Tourism – an opportunity, not a threat!

Adeje and Adeje call for tourism boroughs to be covered by statue and to be properly financed

The necessity for proper legal cover or statute for tourism boroughs, recognising their specific singularities, was part of the intervention today in the Madrid Fitur tourism trade fair by both the mayors of Adeje and Arona, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and José Julián Mena, when they met the national minister for tourism, Reyes Maroto.

The mayors were taking part in the official presentation of the new Spanish alliance for tourism ‘sun and beach’ boroughs, bringing together eight destinations with shared characteristics. The alliance is calling for their boroughs to be covered by a specific statute with separate financing to allow for proper infrastructures and would allow local authorities offer adequate services for the thousands of tourists who visit annually, and without which residents are likely to suffer more. This would maintain the optimistic perception of tourism as an opportunity rather than a threat.

The alliance members, between them, represent 65 million overnight stays in Spain a year, 20% of the national tourism total. As well as Adeje and Arona, San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Salou, Calviá, Benidorm, Lloret de Mar and Torremolinos make up the membership. During the meeting Rodríguez Fraga called for a proper definition of a tourism borough. He said that such a definition would also refer to the necessities of such boroughs, “including the needs of our residents as well as the thousands of tourists who visit us on daily basis”.

Adeje, for instance, has a registered population of about 50 thousand residents, but on any given day of the year there may be up to 150 thousand people staying in the borough, which means a need for adequate security, “sanitation, services on beaches, in public centres and zones, on our streets and meeting health requirements”, said the Adeje mayor.

Arona’s mayor did have words of welcome for the willingness the minister for tourism seemed to be showing in her relatively brief time in the job so far, “visiting Arona and the south of Tenerife to take stock of the necessities and needs”. He said all of the boroughs in the new alliance shared some characteristics, and all were relying on resources allocated to a medium sized population, but providing resources and infrastructures for thousands more people all year round. In the case of Arona, he said, with a population of just over 100 thousand residents, the council needed to provide infrastructure and services for up to 1.5 million visitors a year, a situation which needed to be properly and adequately financed.

José Julián Mena also outlined the importance these boroughs have for the state of the Spanish economy, so it was only fair that “they could count upon investment and funding to ensure the destinations could continue to be a source of wealth creation, sustainable and competitive, and that tourism wouldn’t stop being been seen by our resident populations as a source of progress and opportunity, rather than a threat”. He added, “if these tourism destinations and boroughs are working well it benefits the Canaries and Spain”.


Canarian top five destinations share Fitur stand

The Association of Canarian Tourist Municipalities, the AMTC, say they defend unity, not uniformity

José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga: “We are not trying to breach unity, but people have to understand that unity is not the same as uniformity and as destinations we have our own identity”.

The AMTC, the Association of Canarian Tourist Municipalities, outlined their strategy for Fitur, the Spanish Tourism Trade Fair, at a press conference this Friday, where, for the first time, the association will have its own stand and a series of activities geared towards working with professionals and sector representatives at the fair in Madrid next week.

Attending the press conference were Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga; Arona mayor José Julián Mena, Guía de Isora mayor Pedro Martín and the tourism councillors for Turismo de San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Ramón Suárez and for Mogán, Mencey Navarro. The five AMTC representatives have bee working together for many months to prepare the stand which will reflect the work of the five boroughs in what is the most important economic sector in the Canaries, tourism. A space that will reflect modernity, using the latest technological innovations, touch screen presentations, video presentations, meeting zones for each borough, a space reserved for visiting press and sector agents as well as work space for representatives from each borough.

As president of the association, Rodríguez Fraga said they were in preparation for “one of the most important tourism fairs in the world” and the presence of the association was the result of reflection over time and something indicated in the constitution of the association since 2016.

In 2017 Adeje and Arona shared the ‘Tenerife Sur’ stand at the fair, notching up 10 thousand direct visits, 40 thousand indirect contacts with 150 concrete actions with professionals. The figures give an idea of the volume of work which can be generated by this year’s stand shared by 5 boroughs. This in turn can “improve competitivity, something that is vital for the development of our tourism strategy in the Canaries where we must be as aware of quality as we are of quantity”, commented the mayor of Arona. “If our boroughs benefit, so does Tenerife, the Canary Islands and Spain.”

The mayors and councillors said the association would have three official events in Fitur, a general presentation of their strategy, a general meeting and a meeting with other Canarian representatives who wished to attend. Each of the five boroughs would also be engaged in individual activities, meeting with sector professionals, press, travel agencies, etc. “We are not going to Fitur just to hand out leaflets or gifts, our presence here with this stand and our activities are designed to create new contacts, meet professionals and those who have influence in our destinations, because as well as our identification as Canarian resorts we also have our individual identities” said the Guía de Isora mayor.

“We are not interested in breaching unity, but people have to understand that unity isn’t the same as uniformity” explained the Adeje mayor, adding that each destination has a duty to explain and outline their individual offer and particular attractions. The Mogán councillor added that a debate about unified representation had been opened up and created a high level of expectation “because we have an important part to play and something to say within the tourism industry, and this is a way of measuring the potential of the five boroughs that we are representing here”.

