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Alexander Rinder and Maikel Álvarez Morales named Adeje’s top athletes

On the evening of Friday February 22nd, the Adeje Cultural Centre’s theatre was the centre of the local sporting universe with the awarding of prizes for the borough’s top sports people – Alexander Rinder and Maikel Álvarez Morales. Rinder, who is just 20 years old, has already been World Champion twice, runner up twice, one third place and three European titles in bodyboarding. In 2018 she was second in the world.

In men’s sports the winner was Maikel Álvarez Morales, a footballer who is currently playing in the Second Division B and has also played in most of the clubs in the south of Tenerife. But his current recognition is in the world of Footgolf, a discipline in which he is the Spanish champion and represented Spain in the world championships last December in Morocco.

Adeje’s mayor, Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga said, “Tonight we have celebrated our commitment to sports as one of the backbones of our society. Behind tonight’s awards is a firm belief in the project we began in recent years in sport, and there are many people working to make this a reality.”

The mayor stressed that “the work that our sportspeople are putting in is bearing fruit and together we are moving towards a society that is more healthy, happier and more solidified as a community thanks to theses fundamental pillars that practising sport builds.” He added that under the Adeje is Sport slogan more than 40 different kinds of sport were supported by the council “as part of a cross-departmental belief in giving people space to develop, space for personal evolution and space to aid people’s contribution to making our world a better place.”

During the awards ceremony there were other accolades and awards, including that for ‘Overcoming adversity’ which was given to Manuel Basilisco and Gonzalo Techera, athletes who have broken barriers and demonstrated that commitment and constant dedication are the keys to success, each athlete being an excellent reflection of the sporting values of Adeje, which is transmitted to all the children of the borough, regardless of physical capabilities.

The prize for fair play was given to Ruben Oswald Schaffer, the yoga professor from the ‘Ocio y Tiempo Libre’ campaign, who has taught this particular discipline over the last 20 years. The borough’s youngest and oldest registered athletes were also recognised – Chloe Linares Ramos, who is 3 and Margarita Herrera Rodriguez, who at 79 still practises gymnastics to keep herself active and healthy.

The Adeje Sports Gala honoured Martín Fiz with an honorary prize. Fiz is a national and international athlete as well as the winner of the Prince of Asturias sporting prize in 1997, with the Spanish marathon team. He was the European champion (Helsinki 1994) World Champion (Goteborg 1995, Athens 1997) and named Spanish athlete of the year in 1995. Since 2018 he is the first athlete in the world to win, in the veteran’s category, the six most important marathons in the world, the World Marathon Majors.

The prize for Event of the Year went to the Rallye Villa de Adeje which celebrates 29 years in existence this year and has become an excellent showcase for the borough nationally and internationally. Companies and businesses who have worked to promote sport locally were also named, Feeling Comunicación, who also won the Professional Excellence title EXPOVIDA, AND THE Limpiezas Domínguez.

The award for social contribution in sport went to the Alma Rie project, which encourages deep sea diving for individuals with physical challenges. 40 young sports persons starting out on the sporting career were also recognised.

Other notable mentions were Pino Placencia Casanova, who climbed Kilimanjaro, as well as mountains in Nepal and Argentina, and Cristina Lorenzo Ibañez and Alberto Rodolfo Moreno, locally-based long distance swimmers.




Rinder and Mohino are the Adeje athletes of the year


Other winners were Aguilas Atlético, the borough’s football school, José Antonio Santana, CB Canarias and businessman Roberto Konrad

The III Adeje Sports Gala paid homage to the best sports women and men in the borough in 2016 with Alexandra Rinder, second in the world in bodyboarding, and Juan Carlos Mohino, Judo veteran world sub champion named as the borough’s athletes of the year. The awards were presented by councillors Epifanio Díaz and Adolfo Alonso.

The gala event opened with a hip hop performance from ‘Real Strong Crew’ and a promotional tourism video for Adeje, in which sport featured extensively. The night saw gospel singer Latonius perform and the municipal schools of rhythmic gymnastics also took to the stage.

Many of the borough’s other athletes and teams were also presented with awards for sporting service in 2016. Aguilas Atlético won the award for sporting prowess, the Capoeira Camuguere team for sport and social harmony, the Adeje School of football for clean play and the basketball side CD Canarias for best team.

Cabildo sports councillor Cristo Pérez, ex basketball player Juan Méndez, the beach volley Olympians Sixto Jiménez, Adrián Gavira and Pablo Herrera and swimmer José Antonio Santana also received awards. Businessman Roberto Konrad was named sports entrepreneur of the year, and artistic skater (twice world champion and five times European champion) Alejandro Fernández was also given special recognition. Eva Puzenko was the borough’s youngest athlete of the year.

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Girl power in Adeje



The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga recently hosted a special reception to greet and congratulate some of the borough’s younger athletes on recent successes, including Alexandra Rinder, Paula Otero and the Tenesay rhythmic gymnastics club and local junior footballers.

