Adeje honours Kurt Konrad Mayer

Kurt Konrad, one of the borough’s economic giants, is honoured in Adeje
The new Avenida Kurt Konrad Mayer is in El Madroñal

Yesterday morning the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga unveiled the plaque on the Avenida Kurt Konrad Mayer (previously the Avenida El Madroñal), in recognition of the work and years of investment given to Adeje by this Chilean businessman. Present at the event were his family and close friends.
The mayor said, “We are here to remember and recognise something important in our recent history, also something that reflects our change from an agricultural society to a top class tourism destination. Among those who contributed to that change was Kurt Konrad who, in life, was a man very committed to the development and completion of programmes in both infrastructures and the evolution of our society. He was a pioneer, a visionary as a businessman, but someone who never forgot the most important thing – people, his workers, who today have recognised his memorable contributions.”
Roberto Konrad, one of his sons and the director of Tenerfe Top Training, spoke of his father as “a man who never stopped working and who saw possibilities where others only saw problems. My father taught us a lot about work and effort and always said that our greatest wealth was the people who worked with us”.

Kurt Konrad Mayer
Kurt Konrad Mayer , a Chilean-born architect, arrived to Tenerife in the middle of the 20th century, and began an intensive period of professional activity as an architect, builder, developer and tourism promoter, initially with the RKF company, working on projects such as the Aparthotel Ponderosa, the Dollar nightclub and Titos pizzeria.
Konrad Mayer then began working on the construction and promotion of complexes such as Los Geranios, Las Carabelas, Panorama, Club Atlantis, Paraíso del Sur, Oasis Paraíso, Hotel Santiago, Hotel La Pinta, H.A. Altamira, H.A. Santa María, Puerto Colón and Club Náutico. He also was part of the creation of the German school, the ‘Colegio Alemán Alexander Von Humboldt’, which was recently renamed and is today the ‘Colegio Internacional Costa Adeje’, with financial and legal backing in the establishment of the school.
He was the one who pushed for the creation of a tourism promotion group that today has been integrated into the CIT Sur , president of the Rotary Club Tenerife, participated in the establishment of SPET, (for the external promotion of Tenerife), Turismo de Tenerife and was the founder of the Adeje volunteer fire brigade.
His involvement also extended to participation in the development of Golf Costa Adeje, the Los Olivos, Barranco de Torres, El Beril and La Caleta planning projects, and that of El Madroñal, very much part of the expansion of both Costa Adeje and the urbanisation of Adeje town.
During recent years, before his death in 2011, Kurt Konrad Mayer played a part in the creation of Tenerife Top Training, an infrastructure that today is recognised as one of the best sports complexes of its type in the world.


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Gold medal for IES Adeje


The Adeje council has awarded the IES Adeje secondary school the town’s gold medal following a unanimous vote of the Adeje council meeting on April 28th. Prior to this the council has only awarded this distinction four times – in 2007 to the borough’s fire fighters and in 2011 to the Adeje School of Folklore, the Adeje Patron Band and the ‘Hermandad del Santísimo’.

The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “Today the people of Adeje, represented by the council, recognise the work, the commitment and the service of one of the most noble of pursuits, the training and education of people”. The award was made during a solemn ceremony in the Adeje Convento in the presence of the council, members of the school executive and staff and the regional government director general for education infrastructures, Ana Dortá.

The mayor said that the commitment to a strong public education offer was the guarantee “of social cohesion and equality of opportunities”. The IES Adeje director Félix Pérez Hernández, accepting the medal on the school’s behalf, thanked the council and in particular the mayor “for this distinction…we recognise this award as underlining the importance of second level education. IES Adeje represents all of the education communities in Adeje and in some way we wish to share this award with them. A borough, a council that values the role played by secondary education and professional training in the evolution of Adeje is a borough that supports education and is marking the way forward as a society that is better educated and informed.” He said it was a huge source of pride that it is this local government that is valuing education in this way.

