Baile de Magos – folklore and fun

The annual Canarian ‘Baile de Magos’, traditional dance and party, is held in the town’s Plaza de España, on May 29th, the eve of Canarias Day.  This is a night of music, dancing, friends and fun.

The council set up tables in the plaza which can be booked – though you don’t need to book a table to be there.  Groups of people get together, bring food and drink – in a way it’s a large open public picnic, and a lot of fun.  The Adeje school of folklore are the main organisers.

There is only one condition – you must be in traditional Canarian dress to attend! 

Reserve your table via the Adeje department of culture, in the Adeje cultural centre, from 8am – 3pm, or call  922 756 246.

Adeje’s Baile de Magos is tomorrow night

The Plaza de España is the setting for this traditional event

Tomorrow, May 29th, the eve of Canarian Day, the Plaza de España in Adeje town will be the setting for the annual Baile de Magos. Anyone can join in the celebrations and book a table at the Adeje Cultural Centre, the only requirement being that you attend in traditional Canarian dress.

The Baile de Magos, a folklore street party, will start at 8.30pm with performances from many different groups, and the event will be broadcast live on Radio Sur 107.9 FM, on the “Tradición y Folclore” programme presented by Pedro Díaz, who is also the director of the Santa Ana folk group.

Over the years the Adeje Baile de Magos, organised by the Adeje Folklore School in collaboration with the town’s cultural department, has become a very important local event in the cultural calendar. Taking part this year will be the School of Folklore, the Santa Ana group, Parranda Boleros de Armeñime, Asociación Cultural Imoque, Asociación Cultural Echeyde Valle Verde, Agrupación Folclórica Igonce, Agrupación Folclórica y Cultural Araza, and the Agrupación Folclórica La Diata.



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Baile de Magos – book your table now!


Next Monday, May 29th, on the eve of Canarias Day, Adeje will hold its annual Baile de Magos (traditional dress street party) in the Plaza de España, from 9pm. As in previous years, there will be live Canarian music and dancing throughout the evening.

If you are planning to attend in a group you can book a table now at the Adeje Cultural Centre, and of course going to the event is free, the only requirement being that you are wearing traditional Canarian dress. And as the next day is a fiesta day, with schools closed, you can bring the children too.

The evening is organised by the Adeje School of Folklore, and has become one of the firm favourite fixtures in the local calendar. To date groups that have confirmed they will be playing on the evening include Santa Ana, La Diata, Guantejina and Igonce, Boleros de Armeñime, El Mesturado and the Asociación Cultural Imoque. This year there will also be a special performance by Los siete de Taucho and the evening ends with music and singing from the Adeje Folklore School.

The Baile de Magos will be broadcast live on Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9 FM.

Department of Communications

Carpets and Canarian Day in Adeje


Baile de Magos 2016 (1) (1)

Adeje is hosting a weekend full of different cultural and gastronomic activities to celebrate the special fiestas that fall over the coming days. This includes the traditional salt carpets of Corpus Christi and the Canarian ball to celebrate May 30th, Canarian Day.

The weekend activities begin this Saturday from 5pm with the making of the Corpus Christi carpets. This year there is a change and there will be a unified large carpet in the centre of the town. The Calle Grande will be split into four large sections while the parallel Calle Corpus will have one uninterrupted stretch of carpet.

This year too there is a single design concept with a floral motif, and the Council have created a series of wooden moulds which will be shared among the different groups participating on the day. The design reflects the colours of spring. All in all 11, 000 kilos of salt, white and coloured, will be used along 330 metres of street during the event. To help with the new design the Council have also produced a simple ‘how to’ video which can be viewed on the Adeje page,, ‘Elaboración de la alfombras de Corpus Christi’.

IMG_7880 - copia

There are 22 different associations and groups taking part: the Hermandad del Santísimo, Cáritas, children preparing for their confirmation and first communion, the San José parish, Adeje voluntary fire-fighters, AEA Sur, Porteadores de la Virgen, Costa Adeje school, Asgote, Hotel Jacaranda, Mayores, Halcones de Adeje, Juventud, Adeje Folklore group, Comunidad Hindú Tenerife Sur, Taller Ocupacional de Los Olivos, Tenerife Tigers, Ballet Beanky, Asociación de Vecinos Piedra Redonda and students and staff from the Adeje school of music and dance.

