Recycling school children


Yesterday pupils from sixth class in Adeje Casco primary school spent a day out at Ascan Torrabonaf UTE, the company in charge of rubbish collection in the borough. The visit was the first schools visit of the week and part of the European Waste Prevention Week programme for Adeje.
The visit was designed to help the younger members of the borough learn more about waste collection, separation and placement in the relevant containers and promote recycling as an education tool. The overall aim of the European initiative is to reduce the production of waste materials and promote the best waste management practises. The results are positive both for the local environment and the promotion of sustainable tourism.
“People in Adeje are already quite committed to recycling, but its important to continue to work to improve results…awareness among our student population is fundamental as they can transmit the information back into the family. What we want is that the children see that waste that is collected doesn’t all end up in one container but undergoes a rigorous process of separation which in turn leads to reuse”, commented Councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera.

The students saw the lorries that collect the rubbish, and told how many containers there were in the borough. They saw all the machinery that is used and how the process works. Thereafter they were able to see how waste produce is sent to the relevant container and how it can be then sent on for recycling. The students and their families were also invited to take part in the La Caleta clean-up on Friday and Saturday of this week along the coast.
These school visits are seen as very important both to the campaign and to the schools, who are reporting increasing interest in recycling. During the rest of the week pupils from the Las Torres, Los Olivos, Tijoco Bajo, Fañábe and Armeñime schools will also visit the installation, and in total over 300 students will see, first hand, how the borough manages its waste.

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