Walk for Life date announced


The 2017 Walk for Life will take place on December 17th. The walk, now in its 13th year, brings together thousands of men and women, many of whom have been directly affected by breast cancer, and raises funds for a number of Spanish cancer associations, for family care, and research.

The event is organised by the Walk for Life organisation, led by Brigitte Gypen, and the Adeje and Arona councils. This week Adeje health councillor, Amada Trujillo Bencomo met with Gypen to start preparations for this year’s walk, though the organisation is active 365 days of the year, organising events, talks, workshops and much more to help individuals and families affected. There is also a Pink Room which was given by the Adeje council to the Walk for Life, and is based in the School of Security in Los Olivos.

Councillor Trujillo said, “There are many people affected by cancer who look forward to this event every year, and there are many more who want to help. And it’s very important to recognise all that happens around the Walk, and all that goes into the organisation of the walk, something the Adeje council is committed to on a permanent basis”.

Last year over 3.400 people took part – a new record for the Walk for Life – with almost €18,000 collected. The funds goes to the Association of women with breast cancer (Amate), the Spanish cancer association (ECC), as well as projects on investigation and research into possible cures.

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Who will you walk for?



OnSunday December 11th the boroughs of Arona and Adeje come together again to Walk for Life.  The walk is now in its 12th year and works to raise awareness about breast cancer, support those diagnosed and their families through two Spanish associations, and raise funds for research into curing this disease.


The official presentation of the event took place this morning in the Regency Hotel Country Club with founder Brigitte Gypen, the Adeje and Arona health councillors Amada Trujillo Bencomo and Pura Martín Pérez, and television journalist and this year’s honorary walk Marshal, Pilar Rumeu Gutiérrez de Salamanca. Brigitte said, “This is a solidarity event which allows us raise awareness of breast cancer from a positive point of view, celebrating life.  We have a few surprises in store for walkers this year – last year there were 3,300 taking part, and we hope to better than this year”.


The councillors referred to “the synergy between the two local councils of Adeje and Arona” as a key part of the success of this event and mentioned other ongoing projects that the Spanish Cancer Association and Amate are involved in with the Walk for Life movement throughout the year. They added that early detection, mammography, early treatment and less cuts to funding for the health service were also vitally important in the battle to reduce deaths from breast cancer.

TV journalist Pilar Rumeu Gutiérrez de Salamanca said she was honoured to be the Marshal for the walk this year, adding that journalists had very much a part to play in movements of this kind.

This year the walk will leave from Compostela Beach by the Avenida de la Américas, Arona, and follow the road (3.5km) to the Magma Arte & Congresos centre.  During the walk there will be refreshment stands where people can get a drink or piece of fruit. There is also a run for life planned.  More details on all this and registration details are on www.carreraporlavida.com .





























Massage for Life



Students from an Adeje massage course recently organised a charity event through the Sports department of the council, raising over €700 for the Walk for Life organisation. The organisation helps families and persons affected by breast cancer as well as donating funds to cancer research.


The event also featured sack races and acrobatics and about 70 people attended to take advantage of the massages on offer by the students of the course.

Sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera said, “this initiative shows the commitment the people of Adeje have to health and wellbeing”, adding that the town were always ready to help and participate in causes that improved the lives of people in need, and society in general.


Ferrera congratulated the organisers and students who gave of their time to the event.

Adeje’s Bus bonus


The Cancer Bus now has a regular stop in Adeje

The Adeje council has been working on a series of initiatives that will bear fruit over the coming two months in improving the quality of life of people living in the borough. Workshops, therapies and a series of conferences in relation to food, relaxation techniques, and investigation and research into breast cancer and well as help for sufferers are on the menu.

The programme of events are the result of a number of different partnerships following a meeting with Carlota Cobo Hernández, director of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), Brigitte Gypen, the founder of the Walk for Life movement and the Adeje council department of health and quality of life under councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo.

“We feel it is important to concentrate on developing projects which will directly impact on the population and above all those who are suffering from cancer or eating disorders for instance. These programmes are open to all, and in principal what we are doing is creating an awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle” outlined the councillor.

The statements were made at the latest developments regarding the Cancer bus, bought by fundraising efforts to help cancer patients who need transport for treatment to the hospitals in the north, which now has a stop in Adeje. The councillor added, “This transport is there for Adeje-based cancer patients receiving non-surgical treatments who now have a pick-up point directly from the Adeje health centre.”

There is also a full schedule of events for the Pink Room (in the Adeje School of Security and Co-existence, Las Nieves), the first being a workshop on nutritional education, dealing with issues of anorexia and bulimia. There will also be group therapy sessions under the direction of the AECC in June, dealing with stress, body image, self-esteem, sexuality, communication and family.

In parallel there will be a conference dealing with breast reconstruction, which can be carried out immediately after surgery or months/years later, depending on the preferences of the patient. This conference will be given by a specialist from the University Hospital Candelaria.

Already planned for July is a workshop in relaxation techniques, to help balance mind and body and control anxiety as well as stimulating and reinforcing mental capacities and concentration.