The procession over the carpets will take place on Sunday after 11am mass.

During the day on Sunday there will also be a series of events and tasting of traditional Canarian produce in the Adeje Farmers Market, as well as music from the La Diata folklore group. People who shop in the market over the weekend will also be entered in a raffle for a basket full of traditional Canarian cakes and biscuits.


The Baile de Magos, the traditional Canarian street ball, is on Sunday evening, from 9pm, and those who are interested in booking a table can do so in the Adeje Cultural Centre. This is a great night of local folk music and dance organised by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School and it’s free, but you must be dressed in a traditional Canarian costume. Different folk groups will be performing during the evening, the Boleros de Armeñime, El Mesturao, Santa Ana, La Diata, Igonce, Imoque, and Chajoigo groups.


Creative months of May and June

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There’s a busy two months ahead in Adeje, with a huge range of cultural and sporting activities taking place around the borough.

Closer to individual events we will be publishing detailed information about many of them, but for now here’s the full programme.  All events are in Spanish unless specifically stated.

Friday May 13th
IV Amateur Theatre Showcase
Ángel Guimerá Theatre Group presents:
“El cadaver del Señor García”
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 9pm
Entry: €5
No age restrictions

Saturday May 14th
Guided tour of historic centre of Adeje
With Desiderio Afonso, historian and councillor for heritage
The tour begins at the entrance to the Santa Úrsula Church at 10am

cello poster

IV Tenerife Cello meeting
Adeje Cultural Centre and the Plaza España, 10am – 11pm

Costa Adeje Cross Bay Swim
Playa Fañabe, 8am – 2pm

travesia poster


Monday May 16th
Traditional Canarian Pottery workshop
From Monday May 16th – Friday May 20th
Given by Juan Manuel Pérez García (Meme)
Adeje Cultural Centre, 5pm – 8pm

Wednesday May 18th
PezEnRaya presents:
Mr Kebab
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 8.30pm
Entry: €8
Not recommended for under 12s

Friday May 20th
IV Amateur Theatre Showcase
Arterisko Theatre presents:
“No hay ladrón que por bien no venga”
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 9pjm
Entry €5
No age restrictions
Saturday May 21st
II Festival Imoque
Plaza, San Sebastián , 9pm
Entry Free

Tuesday May 24th
Canarian pastry workshop
Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development (CDTCA), 5pm -7pm

Wednesday May 25th
Canarian pastry workshop
Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development (CDTCA), 5pm -7pm

Friday May 27th
IV Amateur Theatre Showcase
Sedarpe Asociación Cultural presents:
“Sudor de Luto”
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 9pm
Entry €5
Not recommended for under 16s

Saturday May 28th
Making of the Corpus Christi salt carpets
Calle Grande
From 5pm

Sunday May 29th
Baile de Magos
Plaza España, 9pm


Wednesday June 1st
Gala to mark the end of the Sports season
Plaza España, 6.30pm

Tuesday June 7th – Monday June 27th
Adeje School of Music and Dance performances
More information

Tuesday June 7th
Canarian singing workshop
Adeje Cultural Centre
Young singers, 5pm – 6pm
Adult singers, 6pm – 8pm

Thursday June 9th
Seminario Menor Theatre Group presents
“El Bosque Espeso”
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 8.30pm
Entry free

Friday June 10th
Canarian singing workshop
Adeje Cultural Centre
Young singers, 5pm – 6pm
Adult singers, 6pm – 8pm

I Festival de Parrandas (folk group) Interpretation
Plaza Tierra Lavada (Los Olivos), 8pm

Festival of Capoeira Camuguere Adeje
Las Torres Sports Centre, 5pm – 9pm

Saturday June 11th
Festival of Capoeira Camuguere Adeje
Las Torres Sports Centre, 9am – 9pm

Sunday June 12th
Festival of Capoeira Camuguere Adeje
Las Torres Sports Centre, 5pm – 9pm

Exaltation of Adeje: Homage to Luis Melo Castellano
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 8pm
Entry free

