Summer fiestas: Armeñime

Summer festivals are well underway, and the local fiestas here really are examples of a great way for all the family to party together. And the organisers love to see people coming from outside their neighbourhood to join in the fun – so make sure to check out the fiestas on offer this summer.

Armeñime is next on the list, and here’s the schedule of main events:

Wednesday July 19th
9pm: Fiesta parade, from the primary school to the plaza with Tropicana, Kuliquitaca, Chicharacas and Hay Caramba dancing groups, Disney characters, the Batutanque steel band group, and much more.
10pm: Armeñime Plaza:
Presentation of the candidates for the festival Queen and Mister Armeñime 2017.
10.30: Armeñime Plaza
Acrobat and dance display, with Galaxy Show, followed by dancing to the music of Maikel Jiménez.

Thursday July 20th
Election of the Armeñime Junior Queen 2017

Friday July 21st
Election Of Adult Queen and Mister Armeñime 2017 with performances from: Ballet Salle Dance, El Profesor de la Rosa, hypnotist, and singer DKB.

Street Party, Music from LOS IDEALES

Saturday July 22nd
Bouncy castles (including water castles)

12:30 pm. • ARMEÑIME PLAZA
Zumba Fitness Master Class with Patricia Chiquiar
Paella , free lunch for everyone

Mass in honour of Our Lady of Candelaria
Residents of the village will be making a special offertory during the mass
Night of Humour, with Purpurina and comedian Don José.

Street Party. Music by Pasión Gomera and Maquinaria Band.

Sunday July 23rd

Children’s play activities, face painting, balloon fun, bouncy castles (including water castles)

Foam party

Mass, procession and fireworks

Musical performances

Monday July 24th

Bouncy castles (including water castles)

Traditional games
Prepared by Ranas catering, with music from Boleros de Armeñime.


Armeñime housing reforms complete


Earlier this week the Adeje mayor, with other local and insular authorities, visited Armeñime where work on the renovation of 76 apartments has been completed. The apartments are social housing and were built in the 1970s. The renovation work cost in the region of one million euros with costs divided between the Adeje council, the Cabildo and the regional and national governments.

Joining the mayor to see the finished work were Adeje councillor for municipal works, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, Cabildo vice –president and housing councillor Aurelio Abreu and Marta Arocha Correa, the Cabildo councillor for municipal works.

The 76 homes are in 10 blocks in the Las Rosas – Armeñime zone and parts of the buildings were in a poor state before the work began. The labour was carried out by the EMSA company (Adeje Services) and also saw the addition of a new health park for the use of the residents.

According to the mayor, “these improvements were necessary given the age of the buildings, we have carried out reformations in line with today’s regulations and to ensure the wellbeing of the residents. We have also been able to improve the surrounding area with new urban furniture adapted to suit the residents, as well as better levels of accessibility”.

Aurelio Abreú said that the reforms would also improve residents’ security and comfort, given that new waterproofing for the blocks was included. “This is an important contribution from public bodies to guarantee the wellbeing of our residents” he added, and Marta Arocha Correa agreed that the reformations would add to the dignity of life of residents.

The 10 blocks were painted, windows and doors were replaced where necessary, and overall the visual and security aspects of the buildings were upgraded. In parallel there were new electrical central points and metres installed in line with current regulations. The roofs now also have solar panels. Access ramps have also been installed, of particular importance given that many of the residents are elderly.

Beside the blocks a park with exercise machines has been built as well as a children’s playground and benches and outdoor seating.

Department of Communications

Armeñime roundabout a step closer


“We have taken another important step towards the construction of the new Armeñime roundabout”, remarked councillor Carmen Rosa González Cabrera this week following the official act that saw the land where the infrastructure is to be build signed over to the council. The land owner and the Cabildo Director of Roads and Lands, Ofelia Manjón was also present at the signing.

“We are meeting a long-standing requirement, not just of the residents of Armeñime but of everyone who uses this road, a road that is congested daily due to the need for this roundabout. We have been long aware of this problem and have been urging the Cabildo, in this case the relevant authority, to tackle it”, the councillor explained. She added that now their commitment is that the tender for the work will be requested and decided in as short a time as possible.

The TF-47 is one of the busiest roads on the island, carrying about 21 thousand cars daily, at least 13,500 of which are making longer journeys, from San Juan or Alcalá to Guía de Isora or Santiago del Teide. And it is at the point where the traffic passes Armeñime that tail backs are a common feature given the intersection and entrance/exit to the village. In recent years there have also been a growing number of accidents involving pedestrians and those trying to access the road to El Puertito.

The fact that this is a direct route and link between Adeje and Los Gigantes and other tourist destinations adds to its importance, and with future projects for El Puertito and the port of Fonsalía, it will be even more vital in the future.

The work, once it begins, is scheduled to take between 8 – 12 months.

Armeñime and Los Menores roundabouts problems resolved


ayuintamiento de adeje y cabildo de tenerife (1)

Following a recent meeting between the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the Tenerife Cabildo insular director for roads Ofelia Manjón it has been confirmed that work on both the new Armeñime and Los Menores roundabouts should start shortly.

