Costa Adeje: Meeting the demands of 21st Century Tourism


Ermitas Moreira, tourism councillor and mayor José Miguel Rodríguez outlining details of the Fitur promotion today

Ermitas Moreira, tourism councillor and mayor José Miguel Rodríguez outlining details of the Fitur promotion today

Costa Adeje is the Nº1 tourist destination in the Canaries and fourth in Spain in terms of economic returns for its five-star hotels

A continued commitment to the strategy that has seen the Costa Adeje destination become a showcase at regional and national levels for tourism is how 2016 has begun, with new challenges ahead to consolidate the work done to meet the demands of 21st Century Tourism. This will be done by combining the existing offer in the borough alongside an exciting range of newly opened tourism niches with a stated expansion until 2020.

In Costa Adeje, when we mention 21st Century Tourism we are not just referring to traditional tools associated with the market, and those which are using new technologies, complementary offers and tourism feedback. Already Adeje can look at its position as one of the leaders in the tourism trade in attracting investors and promoting the concept of ‘total tourism’ with an offer that emphasised, among other things, care for details, quality of services and looking after clients’ needs to the ultimate level.

Now, when we refer to 21st Century Tourism we are using the term to cover the continuation of a quality and luxury service but combined with sustainability, respect for the environment, and controlled growth and a global offer which will attract tourists of all types, from solo travellers to couples to those in search of the perfect family get-away. In that regard a strategic plan is now in place with 2020 as the end date, with many of the new projects already becoming reality.

The Adeje department of tourism is looking at the overall offer in terms of different ‘worlds’ to be visited, and bearing in mind the business side of the tourism sector too, recognising that tourism is and continues to be an essential economic motor creating wealth and jobs locally contributing to local well-being and quality of life. In this regard Adeje is recognised as one of the administrations working to keeps the bureaucratic wheels moving, with licences for small businesses granted, on average, within 7 days, and for large projects within 30 days. Costa Adeje has also maintained its position with Exeltur as one of the most profitable tourist destinations in Spain, leading the sector in the Canaries with a 15.4% RevPar (index of profit per room per day). The borough has also registered a rise in those working in tourism of 3.2% this year, with almost 13,000 employed in the sector.

The world of the family is one of the important ‘worlds’ within the offer, with Siam Park now acknowledged as one of the best theme parks globally and Aqualand with awards at national level. The challenge to upgrade and improve the family offer continues and up-and-coming hotel projects will see exciting new offers on the horizon with an increased number of 5-star establishments.

Sport and nature form another ‘world’ of tourism here in Adeje. Already institutions such as the T3 training centre are internationally acknowledged as among the best. New projects in the natural world, on land and at sea, with the opening of Marine classrooms, reclaiming the seabed, and the developing of ‘green-belt’ connections in the midlands and upper reaches of the borough will see interesting new tourism offers, allowing our visitors enjoy a destination that offers a natural sustainable line from the sea to the mountains, passing through some cultural and heritage sites worth stopping for.

The world of luxury is already established too, and with controlled growth will continue to expand, with projects such as the Puertito de Adeje which will see a fusion of luxury, family, natural, sustainable and sporting tourism in one incredible location. In parallel we enjoy a healthy businesses and commercial sector which grew further in 2015 with the opening of Siam Mall, already a hugely successfully innovate shopping experience. All this and more guarantees that Costa Adeje has a bright future ahead.

The Adeje councillor for tourism Ermitas Moreira has previously held the post of economic development in the borough and is well placed to see the need for a healthy work:tourism ratio. “We depend upon who visits us and the investments made by small, medium and large businesses to ensure that tourism is a source of shared wealth for the borough and this has worked so far in terms of job creation locally”. However for Moreira the current figures “are good but not good enough. We have to keep working along the same lines to ensure that our economic motor continues to generate more jobs each day and that is one of our chief objectives over the coming years”.

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga
The mayor of Adeje will lead the borough’s delegation to Fitur, the Madrid based International Tourism Trade Fair 2016 taking place next week (January 20th 24th), an event he described as “an excellent tourism showcase” and where municipal delegations will come together under the Turismo de Tenerife banner. “For us Fitur is an opportunity to promote our brand of tourism, the thinking behind what we do as a destination, a destination that is dynamic, with a strong identity, as well as encourging more tourism for the island of Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands.” He added that one of the challenges next week would be to recapture the national market as well as maintaining the numbers from other countries, “and we will be presenting new promotional tools”, he said.

Regarding the Costa Adeje development plans, he says “we are not simply in a process of renovation of all the sector has to offer, we are adding new contents to the offer which will be launched globally, working to ensure Costa Adeje remains a world leader in the sector”. He says he is convinced that the “concept of 21st Century Tourism perfectly defines what we want – nothing more than to be able to offer a destination with all the characteristics that we have worked to consolidate in recent years in terms of quality, excellent service and a 5-star hotel and leisure offer in conjunction with the important elements of sustainability, controlled development and an offer where the human factor, culture and heritage, play key roles. He paid special attention to the pivotal role human values play too in tourism in Adeje, and how the needs of the visitor were at the centre of any development plans as well as the needs and futures of those working in the industry here.

“We have always worked responsibly and with respect and let no-one think we are sitting back on our laurels in a self-satisfied manner, assuming ‘job done’. On the contrary, while we value what we have achieved we now have to work hard to maintain and constantly improve the Costa Adeje tourism offer”.

During Fitur the mayor will attend a range of strategic meetings with sector representatives. He will also receive a prize from Preferente magazine for his dedication and commitment to tourism. He will take some personal satisfaction in the award, but in principal says it is “in recognition of work done, work we have all undertaken and carried out in Costa Adeje for Tenerife tourism, and for tourism in the Canary Islands and Spain.

“Our goals are renovation, but we have chosen a path ahead, a stake in the future, based on quality, the training of personnel in the sector as something mandatory and this is how we will be judged competitively, and we must also work to ensure that the wealth created by tourism continues to benefit all those who live and work in Adeje for the betterment of our society. We can all commit to quality – the workforce will have to make an extra effort in terms of training and adaptation, businesses will have to create jobs and top quality products and society in general will see the improved quality of life that tourism can bring. This is the stage upon which we build a tourism offer that is both exceptional and competitive”, assured mayor Rodríguez Fraga.