Monday June 13th
Cabildo Theatre School end of year showcase
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 6pm
Entry free

Friday June 17th
IX Festival of Functional Diversity Theatre, Adeje, 2016
Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, 6pm
Entry Free

IX Taucho Ethnographic Days, rambles, paths, agricultural landscapes
Inaugural event paying homage to the men and women who changed the landscape
Conference with La Laguna University geography professor Víctor Martín , “El camino de Chasna y sus ramalas en el Sur de Tenerife”
Almácigo Cultural and Reacreational Centre (Taucho), 8pm

From Saturday June 18th to Saturday June 25th
Basketball Camp Push the Rock
Las Torres Sports Centre
9am – 9pm

Saturday June 18th
IX Taucho Ethnographic Days, rambles, paths, agricultural landscapes
Ethnograph recreations along Taucho’s streets, with the support of the neighbours of the village and the Imoque Cultural Association
From 11am

Sunday June 19th
Pet Fair, in partnership with Dingo Pet Shop
Las Torres Sports Centre, 9am – 9pm

IX Taucho Ethnographic Days, rambles, paths, agricultural landscapes
Guided walk with Rafael Morales Siverio, Taucho resident, to Hoyo del Agua
Leaving at 10am from the Taucho bar

Monday June 20th – Saturday June 25th
Summer school, Island Goalkeeper School
Adeje Municipal Football Ground
9am – 1pm

Tuesday June 21st – Friday June 24th
Clinic with the Rhythimc Gymnastics World Champion Alina Maksymenko
El Galeón Sports Centre
9am – 1pm, 5pm – 9pm

Monday June 27th – Sunday July 3rd
Costa Adeje Summer Basket Camp
Las Torres Sports Centre
9am – 9pm

May magic in Adeje

adeje-baile de magos (12)

The Adeje department of culture has a host of activities planned for May under the title “Adeje vive las tradiciones” (Adeje, bringing traditions to life).

In the town’s cultural centre until May 15 there is a delightful exhibition of work from the San Juan centre, “Cuéntame un cuento” (Tell me a story), which the kids will certainly enjoy. On Friday May 9th the public can enjoy Arabian Nights, an evening of dance, acrobatics, magic and music, also in the Adeje cultural centre, at 8.30pm, (€8).

ADEJE-FERIA DE ARTESANIA (3)The XV Adeje Arts and Craft fair takes place on Saturday and Sunday May 16th and 17th, in the Plaza de España with a range of stalls selling hand crafted goods, folklore performances, food stalls, etc. On May 20th the foodie theme continues with a dessert workshop making ‘chasnera’ cakes (with almonds), and that takes place in the CDTCA.

On May 28th there are a series of healthy-inducing events, with solidarity pilates, massages and a zumba class, all taking place in the Adeje Cultural Centre, monies going to local charitable causes.

The month finishes with some fun events, the Baile de Magos, or traditional Canarian costume dance, held in the Plaza de España on May 29th (just ahead of Canaries Day which is May 30th) – and you have to dress traditionally to take part, but entry is free, and this is a lovely evening for all the family. Book a table with the department of Culture if you are interested.

On May 30th La Caleta hosts the II Festival Imoque with performances from Los Cebolleros from Galdar and el Zumacal from Gran Canaria and with Alba Pérez and José Manuel Ramos. And the month ends with a concert for Canaries Day on May 31st at 11.30am in the Plaza de San Sebastián, La Caleta with the Adeje Municipal Band.

adeje-baile de magos (2)

