Summer sounds in Costa Adeje

The musical event of the summer

There will be a fantastic outdoor summer concert in Golf Costa Adeje on July 13th.

The Tenerife Symphony Orchestra will play as the sun sets during the open-air musical treat, under the baton of Jader Bignamini, and sporano Davinia Rodríguez

Tickets are just €15 and on sale now :


A break for cancer patients

The Atlantic Holiday Centre hotel is giving 12 cancer families a VIP holiday

The Atlantic Holiday Centre hotel in Callao Salvaje this week donated 12 week-long holidays to individuals from Adeje who have been fighting various cancers. The cancer sufferers are all under the care of Spanish cancer association and Adeje council socio-sanitary programme.

This week the 12 individuals, who are also dealing with on-going oncological treatments, with members of their family, were invited in to receive their vouchers from Adeje’s health councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo and the hotel director Charlotte Abildtrup. Their stay in the recently reformed hotel will be all inclusive.

The councillor commented, “last year we were delighted to be part of this new initiative which was hugely beneficial to the 10 individuals who were given holidays – people who are suffering not just from cancer, but from high levels of personal stress during the palliative process”. This year the hotel has increased the number of donated holidays to 12. The councillor underlined the importance of being able to enjoy their free-time in a qualitative way, which can also help in their recovery.

Charlotte Abildtrup, hotel director, said that “we are delighted to be able to help these people and their families, to offer them a chance to relax and take a break from the stress related to dealing with their cancer. We know that these people are fighters, that they have daily challenges to overcome, which is why, during these summer months, we will be delighted to welcome them here and hope they enjoy all the hotel has to offer”:

Councillor Bencomo added, “Gestures such as these go to show that solidarity has no limits or frontiers”.

The Hotel Atlantic Holiday Centre offers guests large apartments, fresh water and salt water pools, a children’s zone, tennis courts, a park, leisure zone, a gymnasium and restaurants not to mention first class service and personal attention.

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Keyhole surgery for water pipes!

New technology will cut repair time and reduce water cuts

This morning the Adeje councillor for works and services, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, the director of Aqualia Canarias Emilio Fernández and the head of services for Entemanser Adeje, Francisco Caballo presented a new repair vehicle equipped with the latest technology to detect water leaks via a robot, camera and a linked information system. The new machine, costing €100,000, will service the five boroughs where Entemanser operates and it is calculated it will reduce repair times to a maximum of three hours.

Carmen Rosa González Cabrera remarked, “In a borough of this size it is really important to have a vehicle of this type to work on detecting underground water leaks in the sanitation networks, which in Adeje is up to 153 kilometres of tubing. Thanks to the incorporation of the latest technology the speed with which we can detect leaks is radically improved and we can solve the problems in a much shorter time without causing huge problems for the public with fewer and shorter cuts in supply and service. I would like to extend my congratulations to the company for the investment made in this latest technology for the benefit of all”.

Emilio Fernandez explained to the press, who were invited for a short demonstration, that “this was a stake for Entemanser to access the best and latest in technology for the benefit of the public, improving management of the service, and bettering the time needed to detect and repair a fault in the network. With this kind of technology, when we do detect a leak or any kind of issue in the network we can now fix it without having to dig up the road, thus avoiding more problems for residents. This also means less rubble and a huge reduction in the time taken to resolve the problem. We are also, at the same time, improving the quality of the work of our personnel and their working day as they don’t have to get down into the water network to make repairs, so reducing the risk of any work-place accidents”.

The vehicle is equipped with a television camera designed for underwater work, so that repairs to underground pipes can be carried out without the need for trenches. The design allows the work to be completed within a three hour time frame with little or no damage to the surrounding area nor acoustic contamination. It also means no traffic blocks and in general there will be no water cuts to the general supply either. The vehicle can be parked beside the nearest manhole cover and the work carried out from there. Two operators will work machinery, find the leak, fix it and once complete the vehicle is ready to move to where it is next needed.

Entemanser was founded in 1987 and taken over by Aqualia in 2005. It is the concessionary charged with managing the water supply provision in Santiago del Teide, Guía de Isora, Adeje, San Miguel de Abona and Granadilla. It also operates the desalination plant in La Caleta and manages the water service supply for the private urbanisation in Gold del Sur.


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Feel the groove

Reggae time in Adeje

Following last year’s highly successful event the Feeling Festival is back with a great line-up of local and international stars. This Reggae round-up will be on June 30th in the Adeje municipal stadium and will previewed by two days of events on June 28th and 29th in the CDTCA.

The headline performers this year include Alborosie, Tarrus Riley with Dean Fraser and Israel Vibration, Sumerr (Jamaica), Canarian group One Xe Band, Lioness Den, Isaiah, Don Virgilio, Dada Wanche, A’Jah Porfecía Crew, Lava Sound. DJ Chiqui Dubs (Panama), Triggafinga Intl Sound (Italy-Greece) and the Tenerife Dancehall Crew will also feature. There will be a gastro-zone, stalls, rest and chill out areas, and lots more.

During the free cultural days on June 28th and 29th, held in the CDTCA and the FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) people can enjoy workshops in yoga, photography, watch documentaries, enjoy break-dance and acrobatic performances and much more.

Tickets for Feeling Festival are on sale now online through and and are €35 each. A percentage of each ticket sold goes to projects to help those at risk of social exclusion and other charitable causes.

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