IES Adeje opened its door in 1992, initially operating as Adeje’s professional training institute subsequently becoming the borough’s first public advanced training centre in the south with courses designed specifically for the tourism industry.

Over the years the school evolved into a full-time recognised secondary school offering state-recognised exams such as the Bachillerato and professional training courses, and was given the official IES (Institute of Secondary Education) Adeje title. In fact in 1999 it was the first public education centre in Adeje offering students the opportunity to sit the Bachillerato (A-level equivalent).

Since it opened its doors, IES Adeje has made huge contributions to the borough’s economic development training thousands of professionals in various qualifications now working in the tourist industry. The centre has also seen over 1,300 students attending universities having qualified from there, facilitating, as it does, students from other nearby centres too.

Previous gold medal winners
With this medal the total awarded by the council now comes to five. Previous winners are the Adeje volunteer fire fighters, the Adeje Patron band, the Adeje School of Folklore and the Hermandad del Santísimo, all recognised as bodies that form part of the backbone of Adeje’s society.

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Lyric Festival for San Juan


24 artists will perform in Madrid to raise funds for the Adeje centre

The “III Fiesta de la Lírica” (II Lyric Festival) benefiting the Asociación San Juan in Adeje, takes place in the Teatro Real in Madrid next Wednesday from 8pm.

At a press conference this week the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, councillor for Special Needs Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro and the president of the Asociación San Juan, Ana Oneida Borges Medina, outlined details of the concert in Madrid and the 24 different artists – 21 singers and three pianists – who will take part in the event. The mayor said the event underlined “the commitment we have to helping those with special needs and improving levels of co-existence”. He added that the borough’s “co-existence plan is an integral part of the borough, for us it is fundamental that no-one who lives in Adeje feels side-lined, we are working to guarantee that integration is genuine, and in that regard the Asociación San Juan gives us the stimulus needed to work with those who have special needs”.

The mayor said he wished to pay tribute to the association as their very presence stimulates the solidarity in the borough, “makes us better human beings, invites us to reflect and discover capabilities we might not have even known we had”.

The Asociación San Juan is a centre for curative education and social therapy promoting an education and a way of life which promotes human rights and a level of auto- determination, and the integration of individuals who need special assistance. The centre works for the social, cultural and profession integration for adults who have developmental problems and who need special care.

The president of the association, Ana Oneida Borges Medina, gave special mention to “Isabel Rey (soprano), the godmother of the Asociación San Juan, who has always underlined the fact that culture can play a very important role not just in enriching a society, but also as a bridge between different aspects of our lives.”

This year the classical music concert also enjoys the support of sponsor Endesa. Provincial commercial director José Manuel de la Cruz said they were delighted to be associated with the event, “and to reinforce our commitment to the Canary Islands and its institutions”.

The executive producer of the gala event, Carlos Marén Artists, said they had received many requests from artists who wanted to participate . Artists who would be performing included Canarians Nancy Fabiola Herrera, Francisco Corujo, Davinia Rodríguez, Juan Pons and Isabel Rey.

If you would like tickets for the concert, log onto the theatre webpage, . Alternatively, and as in previous years, there is a “Row Zero” for people who cannot actually attend the concert but wish to donate, via donations to the bank account (Triodos Bank 1491 0001 21 2006288324).

GM Cash&Carry open in Adeje

The stores sell a vast range of goods, from food to electrical, bathroom and cosmetics, drinks, frozen goods, and also have a large range of quality own-brand items


