Summer time, and the fires are burning!


Noche de San Juan is on June 23rd!

On the night of Sunday June 23rd people will be gathering in different venues all over Spain to celebrate the shortest night of the year, San Juan, traditionally seen as the night marking the beginning of summer and seasonal activities.

Bonfires and/or a midnight dip in the sea are seen as an essential part of the evening by many here. And as in previous years, the Adeje council have organised an event through the Costa Adeje Happy Streets department, with the Urb Playa Fañabe S.A. and Le Club Playa Fañabe, with a large bonfire and a wooden sculpture that will be burnt on the night. The party begins at 7.30pm and will include live music, with the fire expected to be lit at around 10pm.

If you want to host your own San Juan bonfire there are some controls in place. You will need to apply for permission using the form that can be downloaded from the Adeje webpage, and filled in and presented at the citizens’ bureau beside the Town Hall on the Calle Grande. If the bonfire is on private land an adult must sign a form stating they will abide by safety regulations, and this document may be asked for by police or other official persons.

Bonfires are forbidden in: Ravines, protected natural zones, areas close to homes. They are also not permitted in public spaces without proper authorisation. The construction of the bonfire should be in a zone that would permit easy access of the emergency services in the case of any problems and away from trees, electricity poles, cars, etc.

If the bonfire is to be in a public coastal area they will also need to apply for authorisation from the provincial coastal department, which can also be done via the council. The time frame for bonfires on the night of the 23rd is from 9pm – 2am.

Certain materials cannot be used in the bonfire, including materials that give off toxic fumes and/or contaminants, aerosols cans, plastics, tyres, fireworks. Those in charge must also ensure that the fire is completely extinguished when the event is over and use water/hoses to guarantee the fire is out. The area must also be cleaned up afterwards. If there is any unexpected dangerous outcome or the fire spreads out of control, phone 112 or the local police, 922 747 206/922 716 508.

All of the regulations are in place to guarantee that everyone can enjoy a safe ‘Noche de San Juan’, without harm or damage to you, other people or the environment.

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