Levelling the playing pitch!


The II Adeje Equality Course sees a doubling in membership

The II Adeje School for Equality began courses yesterday with almost twice as many participants as expected. The town’s Equality council and the council itself are the organisers of the school, and had planned for 20 students but almost 50 signed up to take part.

The councillor for equality, Carmen Lucia Rodríguez del Toro, said she was “more than pleasantly surprised to see how the numbers of those signing up to take part had more than doubled. It makes me proud to see the response of our residents who, as well as working towards the advancement of equality, are increasingly aware of the importance of equality training to further ensure the application of equality measures in work and life in general”.

The school will be in session every Wednesday until April 24th, from 5.30pm – 9pm. “We know that these hours may not suit everyone, and therefore are really appreciative of those making the effort to be part of this course”, the councillor added.

The training is given by an association known as ‘Desarrollo Integral de la Mujeres Mercedes Machado’, using participative methodology, with 56 hours of classwork and 12 hours of practical application. The classes work to deconstruct sexist behaviour, language, etc, and help in the perception and acknowledgement of gender inequalities. Participants can learn how to improve group dynamics, improve auto esteem and work to recognise the impact of gender in terms of perception, values, attitudes and behaviour.

The training is in four blocks, looking at various aspects of behaviour, education, co-education, cultural products, and non-sexist communication. Equality in work and employment practises and household chores and child care will also be discussed. The classes will examine the issue of gender violence and identify keys for self-esteem for women among other matters.










Levelling the playing pitch!


The Adeje Equality Council is working on new actions and strategies


The Adeje Equality Council has a busy few months ahead, taking part in a range of different training and awareness raising activities with a two-pronged objective – to share and exchange ideas within the council and also to help the public in general become more aware of the need for an equal playing pitch in all facets of daily life.

In its most recent meetings the council members have been making final arrangements for the II Adeje School of Equality, which will take place in early 2019, and have been invited by the gender violence organisation to participate and share their experiences in the School of Social Participation to be organised by Candelaria council in the near future. They are also busy working on the Adeje events for November 25th, International Day against Gender Violence. The message on the day will also be shared with the South Tenerife Equality Network to reach a many people as possible.

Recently the council has approved a communications strategy to encourage greater activity in social networks, they are redesigning their logo, and opening up a YouTube space, all aimed at making the council better known locally and beyond. The hashtag they have adopted for their online presence is #ConsejoIgualdadAdeje.


Adeje organising a collection of feminine hygiene products


During the most recent meeting of the Adeje Equality Council, with the Adeje councillor for equality politics Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro, the issue of the importance of being able to establish a bank of feminine hygiene products as a basic necessity was discussed. These products are not ‘luxury items’, but are generally overlooked when compiling a list of the needs of women who are suffering economically.

“The idea was inspired by a similar initiative in the University of La Laguna where the ‘Invisibles’ collective is based. They carried out a collection of these items and made them available to homeless women. We are aware of the existence of many inequalities with regard to women in our society, and in many cases these products carry a high price and in fact many women simply cannot afford them. So, we want to contribute through the ‘Help Bank’, and make these products available. Even though they might not be included in the donated family shopping basket, they are indeed a basic need”, said the councillor.

Rodríguez del Toro added, “Facua (the consumers association) carried out a public study in 2015 which found out that these items are taxed at a very high rate, 7% in the Canary Islands. The association compared prices of over 100 different packets of sanitary towels, and 70 boxes of tampons in six supermarket chains, and the comparison revealed that as well as huge price differences between brands, women were paying ‘luxury’ prices for basic need items. Since then there has been a claim in with central government for a tax reduction on these items, to 4%”.

Items donated will be stored in the Adeje council’s Help Bank from where they can be distributed to those women who need them. Among the products will be sanitary towels, tampons, menstrual cups, wet wipes and special soaps.

During the month of April there will be a number of different collection points, including the public libraries in Adeje town and Armeñime, the Los Olivos Occupational centre, the offices of the department of equality politics (in the modern building beside the main post office) the borough’s cultural centres and the Pink Room, in the School of Security and Social Harmony (Seguridad y Convivencia). The Tenerife Hotel Housekeepers association is also taking part in the campaign with collection tables in different hotels throughout the south of the island.
If you would like to help contact the department on 922 756244.

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Breaking down barriers

Adeje council has a series of activities planned for the month of March focussing on the important role women play in all walks of life
To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th) the Adeje council has drawn up a busy programme of events all “contributing to the breaking down of the barriers that obstruct women achieving equality”, according to councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.

Among the main acts will be the awarding of the Abinque prize, to be celebrated on Saturday March 11th at 8pm in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), and the art exhibition “Mujeres Adeje-Creativa” featuring 50 women artists, which will open to the public in the Adeje Cultural Centre on March 8th.

The council will also mark the second anniversary of the establishment of the Adeje Equality council, an initiative which has brought women and men together on a consultative body whose aims include the empowerment of women and preventing inequality, as well as the removal of real obstacles to achieving equality.

During the month the council has also arranged a series of different cultural, education and leisure activities. During next week secondary school students will be attending workshops on professional diversity, there will be a theatre presentation by Zálatta Theatre Company about the work of female pioneers Marie Curie and Spanish equality activist Clara Campoamor and on Friday March 10th there is a screening of “La bicicleta verde” (The Green Bicycle) a film directed by Saudi Arabian Haifaa Al Mansour.

Check the full programme of events on line – you can download the complete programme from the council webpage, www.adeje.es (scroll down to the bottom of the page in questions for the PDF version in English).
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