Both roundabouts have been designed to ease traffic congestion and increase public safety and access, and are also meeting public demand. The Armeñime roundabout, along the TF 47, will serve not only the local residents but the 21,000 drivers who use this roadway daily. In the case of Los Menores the new installation, along the TF 82 will be alongside work to widen the Calle La Tablada and improve accessibility and circulation of traffic as well as improving the links between various towns.

Both projects have already received the necessary approval of the Adeje council and the Cabildo however plans were delayed due to problems with land appropriation, but they have now, say the authorities, been resolved and the tenders for the road works will be granted very soon, with work scheduled for completion during 2016.

Adios Armeñime tailbacks!

adeje-proyecto de rotonda en armeñime (1)

Good news for TF-47 drivers


Residents and regular visitors to the South West of Tenerife, in Adeje, will soon be able to connect to the TF-1 from Armeñime, El Puertito, Playa Pariaso and Callao Salvaje without the tailbacks that have become a daily grind for commuters.

The road is used by up to 21 thousand drivers a day, and currently connects commuters within Adeje and further afield to Guía de Isora and Santiago del Teide. Details of the traffic calming measure were outlined this morning (March 31st) by Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the Cabildo’s councillor for roads, José Luis Delgado and should both greatly reduce traffic flow problems as well as improving road safety in the busy intersection.

According to the data, this stretch of road has one of the highest densities of traffic on the island and regular users will be well aware of the tailbacks at turns into Armeñime and the problems too at the entrance/exit road to El Puertito. The Cabildo representative said that while there were no plans at the moment to include a footpath alongside the road, phase two, further down the line, would see the erection of a pedestrian overpass.

Initial difficulties acquiring the land needed for the construction of the roundabout caused some delay in the project but those have now been overcome and both administrations have approved the plans which are now available for interested companies to submit bids to carry out the work, which should begin in a few months and be completed next year. The overall cost of the project is estimated to be in the region of €1.2 million, 50% of which will be paid by the council and 50% by the Cabildo. The work and improvements are seen as very important both for road users and residents as well as for tourists travelling to and from other parts of the island and for the development of new projects such as the El Puertito development and the future Fonsalía port.


Palm tree problem

1904121_953534351339345_755470836562171432_n (1)
The Adeje councillor for the environment, Esther Rivero, has assured that “the 10,000 palms trees that belong to the Adeje council in the borough are, in general, in good health”. She was commenting after two trees were felled in Armeñime last Friday.
According to the council of the two trees that were chopped down in Armeñime, two Phoenix Canarinensis, one had fallen on top of a car parked on the verge of the road, and the other was infected with a beetle that had come from the banana plantation behind the adjoining wall.  Neither tree was infected with the palm weevil borer (Diocalandra frumenti) which can kill trees in months. Furthermore, sources from the council said that while “we have always cared for and treated these palm trees, there are most likely privately owned, part of the banana plantation, and not actually a public responsibility”. They added that the council have also treated five more palm trees on the same side of the road to make sure they remain healthy.



Adeje’s healthy finances


Investment in a roundabout for Armeñime and footpaths for Las Rosas earmarked

At a press conference in advance of the monthly council meeting the mayor of Adeje, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, told press that, thanks to the success of the tourism sector among other factors, Adeje has been able to meet the economic crisis with relative ease, and continues to be an attractive investment destination too.

The mayor, along with the councillor for finance Epifanio Díaz Hernández and the councillor for works and services, Gonzalo Delgado Diaz, announced that due to the financial health of the borough the council would be investing in a number of important projects, including the long awaited roundabout in Armeñime, and footpaths in Los Menores, improvements “which will improve the living conditions of our residents and the borough’s infrastructures”, the mayor said.

The financial report from 2013 shows a surplus of almost €8 million “which, if added to the remaining budget gives us an important cushion which we can use for works and to meet the needs of families in the borough”, remarked Rodríguez Fraga.

The good economic results will also allow Adeje council to repay a loan granted to repay suppliers by central government. Adeje has now paid off the loan eight years ahead of the closing date. “This means, in effect, a saving of €1.5 million in interest alone….in summary, we are able to state that the council and municipal bodies are in a healthy financial state”.

The mayor added that these excellent results have been achieved without any “financial pressure on our residents, and in fact many local taxes have been frozen or reduced”.


The work on the new roundabout in Armeñime, which will improve traffic connections to El Puertito and Playa Paraíso, will see an investment of up to €1 million, and will be jointly financed by the Cabildo and the Council, and is scheduled to begin in the coming months. In Los Menores work will also begint on foot paths in the Las Rosas section, at a cost of €150,000. Both projects are, said the mayor, “very important for the mobility of our residents and traffic through Adeje”

Armeñime Fiestas 2013

Thurarmeñimesday July 18:

6pm – 8pm.  Children’s games, bouncy castle, face painting
9pm – 1am. Junior Gala

Friday July 19:
12:30pm:Card and domino competitions,
9pm  Adult Queen Gala.
11pm – 4am: Street party and dancing with Isidro y alto-Standing.

Saturday July 20:
11am Music in the plaza with a paella tasting competition
11pm – 6am Street party and dancing with Sensación Gomera and alto -Standing.

Sunday July 21:
7.30pm: Mass and procession through the streets of the town, followed by fireworks and the arrival at the square accompanied by singer Isidro performing un Ave-María.
11pm -4am: Sumer Band Orchestra and Adrián Mora, presentation of trophies and new commission.