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Adeje’s libraries are very popular among all ages

The Adeje public library network has just released statistics regarding library use in 2018. “The data is extremely positive and we have seen a substantial increase in the number of consultations by the public – something we feel is down to three key factors – the use of the libraries by the students of the Tourism degree course, the diversification of the activities the libraries are carrying out and the continuing and growing interest in reading and studying by the general public”, said councillor Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

The overall figures for the Adeje libraries show that 24,523 people visited one of the libraries during the year, with a total of 46,319 consultations (books, online searches, etc) and there were 8,597 books lent during the same 12 month period. The monthly average number of visitors was just over 2,000, 73% of those were adults and the rest, 27%, were junior readers and students.

The figures represent an increase of 19% by younger users, a 14% increase in those researching or seeking information, and similar increases were registered in readers and older student use. The busiest days of the week were Mondays and Tuesdays, and there were 75 internet connections daily. As has been registered in other years, there was a notable increase in users during exam times.

The Adeje library in the cultural centre was the most visited (36,492 persons), just over 2,000 visitors went to the Canarian library on the Calle Grande, 3,156 used the public library in Armeñime and the Fañabe library welcomed 2,136 users during the year.


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Dancing on the street in Adeje

Literature, music, and radio throughout the Adeje Summer University

The Adeje Summer University (UVA), as well as offering courses and workshops, is running a series of parallel events. Yesterday, Monday July 23rd, there were a number of book launches and a concert in the Calle Grande, with the ‘El Método Stanislavski’ group and their 80s sound.

Today, July 24th, La Cope radio broadcast a live programme from the UVA base, and in the afternoon there are more book launches, a concert with Fran Baraja & Parranda Blues Band. The Adeje library has been working with the Todo Hobbie La Calve bookshop in organising some of the book-related events.

Similar events are programmed for the rest of the week – more information online,





Adeje against FGM

its a girl bigger
“FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) is recognised internationally as a violation of the human rights of girls and women”, according to the UN, adding that it constitutes an extreme form of discrimination against women, affecting those from 29 African countries, the Middle East and the female immigrant population in the Europe, North American, Australia and New Zealand.

The World Health Organisation says “Female genital mutilation (FGM) comprises all procedures that involve partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.”

The two above organisations and others have also confirmed that the practise is almost always carried out on under-age girls and constitutes a violation of the rights of the child.

For these reasons the Adeje council will, this week, begin the distribution of the Female Genital Mutilation Handbook: Best Practices handbook published by the Spanish Confederation of Women on Equality via the borough’s libraries, education centres, health centres and in some municipal centres. The books are available in English, Spanish and French to ensure that the information reaches as many people as possible.

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“In building a society based on equality we have to eradicate these kind of practises that discriminate against women; we cannot allow or assist or ignore the existence of these procedures that mutilate, not just women’s bodies, but their identity, their rights…” said the Adeje councillor for equality Carmen Lucía Rodríguez el Toro.

“With this initiative we are distributing a document that will explain why this procedure needs to be eradicated completely, and the devastating consequences that children and women are forced to endure”.

The handbook has been co-financed by the national departments of employment, social security, and the secretary general for immigration and emigration as well as the European Union. The book details the historical background to the practise, how it is carried out and by who and the consequences – physical, gynaecological, sexual and psychological, suffered by the victims. The book also examines the judicial situation in Spain (for instance parents who take children to another country for the procedure can be arrested/jailed upon returning to Spain with loss of guardianship of the child) and Europe as well as the different actions that can be taken towards the eradication of the practise.

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A busy start to the year!


The calendar for first month of 2017 in Adeje is already full with sporting, traditional and cultural events on offer via the Council and the celebration of one of the borough’s patron saints, San Sebastián, on January 19th & 20th.


Events kick off this Friday, January 13th, at 6pm in the Adeje Cultural Centre (room 9) with a presentation of a book “Fantasías de la abuela Copito” by Adeje woman Juana Rita González Acosta, based on questions from her grandchildren, full of adventure, love and learning.


On the same evening, at 8pm a new art exhibition will be opened in the exhibition hall by Italian-born artist Stefania Fratti She has hosted shows in Milan, Magenta and Brianza, won first place in “Mi Ciudad/My Town” competition, and has been based in Tenerife now for a number of years.


On Sunday January 15th a delegation from the local basketball school will be in attendance at the big league game between Iberostar Tenerife and FC Barcelona in the Pabellón Santiago Martín. Costa Adeje is the official ‘clean play’ sponsor as part of a cross-borough Chasna Isora campaign.

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Central library reopens

biblioteca-adeje-15The main library in the Adeje Cultural Centre is open to the public again folloiwng a brief closure to facilitate repairs.

According to councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz the main repairs were carried out on the glass dome of the library which had leaked during recent rains, but now all is complete and the library is back to its regular hours.

