‘Paws’ for thought!


The Adeje department of health promotion has launched a new campaign to increase awareness among pet owners of the need to take responsibility for the actions of their pets in public. The campaign, ‘Échame una pata’ (give me a paw) offers a free gift of doggy poop bags and pee-pee cleaning bottles for owners who register their four-legged friend on the animal census. “Social harmony in our town has to be respected at all levels”, says health councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, “and some pet owners need to make more of an effort to respect communal zones and public spaces used by us all, making sure dogs are on a lead and picking up and cleaning up after them”.

She continued, “A society that loves animals is a society that is developing along the right lines, with a special connection to respect for all forms of life, and that’s why we in Adeje have so many people who do own animals and love them and respect others too. Unfortunately there are always a few who don’t take their responsibilities seriously. Owning a pet brings with it duties and obligations”, she explained.

The campaign will see leaflets distributed in schools and municipal installations, posters, ads, information on social media, etc, encouraging people to make sure their pets are on the census and have a microchip, which is mandatory for animals over three months of age.

The councillor stressed too that it was important for those who might just have received a pet as a Christmas or Kings gift that these are new members of the family, not toys, and must be treated as such. New pets must be trained too, and owners have to be respectful of neighbours when it comes to cleanliness and noise.

The campaign also reminds the public that animals are not allowed in public pools, beaches, bathing areas, playgrounds or green zones at any time of the year.




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Home-grown talent takes centre stage!

ADEJE_IMG_9882 copia


Adeje’s sports department today unveiled their 2017 campaign, an official sports album with over 1,300 stickers to be collected, swapped, and pasted. And the stars of the album? Everyone who is part of a team, club or sporting association in the borough of Adeje.

According to the borough’s sports councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera “there are no stickers of Messi or Ronaldo, the stars are the children from all of our clubs and associations in Adeje. The kids who live in your building, in your neighbourhood.”

The campaign organisers say that the fun that the children, their parents, siblings and friends will have in swapping stickers in school yards and at sporting centres etc will encourage personal relations between people in the borough and help promote the many diverse sports that are played in Adeje. The campaign has been building interest with a series of billboards announcing the start of something special, and even the children who were being photographed for the album had no idea what the photographs were really for.

The campaign will kick off later this month before the Adeje Sports Gala on February 24th when young athletes are invited to the Las Torres pavilion at 5pm on that day to receive an sticker album and two packets of cards, each with 15 stickers in them. From then on albums and packets will be on sale in a number of different outlets throughout the borough, bookshops, sports canteens, and Shell in Los Olivos, one of the main sponsors of the campaign. Ascan Torrabonaf, the company that is hired to collect the borough’s rubbish, is another main sponsor and is running a recycling campaign in parallel, and Halcón Viajes is also sponsoring the campaign. Each packet (€0.50) will have 15 stickers, with, say the organisers, approximately 1,800,000 stickers in circulation over the coming months.

In one of the biggest campaigns of its kind nationally and “pioneering” according to Cromo Club, the company who have produced the stickers. There will be over 1,300 numbered, named stickers to collect and the album will be colour coded according to sports, sporting centres, etc. There will be 250,000 packs of stickers on sale in Adeje and prizes for the first three to fill their albums. First prize will be a trip to Madrid for 4 persons, second prize a trip to La Gomera with a Samsung tablet for the third person to present a completed album. There will also be a series of draws throughout the duration of the campaign until the end of April.

The campaign has taken many months to organise with over 50 sports represented in the borough, with up to 100 clubs. “The multi-cultural make up of Adeje is represented in our sports clubs”, added Alonso Ferrera. “In Adeje you can play rugby, cricket, baseball, as well as football, practise gymnastics, etc”.

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“Adeje, Clean & Healthy”, A Message on the Move


The campaign sets out to improve awareness of the benefits of recycling and responsible ownership of pets

Adeje council in partnership with the town’s contracted cleaning company Ascan Torrabonaf, has launched the ‘Adeje, clean and healthy’ campaign, with the primary objective being an increase in awareness among the resident population of the benefits of recycling, the importance of keeping our neighbourhoods clean and the duties and responsibilities of pet ownership. With that in mind the councillor for the environment with responsibility for the campaign, Esther Rivero Vargas, announced that “this initiative is far reaching and will take many different forms, from information meetings in the different Adeje neighbourhoods, posters, school campaigns, talks within the local health programme, trade fairs, meetings with locally-based vets, those organisations working with animals etc.

“Today, Monday, we have started the campaign with posters and street signs, and this Thursday we will host our first neighbourhood meeting which will be held in the Callao Salvaje Cultural Centre, from 6pm. These meetings have been designed around a short talk, workshops for younger residents organised by the Cruz Roja, distribution of campaign literature (in Spanish, English and French) and a dog agility exhibition.”
Councillor Rivero Vargas extended her gratidude to the many different organisations who have and are contributing to the campaign, both at the meetings and in the information that has been prepared for distribution. “The veterinary professionals in Adeje have supervised and assisted in the content that is published in the leaflets and booklets, and they will also be attending the meetings where they can outline to those present the duties and responsiblities that a pet owner undertakes.
“At the same time I would like to extend our gratitude to the dog divisions of bodies taking part such as the Guardia Civil, Protección Civil de La Laguna, the Granadilla firefighters, Terapia y Encuentro Canino (TCAN), the Cazadores de Adeje association, South Tenerife Agility Ring (STAR) and the ONCE who will be hosting dog displays and exhibitions at the different neighbourhood meetings.
The councillor added that the part of the meeting that would be dedicated to recycling and cleanliness in Adeje would be dealt with by the technical head of the Adeje environment department and the head of services for Ascan Torrabonaf, Francisco Valiño, who would also be able to answer questions and offer additional relevant information about the issues.
One of the key parts of the campaign will be the work undertaken by four people who have been contracted to go door to door to impart the campaign’s information to residents. These four individuals have been contracted from the unemployment register and trained to carry out these particular duties. The councillor explained that “the selection was made form the unemployment group via the Adeje local development department.
“Furthermore we have been able to call upon a group of volunteers who have helped us in organising the meetings, as well as in translating the literature into English and French, in organising the dog exhibitions, etc.
Schools will be another important pillar of the campaign, where awareness workshops are being hosted in partnership with the environmental section of the Red Cross. A book with acitivities for children will also be distributed among up to 3,000 students in public schools in the borough. The local council’s area group of persons with disabilities is also helping in the preparation of merchandising for the campaign.

The campaign was initially presented to the press last July by the mayor of Adeje, and will run for approximately two years. Mayor Rodríguez Fraga has underlined that the active participation of all departments in the council is the key to a sucessful campaign and getting the message to all parts of the borough.