Celebrating Who We Are

baile de magos1
On May 30th schools, banks, councils and many offices will close for Dia de Canarias, or Canary Islands Day, celebrating the islands’ culture and people as well as marking the anniversary of the first regional parliament session which took place on May 30, 1983.
Many emigrants may dismiss the day as just another bank holiday – but really it’s just as much about us too, and certainly our children, the new generation of Canarians, as it is about the islands’ past. If we live here, particularly in Adeje where more than 120 nationalities make up the local population, it’s our day as well. And it’s a delight to see how the schools here encourage the children to learn about the past, link it to the present and make it part of their future. Our children, with British, Italian, Swedish, German, Bulgarian, Senegalese or Russian roots know they are Canarian as well, and wear their costumes with pride and delight.
It’s no wonder. The history of these islands is full of colour, conquest, mystery (where exactly did the fair haired tall blue-eyed Guanches really come from), wars and worship, from Nelson’s only defeat and loss of an arm to the arrival of the black Virgin de la Candelaria. And then there are the really colourful costumes, different styles for different regions, from urban to rural, island to island, village to village, not to mention the dances, food and drink. What’s not to love?
In many of the island’s schools, certainly public schools, the children will be asked to wear some form of traditional costume for a fiesta normally held the day before, May 29th . It needn’t be too complicated either or expensive – a long single colour or patterned skirt and white blouse for the girls and black trousers, white shirt and waistcoat for boys.
Here in Adeje, as in many parts of the islands, there will also be a ‘Baile de Magos’, or traditional costume dance, in the Plaza España on Thursday May 29th. The Baile de Magos is organised jointly by the Adeje council and the Adeje Folklore Group and will also be broadcast live on air on the municipal station, Radio Sur Adeje 107.9. It’s free to go along and take part, but you must wear a traditional Canarian costume. The Plaza will be laid out with a series of long tables and people bring their own food and drink. Places at the tables must be booked in advance, whether you are two persons or a group of twenty. To reserve your place phone the Adeje department of culture, 922 75 62 46, by Wednesday. However you don’t need to have a table place to attend the ball, just, as mentioned, traditional dress of some description.
Among the folklore groups taking part are Igonce from Candelaria, Añate from La Victoria, La Diata, La Asociación Cultural Imoque, Las Parrandas Mesturao, Boleros de Armeñime and Boca del Paso, Santa Ana, and, of course, the Adeje Folklore Group. And don’t worry if you don’t know any of the traditional dances, people will be delighted if you do your best to join in, or sit back and relax and watch the groups, and dancers young and old, as they revel in their musical traditions.

baile de magos2
And if you fancy more local colour and sounds, the I Imoque Folklore Festival will take place in the Plaza San Sebastián in La Caleta, with performances by a number of cultural associations including Arboneo and Miradero from Icod, the Tetir Folklore group from Fuerteventura with the special participation of Domingo Rodríguez Oramas “El Colorao”. This event is jointly organised by the Adeje council and the Adeje Imoque Cultural Group.
So this week be Canarian in spirit. It’ll make you even happier that you decided to live here.


Spring Into Action

ADEJE-BAILE DE MAGOS 2013 (18)There’s a great mixed-bag of cultural events planned in Adeje over the next two months, there’s bound to be something for everyone.   From art to arts and crafts, music and dance, and of course the great fun to be had at the Baile de Magos in the Plaza de España on May 29th, get ready for fun.

Adeje Cultural Agenda, May/June 2014
“Adeje Experience the Traditions”

Programme of Events


Friday 9

21:00h Spring Concert, Adeje Orchestra of Modern Music. Adeje Cultural Centre, Tickets €12 general public, €8 residents.

Saturday 10
11:00 h. Open air painting, Taucho.

Sunday 11
12:00h-22:00 h. (Taste Me), Gastronomy Market, Plaza de España Adeje.

Wednesday 14
17:00h. Traditional Canarian Pastry Workshop, Tenerife fried Rosquetes. Centre for Tourism Development Costa Adeje, (CDTCA).

Thursday 15
09:30-12:00 h. Workshop. Demonstration of bamboo massage techniques. Adeje Cultural Centre
17:00h. Traditional Canarian Pastry Workshop. La Gomera: Vilana Cake. Centre for Tourism Development Costa Adeje, (CDTCA).

Friday 16
09:00-15 h. V Adeje Technology Day: “Smart City, Beginning with the people”. Magma Arte y Congresos.
17:00-22:00 h. Adeje Experience, for all the family. Playmobil, Lego exhibition, video games’ tournament, electronic music concerts, etc.