The library offers an excellent range of books, periodicals, films and music for all ages.  There is a growing selection of novels in a variety of different languages for both children an adults as well as an excellent range of reference material. There are also study desks and a number of computers which can be used on request.


Membership of the library is free, so there’s no excuse not to use this welcome resource – and encourge our children to do so during term time as well as at weekends.

Adeje’s libraries giving eBooks a run for their money!



The number of people using Adeje’s public libraries is on the increase, with requests for materials from students rising by 30%, use of study rooms by 74% and requests for local Wi-Fi connections up by 375% over 2014.

According to the councillor with responsibility for he libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “since the opening of the Adeje-based Southern University Campus we have noticed the change in the numbers using the libraries. Take into account that we now have students in each of the four years of the tourism course that we offer in Adeje, that’s 150 third level students in classes here in the borough, not to mention the many other courses on offer from the council and of course the students from the primary and secondary schools in Adeje.


“Our intention is to continue to grow to meet the increasing demand of the users and continue to be the first-choice reference library network, meeting the needs of our new users as more university courses are opened in Adeje in the near future”.

The Adeje public libraries received 36,470 visits in 2015, with 82% of those to the main library in the town’s cultural centre, and the break-down shows a 50/50 split between male and female users, with 77% adults using the service. The councillor also noted that “while there has been a drop in the number of books out on loan given the proliferation of eBooks and new technologies, our statistics do show that a healthy number of people are borrowing, with 6,600 books lent last year”.


The Adeje library network has over 69,000 documents – books, audio-visual material, magazines, etc. – on offer to the public, with a growing foreign language section. Joining in relatively easy and it is an excellent free resource for all.

Pages and Petals in Adeje


“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” Oscar Wilde

This year’s Adeje Book Fair got off to a great start this morning, with a fun-filled visit by the children from local schools who visited the stalls, and were treated to a theatrical story-telling too.
The fair, which this year has added flower stalls to the offer, is in the Las Torres School of Music and Dance car park, and runs all day today and tomorrow. Books for all ages and tastes are on offer, many at reduced prices, and during the fair there will also be a number of special events, readings and signings by authors, performances by dance and music groups, poetry recitals, and lots more.
The full agenda for the two days is as follows.

Friday April 25th Las Torres School of Music car park
5pm. Activate Workshops
6pm. Sopa de Cuentas Tragaluz Puppets
7pm. Presentation: El Judio que quiso ser ario, by Enrique Reyes
Presentation: Humo en el cielo, by Manuel Jiménez Delgado
8.30pm. Soloists performance, from EMMA, the Adeje Municipal School of Music
Saturday April 26 Las Torres School of Music car park
10.30am. Los comillos del dragón. Activate
12 noon. CantaCuentos. Güicho
4pm. Activate workshops
5pm. Los libros revoltosos, Garabatos K puppets
6pm. Performance, Municipal Rhythmic Gymnastic school
7pm. Presentation La Esencia de la Misión by Fco. José Álvarez Socas
Presentation: Los privilegiados del azar by Carlos Alberto Felipe Martell
8.30pm. III Recital Verso Compartido (Shared Verse)

Book signings:
Enrique Reyes, Manuel Jiménez Delgado, Fco. José Álvarez Socas, Carlos Alberto Felipe Martell, Airam Pérez Barrios.

Participating bookshops.
Todo Hobby La Clave, Nymeria Comics, Ifara Libros, Librería El Candil, Canarian Centre of Popular Culture, Moragalibros Facsimiles, Librería Tabernáculo, Librería Dragobah, Librería de Mujeres.


Once Upon A Time…


170 school children celebrate International Children’s Book Day in Adeje

Yesterday morning, on April 2nd, Adeje celebrated International Children’s Book Day, coinciding with the birthday of Hans Christian Anderson, with 170 school children aged between 3 and 5 from the CEIP Adeje, the infant and primary school in the town centre. Councillors Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz and Andrés Pérez Ramos, prepared a series of activities for the young visitors to the town’s cultural centre aimed at showing the children the joys of reading and the benefits of starting young.

They said, “this is part of the campaign sponsored by the national Spanish Organisation of Children’s Books (OEPLI) as we know that reading is a very important part of education and the responsibility of schools, families and society in general to encourage reading among the young. For that reason the council decided to stage these activities and reflect the high value we place on reading for young children.

“Adeje has a network of public libraries where people can access literature, educational material, videos, music, comics, etc and the only requirement is that the potential reader has a Canarian library card (BICA), which is free”.

The activities began at 10:30 with a visit to the library in the town’s cultural centre which has a good selection of children’s books (and some in English too!). Both the professors and the children enjoyed the visit to the world of literary fantasy and imagination.

This was followed by a puppet show with a performance by people taking part in the Alternative Training Programme ‘ACTÍVATE’, an Adeje’s job creation scheme co-funded by the council, the Canarian Employment Service and the European Social Fund.