All the representatives made it clear that they are not seeking confrontation with the bodies that represent tourism at insular and regional levels. “This is not about political allegiances”, the San Bartolomé councillor explained, “we all have one goal, to improve our destination and the Canary Islands and that is the same goal as the Spanish Association of Tourism Municipalities and has caused no problems at national level”.

The five member boroughs represent 6% of the tourist trade nationally, with a combined total of 57 million overnight stays per year, 53% of the Canarian tourism spend and 6.8 million tourists.

Royal praise for three Canarian destinations

King Felipe VI lauds Adeje, Arona and San Bartolomé de Tirajana as excellent examples in the renovation of Spanish tourism

Spain’s King Felipe VI spoke at the Maspalomas International Tourism Forum yesterday (Thursday Dec 14th) and made particular mention of the work of the tourism destinations that are members of the AMT, the Canarian association of tourism boroughs.

His majesty singled out the work carried out by Arona, Adeje and San Bartolomé de Tirajana as excellent examples of how renovation works within the tourism industry. He also met with mayors of the AMT member boroughs and those of Guía de Isora and Mogan.

“Three Canarian boroughs are among the top eight in Spain for overnight tourism stays”, the King told the forum. “These are older destinations how have worked hard to meet the renovation challenge”, he added. Also present were mayors from the member boroughs of the Tourism Sun and Beach Alliance, Salou and Benidorm, an alliance to which Arona, Adeje and San Bartolomé de Tirajana also belong. Among other topics, those in attendance discussed collaborative projects that they are preparing for the next Spanish tourism trade fair, Fitur.

Representing the Canarian boroughs were mayors, José Julián Mena, (Arona), José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga (Adeje) and Marco Aurelio Pérez, (San Bartolomé de Tirajana) as well as tourism councillors from Guía de Isora, Arona, Adeje,, and San Bartolomé de Tirajana,.

Department of Communications

A child, a meal, a book

On Sunday June 25th the roads around Troya beach will echo to the ‘vroooom vroooom’ of Ferraris Porches, Lamborghinis, Bugattis and even a Corvette and  Mustang or two – all there to take part in the 2017 Tenerife Motorshow organised by the Rotary Club in conjunction with the Adeje and Arona councils.

The overall aim of the event is to raise funds for their campaign, ‘Un Niño, una Comida, un Libro’ (a child, a meal, a book), which has, over the last 4 years, raised money to help more than 160 children by paying for school meals not covered by subsidies and school books and/or materials where needed.

This event, by the Troya barranco and the Avenida Rafael Puig, usually raises about €20,000 and the Rotary Club is encouraging everyone who can to come along to the event which begins at 11am.  And for the first time this year you might even be able to sit into one of the cars, though you probably won’t be allowed take it for a test drive!

11am  – 5pm: Exhibition of cars

11.30am – 12 noon Trial exhibition

12 noon – 1pm – Kart exhibition

1pm – 1.40pm – Car expo – Dream Team

3pm -3.30pm – Trial exhibition

3.30 – 4pm – Kart exhibition

4pm – 4-45pm – Car expo – Dream Team

5pm – Closing events

Be part of the pink wave!


If you see a pink wave coming your way this Sunday, December 11th, the best thing to do is join in! It’s the annual Walk for Life, which takes place every year to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer. This is the 12th year of the event which always walks between the two boroughs of Arona and Adeje, and up to 4,000 are expected to take part.

The walk will leave from Compostela beach at 11am with TV presenter Pilar Rumeu Gutiérrez de Salamanca leading as this year’s honorary Marshal. The walk is 3.5 kilometres and will end at the Magma Arte & Congresos centre. Donations and registration monies collected all go towards research into breast cancer treatments and cures as well as support for patients and families via the Spanish Cancer Association, AECC and AMATE, the Association of Women with Breast Cancer.

From 10am on Sunday there will be different performances and events taking place to ‘warm up’ the walkers, so do get there early. There will also be refreshments along the way and a fun reception when the walkers arrive.

Registration and more information is on,

Walk for Life foundation to be established

This morning at a packed press conference to announce details of this year’s Walk for Life the mayors of Adeje and Arona, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and José Julián Mena Pérez, also announced the establishment of a Walk for Life Foundation that would mean a permanent infrastructure behind the event, now in its eleventh year, that has been organised by Brigitte Gypen and other volunteers.

The press conference heard from Brigitte herself, who is a breast cancer survivor, and who started the Walk for Life in Santa Cruz 11 years ago with a handful of supporters and a mission to raise awareness about early detection and intervention. “I felt lucky to have survived and wanted to do something”, she commented. Eight years ago the walk moved to the south of Tenerife and last year over 2,000 people walked and €28,000 was raised. This year “I am hopeful that 3,000 will walk”, she said. She paid tribute to the many women with cancer who walk, and those who find the kind of support and human interaction they need through the people they meet on the walk. She also welcomed the establishment of the foundation, “otherwise I could be facing divorce”, she joked.


