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The Adeje library is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Opened since 1989 this municipal installation has witnessed the growth of Adeje as a borough, and the people who live here. During those 30 years the library has helped a large number of people and at the same time has adapted to the changes over time and generations.

In the last year alone the Adeje network of libraries dealt with over 24 thousand people and lent out 8,597 books, CDs, DVDs and other items. The average monthly visit rate is just over two thousand, with nearly three quarters of those being adults.

The Adeje library is part of the BICA (Canarian Libraries) network, and is located in the Adeje cultural centre. The library has a computer section, reading and study zone, over two floors. According to the councillor with responsibility for libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “the Adeje library is a literary meeting point, but also offers knowledge and learning. And given this special anniversary we want to design a celebratory programme of event which reflects the value and worth the installation has in the borough”.

The programme of activities begins tomorrow with the launch of a new book, Candela, by Sonia María Cruz Martinez, in the cultural centre’s exhibition hall. The Adeje Folklore School with perform, with other presentations as well.

On April 25th there will be the screening of a documentary at 6.30pm, and a talk on and by writers, with Paula Fernández Moragón and Covadonga García Fierro. Covadonga will also present her poetry on April 30th. And on May 2nd Enrique Reyes will inaugurate an exhibition on the 30 years of the library. Events will conclude on May 6th with a poetry meeting, “XIX tardes de poesía Riardo Müller”, organised by the Piedra Redonda residents association.

All events will be in Spanish.

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Adeje’s libraries are very popular among all ages

The Adeje public library network has just released statistics regarding library use in 2018. “The data is extremely positive and we have seen a substantial increase in the number of consultations by the public – something we feel is down to three key factors – the use of the libraries by the students of the Tourism degree course, the diversification of the activities the libraries are carrying out and the continuing and growing interest in reading and studying by the general public”, said councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

The overall figures for the Adeje libraries show that 24,523 people visited one of the libraries during the year, with a total of 46,319 consultations (books, online searches, etc) and there were 8,597 books lent during the same 12 month period. The monthly average number of visitors was just over 2,000, 73% of those were adults and the rest, 27%, were junior readers and students.

The figures represent an increase of 19% by younger users, a 14% increase in those researching or seeking information, and similar increases were registered in readers and older student use. The busiest days of the week were Mondays and Tuesdays, and there were 75 internet connections daily. As has been registered in other years, there was a notable increase in users during exam times.

The Adeje library in the cultural centre was the most visited (36,492 persons), just over 2,000 visitors went to the Canarian library on the Calle Grande, 3,156 used the public library in Armeñime and the Fañabe library welcomed 2,136 users during the year.


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Adeje’s libraries giving eBooks a run for their money!



The number of people using Adeje’s public libraries is on the increase, with requests for materials from students rising by 30%, use of study rooms by 74% and requests for local Wi-Fi connections up by 375% over 2014.

According to the councillor with responsibility for he libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “since the opening of the Adeje-based Southern University Campus we have noticed the change in the numbers using the libraries. Take into account that we now have students in each of the four years of the tourism course that we offer in Adeje, that’s 150 third level students in classes here in the borough, not to mention the many other courses on offer from the council and of course the students from the primary and secondary schools in Adeje.


“Our intention is to continue to grow to meet the increasing demand of the users and continue to be the first-choice reference library network, meeting the needs of our new users as more university courses are opened in Adeje in the near future”.

The Adeje public libraries received 36,470 visits in 2015, with 82% of those to the main library in the town’s cultural centre, and the break-down shows a 50/50 split between male and female users, with 77% adults using the service. The councillor also noted that “while there has been a drop in the number of books out on loan given the proliferation of eBooks and new technologies, our statistics do show that a healthy number of people are borrowing, with 6,600 books lent last year”.


The Adeje library network has over 69,000 documents – books, audio-visual material, magazines, etc. – on offer to the public, with a growing foreign language section. Joining in relatively easy and it is an excellent free resource for all.