Alexendra Rinder was second in the most recent bodyboarding world championships, Paula Otero Fernández is the trainer of the Adeje municipal football school, Tenesay were the runners up in the Spanish nationals in rhythmic gymnastics junior category, and the Costa Adeje women’s football club recently won promotion to the second division.

In what participants described as an emotional event, the mayor along with the sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera met the sporting stars. The mayor spoke of the huge pride the town had in their sporting girls and boys, “who have helped promote Adeje”.


He added that as well as the sporting achievements of the players, the work done by Paula

Otero to promote fair play in the borough was hugely important. Recently this trainer had overseen a game in which her team were much stronger than their young rivals and were shown that it was more important to play the game than score too many goals (which they could have achieved with relative ease).

During the reception he commented that for the council “assisting and funding municipal sports is something we have seen as important over the years. For us this isn’t money spent but money invested in education, in values and in promoting a healthy lifestyle, all of which will bear fruit in the future”.

Juan Carlos Mohino
And the Adeje sporting story continues – just a few days after the above event the local ‘sensei, who is in charge of the Adeje Judo School, was runner up in the world judo championships, veterans category.

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Alexandra – simply the best!

alexandra and award
Having won the Adeje sports personality of the year in 2015 and the Abinque Adeje Women of the Year prize in 2016, Alexandra Rinder has added another string to her awards bow – last night she won the award for top female athlete in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife – the awards are voted on by the islands’ sporting journalists.

Alexandra Rinder, twice world body boarding champion, joined Sergio Rodríguez, basketball player currently with Real Madrid, on stage, as he won the award in the men’s category. UD Granadilla Tenerife Sur, currently playing in the Spanish first division (women’s football) won best team.

For Adeje sporting fans and followers it was a night of triumphs with local boxer Sandro Dominguez, current Spanish champion at featherweight, also awarded. The votes come from members of the APDT, the Tenerife Association of Sports Journalists, with 120 members entitled to vote. Over 500 people attended the ceremony, held in the Magma congress centre, and broadcast live on TV Española.

sergio and award
Both winning finalists were up against two other top athletes from the province. In the men’s category the other nominees were Pedro Rodriguez, ex footballer with Barcelona and now with Chelsea and pilot Enrique Cruz. In the women’s category Adeje’s Alexandra Rinder faced stiff competition with Beatríz Villamandos (a top deaf tennis player) and Olympic regatta athlete Alicia Cebrián. However the young Adeje woman triumphed in an emotional evening, with Cabildo sport’s Councillor María del Cristo Pérez awarding her the coveted prize.

Other prize winners on the night included footballer Víctor Añino Bermúdez, Vitolo, for his superb charity work, the island basketball federation, Endesa in the Sport and Business sections, for local sports Eusebio Ledesma, Germán Millán was recognised in athletics and Airam Rodríguez in sailing. Well known Spanish journalists Mayte Castro Óscar Herrera presided over the Gala and both Adeje sports councillor Adolfo Alonso and the president of the APDT were congratulated for organising the event.

Alonso said while he was delighted to congratulate all the sporting stars of Tenerife, obviously he was particularly pleased “because an Adeje athlete was voted Nº1, Alexandra Rinder, and another had received special mention, Sandro Domínguez”.

Alexandra’s Abinque


abinque 2 alexandra speaks

The award was presented by the Canarian vice-president and mayor of Adeje 

The Canarian government vice-president, Patricia Hernández, and the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, presentented Alexandra Rinder with the borough’s annual Abinque prize at a ceremony in the CDTCA last night. The award ceremony was followed by the annual women’s dinner, attended by over 200 persons, organised by the department of equality.

Alexandra Rinder is a two-times world champion in body boarding and the youngest person to win the Abinque in the history of the award. Patricia Hernández underlined the importance of the increased presence of women in sport, and the visibility of “our champions. Tonight we are celebrating two things; those who have trodden this path before us, the women who opened the way for us, and let’s not forget that there is still some way to go before women and men are on an equal footing, and we also celebrate the women who have paved the way in sport, who have been to the fore”.

abinque 3

The government vice-president said she was “delighted to be able to present this prize to the youngest ever to win the world title in the sport, and who has become a role model for young people. I feel so lucky to know young people like Alexandra who take on challenges, ride enormous waves in the same way that many overcome the enormous waves of sexism that still exist in the world of sport and in the world of surfing and bodyboarding.”

The mayor of Adeje said “equality between the sexes is something that matters to all of us, and is vitally important for the health of our communal co-existence. We are also aware that there is still a long way to go. There are many kinds of inequalities that need to be addressed, in a world where too often inequalities block personal development”. Regarding the winner, the mayor said she was an example of what can be achieved with strength of purpose, that dreams could become true. “The most important thing we have in this borough”, he continued, “isn’t that we have the best hotels or the best tourist destination, but our people, people such as Alexandra, who are changing the world. She is an example of then new Adeje person, who has actively contributed to our community today, with so many different nationalities, cultures and ways of life existing in harmony”.
abinque 1

Prizewinner Alexandra Rinder, said she was “really proud to receive this award.” She thanked the Adeje council for having stood by her from the start of her career, believing in her from the time she rode her first waves in La Caleta. She added that it was important to remember that given that had been considered a minority sport but is now growing in statue thanks to the support of the borough. She also thanked her sponsors, her family and those who always believed in her, who give her the help she needed to realise her dreams. “There was always a lot of work, or tears and stress, but a lot of happiness too on a journey which has allowed me get to know different cultures, countries and people from all over the world, although nothing compares with coming home, coming back to Adeje, because I know my people are here”.