José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, mayor of Adeje, said the Walk was very important as it “gives visibility to this cancer, something which affects many people. It also brings solidarity and help, two important factors, in particular here in the South, a tourist zone, a very international zone.” It is also,” he continued, “something that needs to be highlighted much more than just one day a year”. In this regard he had been pleased to see the Pink Room/Sala Rosa open in Adeje earlier this year, a space where cancer sufferers and their families can come to talk, meet, where the associations can stage workshops or invite professionals.


The Arona mayor José Julián Mena Pérez said the Walk for Life, growing in size every year, was also about integration. “This is an event that everyone can take part in and is something that promotes human values and health”. He added that the council were always available to offer the institutional help needed, and having listened to the words of survivors “it is important to emphasise that we are all with you and here to offer the help of this administration”.


Alejandro Martínez, ex-ACB league basketball coach, and the first Walk for Life Grand Marshal has become well known for encouraging support and respect for those with breast cancer within the world of sport. In the past he has encouraged referees to use pink whistles and players to wear pink-framed sunglasses. He thanked Brigitte for inviting him to be the first Grand Marshal of the Walk for Life, adding that unlike sport, in this fight “there are no rivals, and the fight against cancer was something we have to work on every day of the year”. And he repeated a message underlined by Brigitte, that one of the most important messages is that of the importance of auto-examination and early detection in saving lives. “I hope that for the 25th anniversary there won’t just be 3,000 walking, the whole island will be walking”, he concluded.


The Walk for Life will start from the Magma Arte & Congresos centre at 10.30 and will take the coast road, ending up almost 5 kilometres later at the Plaza del Pescador in front of the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre. There will also be a number of stops along the way and a bus for those who might not be able to complete the walk on foot. Entertainment before and after the walk is guaranteed and there will also be a raffle with, says Brigitte, “incredible prizes”. Monies raised go to research and Amate (association of women with breast cancer) and the Spanish Cancer Association, both of who work directly with people affected with cancer and their families. You can take part by turning up on the day (a small donation is appreciated) though organisers do advise turning up before 10am to




Arona and Adeje celebrate World Tourism day together


“A thousand million tourists, a thousand million opportunities”

This weekend Arona and Adeje celebrate a weekend of events to mark World Tourism day on Sunday September 27th. The activities will take place on Troya beach, a point where the two boroughs geographically meet. The objective is to emphasise, in the presence of the international community, the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value.

Under the slogan, “A thousand million tourists, a thousand million opportunities” both councils have developed the programme through their respective tourism departments led by Ermitas Moreira García in Adeje and David Miguel Pérez González in Arona. The programme is designed to both preserve and heighten the relevance of tourism as the principal economic motor of the Canary Islands. All the events have been planned with the full co-operation of the Tenerife Cabildo via their department of employment, commerce, industy and economic development, led by Efraín Medina.

Adeje-Día del Turista (6)

Adeje tourism councillor Ermitas Moreira indicated that “during the planning of this event, which is of huge relevance for these tourist destinations, the three adminstrations (Adeje and Arona councils and the Cabildo) have worked well together, and the end result is very positive. With this programme we are working on the commitment we have to our citizens and the future of this industry”. She added that they would continue to look at co-hosting events and work towards a synergy between different administrations to increase effecience and guarantee a better service for society locally.

Arona tourism councillor David Pérez, noted the cooperation established with Costa Adeje and said, “we are celebrating this event with a wide programme of events and activities for tourists and residents.” He also thanked the Cabildo, Turismo de Tenerife and Ashotel, and FIT (the Factory for Tourism Innovation) for getting involved in the project, “taking part in meetings during the last month and showing their commitment and capacity to work together”. He added as well as celebrating World Tourism Day the event would also work to energise the Playa de Las Américas zone and to showcase local customs and traditions along the beaches of Arona and Adeje, with activities that will be in Spanish and English.
The activities will begin on Saturday September 26th at 10am, on Troya beach in both boroughs with representatives from all administrations taking part in the official visit, on World Tourism Day on Sunday, to the arts and crafts fair which will take place along the martime path by the beach.

Saturday 26th of September
Sandcastle competition, games, Canarian sports…
17:00 h. -22:00 h. CANARIAN DESIGN MARKET. Arts and Crafts, design and fashion, gastronomy tasting, workshops in Canarian dance, gofio, ceramics and mojo sauces, along the Troya beach maritime path.

20:00 h. -22:00 h. MUSICAL AND FOLKLORE PERFORMANCES. Adeje Folklore school group, singers, musical performances.

Sunday 27th of September
10:00 h. -22:00 h. CANARIAN DESIGN MARKET. Arts and Crafts, design and fashion, gastronomy tasting, workshops in Canarian dance, gofio, ceramics and mojo sauces, along the Troya beach maritime path.

Sandcastle competiton, Canarian sports.
20:00 h. -22:00 h. MUSICAL AND FOLKLORE PERFORMANCES. Adeje Folklore school group, singers, musical performances in the plaza of the Gala Commercial Centre.