby people can indicate online their intention to vote.  Alternatively you can call into the Adeje Town Hall and sign the relevant paperwork there.
You can also use your NIE number to sign up online on though you will need an electronic certificate to use this method, or use the special CTT (telematics communication number that is in the letter that you have received from the Census office), or you can send your signed intent to vote by post to the Census office – follow the instructions in the letter.
Those already registered in the electoral roll after having expressed their intent to vote in Spain maintain their voter status and shouldn’t need to make a new declaration, until they request their removal or cease to reside in Spain.
All this is assuming you are already on the local Padrón.  If not, you have until January 30th 2019 to register both as a resident and a voter.

Nationals resident in Adeje from countries with a reciprocal voting Accord

If you are resident in Adeje and from a non-EU country but one that has a reciprocal voting agreement with Spain and you meet the standard voting requirements, you can ask to be on the census for the May 2019 local elections. Countries that currently have such an agreement are Bolivia, Cape Verde, Chile, Colombia, Korea, Ecuador,Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru and Trinidad and Tobago.

General voting requirements

The general voting requirements for all those who wish to vote are:

  •  That you are over 18 years of age and haven’t had your official right to vote take away
  • That you are on the Adeje ‘Padrón’ (resident register)
  • That you have authorised Spanish residency
  • That you have lived legally in Spain for the requisite time depending on the agreement with your country of origin. If required a certificate can be obtained from the National Police offices.



Look for the barrels outside participating establishments

This year’s Tapas Route, part of the Adeje gastronomy month, Degusta.Me 2018, begins today, Nov 9th. 20 different establishments are taking part this year.

The councillor for economic development, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, is encouraging everyone to take advantage of the route, “and discover the fantastic tapas that have been created by the Adeje bars and restaurants for the occasion. This is one way of appreciating what we have and using and enjoying our local produce”.

You can consult the tapas route map online, And you can easily identify which establishments are taking part as they will have a lovely barrel outside indicating they are on the route. “As in previous years you can also vote for you favourite and when you vote you are also entering a draw for some great prizes”. The prizes, courtesy of the Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro, include a cruise for two a hotel stay and 18 more prizes consisting of dinners and lunches in the participating bars and restaurants. There’s also a chance to win free tapas if you take and upload photos of them labelled “Tapas en el aire” on Puntasso Go in the Puntasso application. . (More info on the app El Puntasso online,

Each participating establishment should have the voting slips. Request yours and the official stamp or app card from each of the participating restaurants/cafes when you visit. When you have a minimum of 4 stamps you can fill in your personal details on the voting slip and vote for your favourite tapa using the ballot boxes in the establishments, the Adeje youth centre, the CDTCA or the Cultural Centre.

Tapas Route 2018
Participating establishments
TAPA: Tandem
C/ Grande nº7 – Adeje Town Centre
Tues – Sun, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
922 710 428

TAPA: Aunque no lo parezca, soy dulce
(I mightn’t look like it, but I’m sweet)
C/Grande nº9 – Adeje Town Centre
Thur – Mon, 12 noon – 8pm.
922 711 163

TAPA: Rock & Roll de carne, queso y humo
(Rock & Roll of meat, cheese and smoke)
C/Grande nº26 – Adeje Town Centre
Daily 11am – 10.45pm.
922 781 550

TAPA: Oriental
C/ Grande nº19- Adeje Town Centre
Tues – Fri 12 noon – 4pm, 7pm – 10pm.
Sat and Sun 10am – 5pm.
686 325 450

TAPA: Frittatina di pasta
(Italian pancake/omelette)
C/Grande nº33 – Adeje Town Centre
Thur- Tues 12.45pm – 11pm
922 396 541

TAPA: ¡Hala! De ave de granja rellena de matices isleños
(Wow – Farm fowl stuffed with local colour!)
C/ Nueva nº 51 – Adeje Town Centre
Mon – Sat 2pm – 3.30pm, 8pm – 10pm.
822 660 463-677 862 944

TAPA: Chaja
(Meringue dessert)
Plaza Cruz del Llano nº4 – Adeje Town Centre
Daily 6am – 10pm.
922 711 482

TAPA: You dream
Plaza Venezuela nº 9 – Adeje Town Centre
Wed – Tues, 1pm -11pm.
922 775 510

TAPA: Dessert Isla Bonita
C/ El Cerco nº4 – Adeje Town Centre
Mon – Sat 8am – 5pm
661 022 164

Tapa: La explosión de sabores
(Explosion of flavours)
C/Manuel Bello Ramos nº46- Adeje Town Centre
Wed – Mon, 4pm – 10pm
922 731 106

11. Tasca Pica Pica A Catedral
Tapa: Empanada de bacalao con pasas
(Cod and raisin pastry)
C/Manuel Bello Ramos nº54- Adeje Town Centre
Thur – Tues 12.30pm – 8pm
619 292 312

TAPA: Gustó
C/Manuel Bello Ramos nº64 – Adeje Town Centre
Wed – Mon, 11.30am – 11pm,
611 221 919

TAPA: Primavera de berenjena
(Aubergene Spring)
C/Piedra Redonda nº12 – La Postura
Fri – Wed. 12 noon – 2pm, 6pm- 9pm
642 791 498

TAPA: Empanada de mozzarella con salsa Romesco
(Mozzarella pastry with Romesco sauce)
C/Piedra Redonda nº34- La Postura
Mon – Sat 12 noon – 8.30pm.
Sun 12 noon – 1.30pm
660 358 569

TAPA: Albóndiga Solky
(Solky meatballs)
C/Piedra Redonda nº35- La Postura
Fri – Wed 11am – midnight.
647 662 840

TAPA: Manifesto
Avda. Los Océanos nº9 – El Galeón
Daily 12 noon – 11pm.
922 455 876

TAPA: Trilogía
Av. Rosas de los Vientos nº12 – El Galeón
Daily 12 noon – 11pm.
642 439 084

TAPA: Cocido tradicional Chino
(Traditional Chinese cooking)
C/ Las Jarcias nº8 – El Galeón
Tues – Sun 1pm -3.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
822 610 937

TAPA: La Cabrona
C/ Tegueste nº2- Los Olivos
Mon – Sat 7pm -11pm.
922 703 610

Tapa: La Trattoria
Av. De Ayyo nº23 – Las Torres
Mon – Sat 8am -midnight.
922 456 610

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