A busy year for the youth centre

Adeje Youth Centre registered over 19,000 visits last year

The Adeje department of youth, under Councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares, has released details of last year’s events and participation by the younger Adeje generation, with over 19,000 visits to the municipal young club during the 12-month period. The department organised 569 events during year.

“Adeje’s young people use the centre as their own, as a meeting place, as somewhere they know they can access a range of services of real interest to them”, said the councillor, who added that the “increase in visits is also down to the diversification of events we are organising”. In fact, there were almost eight thousand more visits in 2018 than in 2017.

Of those who dropped into and used the centre last year, over 7,000 were young women, over 11,000 young men, with 14-16-year olds the most represented age group although there are a healthy number of over 20s who use the centre for activities as well.

Among the kind of events and activities planned and organised by the centre are training, entertainment and courses designed to improve quality of life. One of the most popular and used service has been a mobile service with young people from the department travelling to different parts of the borough offering information and activities for local youth.

Young secondary school students also find a home in the youth centre and the council’s initiative, to reward them for academic as well as social prowess has been welcomed by the borough’s school goers. This year up to 10 students will be travelling to Cork, in Ireland, to take part in a 2-week summer camp, staying with families, with flights and accommodation paid for.

Sporting and creative activities work to help our young people explore other parts of their talents as well as giving them a space to work on improving their quality of life. The ‘invention galley’ is a favourite among many users of the centre, inviting participants to share their writings, literature, poetry, and get to know the work of others. In this way they can get to appreciate the writings of Canarian authors as well as those from the rest of Spain and beyond.

‘El Puntito’ is for 12-15 year olds and includes training workshops and talks designed to help young people work and have fun together, through arts and crafts, excursions, exhibitions, etc, all with the aim of improving harmony and social awareness among the borough’s younger generation. There are also aids to help young people make better use of their free time, while encouraging integration within the community.

The youth centre’s multi-use halls are popular as are the studios for rehearsal and recording, the study areas are well used, as are the virtual zones, the dance space and the outdoor terrace, as much by individuals as by the many groups and associations who are frequent visitors to the centre.

A busy month in Adeje


Adeje is organising a plethora of activities through different departments in April

Adeje’s departments are very busy organising a host of different activities with something for just about everyone living in the borough during the month of April.

During this week, on April 4th , the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) are organising a talk on security in sports at 6pm, and in the Adeje Cultural Centre the ‘Educar en Familia’ an on-going series of conferences on educating within families, is running a conference on sex and adolescence, how, why and prevention! On Friday the seniors club have a workshop on self-esteem and personal power (6pm). Saturday April 6th sees a table-tennis tournament in the Youth Centre at 5pm, a talk on Infodrones in the School of Security and Social Harmony at 7pm and the opening of an exhibition, ‘Bahá’u’lláh’ at 9pm. And the weekend (April 7th and 8th) will see a series of National League foot volley games on Torviscas beach .

The second week of the month opens, on April 9th, with a work-shop on parenting in the Adeje Cultural Centre at 6pm. On April 10th and 12th the seniors club have two outings, a trip on a Catamaran, and a spa visit. On April 13th there’s a rap ‘Beat Battle’ in the Youth Centre with 16 rappers competing in eliminatory rounds. Saturday April 14th is a busy day with a walk in La Orotava, a talk on discovering feminism in La Laguna and the VI Solidarity Seniors festival at 6pm in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

On Thursday April 19th at 6pm there is an event on migrant women and the media, on Friday April 21st the senior citizens are off again, visiting the Hermano Pedro cave, on April 25th they have a cinema outing and on April 28th they can go to the show in the Castillo San Miguel.

Towards the end of the month the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) will host a talk on food for oncology patients organised by the Spanish Cancer Association (AECC).

All of the events mentioned will be in Spanish and some may need prior registration, most of them are free. The council also points out that events are subject to last minute change and advises people to check on the Adeje page (www.adeje.es) , or the Adeje app in advance.




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Over 11 thousand visitors to the Adeje Youth Centre



The councillor for youth affairs, Zebenzui Chinea Linares, published the figures for the municipal youth centre in 2017, noting over 11 thousand visits to the centre, “a clear indication that the borough’s young people see the place as their centre and somewhere they can use for services and activities”, he said.

Of the 11,000, 40% of the users were girls and young women, 60% were boys and young men, with the 14-16 year olds representing the largest age group using the centre.

There are a range of programmes and activities on offer, designed to engage and encourage the borough’s younger residents, from those that are directed at secondary school students and their studies to programmes for after-school hobbies –music, literature, cinema, games, gastronomy walks, excursions, and lots more.

There is a specific range of activities for the 12-15 year olds with workshops and chats designed to improve social harmony, educational opportunities and personal development.

Working within European initiatives the centre also offers a “Garantia Juvenil” which works with a programme aimed at easing access into the labour market offering young people courses and training to improve their employment opportunities when they have finished formal schooling or are currently unemployed.

In parallel, the Adeje department of youth works with private entities offering a series of activities such as, in 2017, a robotics workshop, bodyboarding, youth exchanges, etc.


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