Alexandra Rinder is now the youngest person to have been awarded the Abinque prize. At the age of 16, when she won her first world title in bodyboarding she was also the youngest person to ever take the overall title, which she has now won twice as well as being the second Canarian to have taken the women’s title. In a sport generally considered the preserve of men, she has broken many barriers here and abroad and has also become an unofficial ambassador for Costa Adeje internationally particularly in the world of water sports.

Alexandra, Adeje’s woman of the year



The world champion surfer has become a role model for young people

The Adeje council have just announced that the winner of this year’s Abinque prize, will be sporting champion Alexandra Rinder, twice body boarding world champion and the youngest woman in the history of the award to win the prize. The Adeje mayor said, “With this award we are reflecting an important segment of our identity. Recognising women, individuals and associations who, by example and action, are continuing the fight for genuine equality between men and women, to whom we extend our gratitude and admiration”.

The award ceremony for this, the 13th Abinque Prize, will take place at the traditional gala dinner on Friday March 11th from 8pm in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre, (CDTCA). To reserve/buy tickets people can phone the department of equality, 922.756.244 or call into the Adeje Cultural Centre, the Adeje Los Olivos Disabled Centre or the municipal Creche.

Speaking about this year’s winner, Alexandra Rinder, the mayor said, she “belongs to the constellation of Adeje youth who, in recent years, have been successful in different disciplines such as sport, literature and music. Alexandra has those qualities which we value – talent, a work ethic, strength, dedication and consistency. She is a reference point for young people who see in her someone worth imitating, not just for her world titles but for her discipline and determination to follow her dreams”. Coincidentally the prize is being awarded as the Adeje sports department are launching their equality campaign for sport free from gender barriers.

Alexandra has been overall body board world champion twice and was also the second Canarian to win the female title at international level. When she was 16 she was also the youngest holder of the world title making history within the sport. She has broken gender barriers within the sport and opened doors for future generations of young women in sport.


The Adeje council works to support people in all walks of life, from sport to literature and music. Furthermore the council has always been willing to invest in individuals from the borough to help them compete and advance their sporting careers internationally.

In the case of Alexandra Rinder, this young Adejera, with German roots, has become something of an international ambassador for Costa Adeje in the world of sport.

The Abinque Prize

The Abinque Prize was first awarded in 2004 and is given to a woman or collective that has contributed to the advancement of women in Adeje, personally and/professionally and to the advancement of real equality between men and women.

Previous winners have included Brigitte Gypen, the founder of the Walk for Life breast cancer movement, the collective group of women who clean the public schools and installations, hospital visitors, the founder of one of the town’s most respected crèches and the borough’s tomato and banana packers. Last year the winners were the oldest women in the borough who have helped bring the people of Adeje into the 21st century.

Alexandra Rinder – Queen of the Waves…

alexandra rinder (1)

The 16 year old Adejera is the youngest world champion body boarder in the history of the sport
At just 16 years of age Alexandra Rinder, from Los Menores, is the youngest ever world bodyboard champion. The young Adeje champ was crowned queen of the waves in Portugal last weekend.

Alexandra, whose mother Andrea is from Germany, and father Peter is from Austria, rode her first wave at the age of 9 in La Caleta, and the rest is body boarding history. “When you catch a wave the feeling is impossible to put into words” says Rinder. And on her title, “it’s a dream to be doing what I love – I’m very lucky”. She added that the competition was hard, “I’m exhausted, but I got there. I know I could make history, so I am really happy and pleased”.

During the week Alexandra and her family were invited to the Town Hall where they were received by Adeje sport’s councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and deputy mayor Epifanio Díaz Hernández who mentioned how proud the council is of Adeje’s Young people “who are achieving excellent results in all they set out to do and for the borough of Adeje this victory of Alexandra’s, a young person we have watched from the start of her interest in the sport, is a huge source of pride. She has won the most important title of her career, and done so younger than anyone before, as a result of years of work, dedication, and application.

Over the years she has also won a number of Canarian, Spanish and European titles. She says “I always take to the podium with the Canarian flag, I am so proud of where I come from”. She enjoys the support of the WAWA, Science and Adeje council.

Congratulations Alexandra!

alexandra rinder (4) adeje-recepcion alexandra rinder campeona mundial de bodyoard (3) adeje-recepcion alexandra rinder campeona mundial de bodyoard (2) adeje-recepcion alexandra rinder campeona mundial de bodyoard (1)