Stop, look, listen, cross


Adeje has just unveiled its new pedestrian crossings bearing a series of messages, in Spanish and English, designed to help pedestrians take more care crossing the road. The initiative is part of the ‘Ponle Frenlo’ (put on the brakes) campaign to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Spain.

Different messages have been painted on to the first line of pedestrian crossings all over the borough asking pedestrians to check before they cross, to stop looking at their mobile if they are crossing the road, to reduce the volume if they are listening to music, as well as other safety messages.

The aim of the campaign is to reduce the number of mortalities and injuries caused by traffic accidents. According to official statistics in Spain 11,000 people are knocked down every year, nearly all of them in urban areas.


Adeje is the first borough to introduce this form of prevention. According to the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, “Adeje and our tourist destination Costa Adeje welcomes over two million visitors annually – so it’s the perfect place to launch these safety messages”. The messages are in Spanish and in English.

Josep Alfonso, director general of the Ponle Freno centre said “while we’re not all drivers we’re all pedestrians, and susceptible to being knocked down if we don’t pay attention when we’re crossing the road.

“Stop and look before you cross, cross at the proper designated places, make your intentions clear to drivers and avoid using mobiles or headphones when you are crossing – just a few words of advice that can save a pedestrian’s life”, he said.

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