The Grupo Miguel have just opened their first Cash & Carry in Adeje, between the BP garage and Hipertrebol near the Adeje roundabout.
Grupo Miguel are a large chain in Spain, in fact they were the very first Spanish Cash & Carry to open in the country, and their entry into the market in Tenerife will see an investment of up to 29 million euros and the creation of 158 jobs, they say. Ramón Miquel Ballart from Grupo Miquel, said his wish was that “our clients are happy shoppers and return again and again to buy our products which have already earned us thousands of loyal clients in Spain”. At the inauguration of this, their first shop in the Canaries, the company also thanked the Adeje authorities for their assistance and added that the company was now in the Canaries to contribute, where possible, to the islands’ development.
Present at the inauguration were the regional minister for employment, industry and commerce, Francisca Luengo, the Cabildo vice-president and councillor Efraín Medina, and the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, as well as over 300 invited guests including business representatives, suppliers and clients, among others. Efraín Medina said he was very pleased to see the company setting up shop in the island. “This is a reason to celebrate, and our common objective is to generate economic development and the Tenerife Cabildo is delighted to invite all of you to work together with us to achieve this”.
The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, said that the presence of the Grupo Miquel would improve the network of services available in the borough which welcomes almost 2 million tourists a year, and congratulated the group for their inclusion of many Canarian products on the shelves.

The regional government minister Francisca Luengo said she was very happy indeed to see this project come to fruition with increased investment and employment for the islands. She too congratulated the company on their promotion of locally sourced produce and their commitment to sell Canarian goods in the Spanish peninsula on particular days, such as Día de Canarias.
The new GMCash & Carry Adeje has 69 parking places and is 3.385 m2, 2.473 m2. The store has over 9,000 products on sale of which 2,500 are Canarian.

Grupo Miquel began with Pere Miquel Estela in 1925 when he set up a small business in the wholesale marketing of fruit, cereals and colonial import, the small beginnings of a company that today is the international wholesale Miquel Alimentació Grup.
The company operates along similar lines to other wholesalers and deals with clients who have a business or are self employed. The stores sell a vast range of goods, from food to electrical, bathroom and cosmetics, drinks, frozen goods, and also have a large range of quality own-brand items. Nationally the company also operates a vertical franchise with the Spar brand. The company plans to open a Cash & Carry soon in Santa Cruz, in San Bartolomé in Lanzarote and in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.



Shaken or Stirred?

David Arrebola preparing his Mattoni Fresh cocktail

David Arrebola preparing his Mattoni Fresh cocktail

Fresh(!) from Adeje

Whether you like your cocktails shaken or stirred, David Arrebola is Adeje’s man.
The barman who works in the Palacio de Isora, came third in the Spanish National Barman championships in November of last year, and therefore is off to Prague this weekend to represent Costa Adeje, and Spain in the 4th IBA World Championship in non-alcoholic drinks.

At the press conference in advance of his departure, David mixed a sample of what he hopes will be his winning cocktail for the Adeje mayor, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the councillor for Sport Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and the president of the Tenerife Barman Association, Jose Antonio Mesa Mendoza.

For competitions at this level there are very specific rules about amounts and types of ingredients with a number of obligatory additions. As this is sponsored by Mattoni, the drink must include at least 10cc of the original Grand Mattoni mineral sparkling or light sparkling water in the recipe. David’s drink, Mattoni Fresh! also includes puree of apple and passion fruit and apple and lime juice. Judging is based on a number of criteria including appearance, aroma, taste and innovation.

Over 70 countries have been invited to take part in the opening round on June 21st , and the best six will be invited to take part in the final on June 22. David said he is going to Prague “hoping to win, to win for Adeje and for Tenerife and Spain”. He added that while he might be a little bit nervous he is no stranger to competition and has won four national and one international title during his years as a professional and member of the Tenerife Barman Association.

The Association president Mesa Mendoza expressed his gratitude to the Adeje council and mayor for their continuing support and help in this regard – in 2011 Costa Adeje hosted the Pan American World Championships – adding that this level of backing was very important for the profession.

Mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga wished David Arrebola luck, and praised him and the association for “the level of professionalism. It is a reflection of work well done, and also of the quality of service that is fundamental for a tourist destination such as ours.” He said the work of the Tenerife Barman Association was also vital in promoting the dignity of the profession. The other hugely important aspect of this competition, the Mayor added, was the promotional side of the trip, “this is about letting people know about the destination. David is taking the name of Costa Adeje with him, and of Tenerife, the Canary Islands, and bringing to Prague the level of professionalism that is a part of this tourist destination, and I have no doubt that he will do all of that very well”.