Professional certs for 15 Adeje students


15 students have received their professional certifications in basic bar and restaurant operations having completed a course in the Adeje CDTCA (Costa Adeje centre for tourism development). This is an experimental employment programme, co-financed by the Canarian employment service and the Adeje council, designed to improve the employment possibilities for those taking part. On June 3rd the 15 students will begin practical training in different hotels in Costa Adeje, Arona and Santiago del Teide.

Joining the graduates were a number of students who have received certification in food preparation through the Professional training employment programme, the FPE 2018.

The project is a continuation of the aim of the department for local development to assist those who are having difficulty finding work and/or are at risk of social exclusion. Courses have been designed with learning tools specifically designed to help these people find employment opportunities in an ever more demanding labour market.

The programme is run with INFOREST, and has benefitted 60 people who have been long-term unemployed, 15 of whom graduated with their certificates this week. The other 45 are still in training for their incorporation into the world of work. It has been shows that having a professional certificate is often a determining factor in finding work especially among those who may not hold any other qualifications.

Inforest has evolved into a platform for insertion into the labour market or professional advancement. The service offers personal assessments and now plays an important role in the Adeje job-seeking centre, identifying job opportunities through company request and active searches in the relevant sectors.

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