21:00h. Benké in Concert. Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre

Saturday 17
10:00-20:00 h. XIV Arts and Crafts Fair, Calle Grande and Plaza de España, Adeje town.
10:00 h. Adeje Clean and Healthy, end of campaign event.
11:00 h. Demonstration of Hunting Dogs. Explanada El Galeón.
12:00 h. Boleros de Armeñime, folklore performance.
18:00- 20:00 h. Traditional dance workshop
20:00 h. Isogue folklore group performance

Adeje-XIII Feria de Artesania (36)
Sunday 18
10:00-20:00 h. XIV Arts and Crafts Fair, Calle Grande and Plaza de España, Adeje town.
10:00 a 14:00 h. and 15:00 a 19:00 h. Workshop, “Recíclope” in the street. Workshops with recycled materials. Tenerife Cabildo. Plaza de España Adeje.
11:00 h. Demonstration of local sports Lucha Canaria.
12:00 h. Demonstration workshop: Canine behavioural training.
12:30 h. A.C. Imoque folklore group performance.
19:00 h. Closing act Arts and Craft Fair, with the Adeje Municipal Folklore School .

Monday 19
18:00h. Traditional Canarian Pottery Workshop (from May 19 – 21), Teacher, Juan Manuel Pérez García. Adeje Cultural Centre.

Wednesday 28
19:00 h. Timple Workshop (traditional Canarian string instrument), teacher Pedro Izquierdo. Adeje Cultural Centre.
21:00h Timple Recital by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School and invited guests. Exhibiton hall, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Thursday 29
21:00 h. Baile de Magos/Traditional Street Ball. Plaza de España, Adeje.

Saturday 31
21:00h. I Festival Imoque, “From San Sebastián”. Plaza de San Sebastián, La Caleta.


Sunday 1
12:00-20:00 h. Intercultural Festival. El Galeón.

Monday 2
18:00 h. From June 2 – 6, Closing ceremonies of the different Adeje sports courses, Las Torres Sports Centre
19:00 h. Inauguration of the exhibition “Entre manos y barro” , from June 2 – 12 Exhibition Hall, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Saturday 7
09:00 h. Visit to TEA (Tenerife Arts Space). Exhibition of th works of Oscar Domínguez. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Sunday 8
12:00h-22:00 h. (Taste Me), Gastronomy Market, Plaza de España Adeje.

Monday 9
17:00 h. Closing act, Adeje Municipal Theatre School, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Thursday 12
18:00 h. VII Theatre event with People with Special Needs, Adeje Borough. Adeje Cultural Centre


Friday 13
10:00- 20:00 h. Arts and Crafts Market, San Sebastián Commercial Centre, La Caleta.
19:00h Exhibition by Students of the Adeje People’s University (UPA), June 13 – 27. Inauguration of works of art by students of fine art and painting, with a performance by the Adeje Municiapl Folklore School. Exhibition Hall, Adeje Cultural Centre.
20:30 h. Cello concert. Convento San Francisco Adeje. Tickets €5

Saturday 14
10:00- 21:00h Bargain Fair, Las Torres
21:00 h. “La Azotea Cuenta”. Adeje Cultural Centre

Sunday 15
10:00- 21:00h Bargain Fair, Las Torres

Thursday 19
17:00- 20:00 h. Solidarity Massage. Adeje Cultural Centre.

Saturday 21
18:00h Creation of Salt Carpets, Adeje Calle Grande

Sunday 22
18:00h Celebration of Corpus Christi. Parish of Santa Úrsula.

Thursday 26
20:00h. Taucho Ethnographic Days: Migratory movements in the borough of Adeje. Paying homage to to the men and women, “protagonists and witnesses of the migratory movements in Adeje”. Presentation of the book and documentary, “Memoria Gráfica y Testimonial de la migración adejera” (Graphic memorial and testimonial to Adeje migration). With Manuel Hernández González, Professor of American History, University of La Laguna, Club Almácigo, Taucho.

Friday 27
19:00 h. Children’s show, “Los Hermanos Gepetti y sus marionetas de la ópera” (The Gepetti brothers and their opera puppets), with the Reciclown company, in the Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, Free entry.

Saturday 28
10:00- 16:00 h. Taucho Ethnographic Days: With a series of stages and displays in the streets and paths of Taucho showing past images and professions relating to the migrations during the different periods. Taucho.