Adeje’s young writers commit to equality

The winners of the Adeje secondary school short story competition commemorating International Day Against Violence Against Women were named last night

“Gender violence is a scourge which must be eradicated, root and branch” was the overriding sentiment voiced at last night’s event to mark the winners of the Adeje short story competition for the borough’s secondary school students. The night also awarded artists who concentrated on the theme of good treatment practices. Both events are designed to raise awareness among young people of equality and respect among the sexes and genders.

“Sadly the statistics are horrifying with an average of 50 women killed as a result of gender violence annually, and over 700,000 reports of violence and abuse. That means we have over 700,000 abusers in our society too”, commented the councillor for equality policies, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. She reported that just a number of hours prior to last night’s event another women had lost her life bringing the number to 45 in 2017. “Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg, and is an indication of the kind of suffering many thousands of women are enduring day after day, to often in silence, without the means to escape”.

This is why, the councillor explained, “The Adeje council work to sow the seeds of change to overcome this problem. Because this is a job for all social agencies, to work to prevent and to care for those women who are suffering as a result of gender violence. We mustn’t forget that the children in families are suffering too. So our work must be in training, awareness raising events and activities in our education centres, workshops and more such as this short story competition, concentrating on the issue of gender violence, and the art competition on good treatment practices. What we want is that students think about the theme and put into words and colours and shapes what they are feeling and thinking. After all they are the future of our society”.

The short story jury commented that the level of participation was one of the highest since the competition began. First prize went to Corina Linarea Quinteros, second place was for Nicole Almeda Ehemann, and third place went to Agustina Kasperskas. All three are 4th year students in IES El Galeón secondary school.

In the art competition, the winners were judged on relevance to the theme, originality, artistic quality, technique and sensitivity. There were a number of winners – Paola Blas, Lilia Piva and Natalia Llamas (IES Adeje) for “Amar te duele”, the work “Freedom” by Anna Sosina and Paola C. Tunarosa, from the Costa Adeje school was second and third prize was for “Speak your mind” by Rafael Hernández Pérez, also from the Costa Adeje school.



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Students, gender and stereo-typing


The Adeje councillors for equality and youth, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro and Zebenzui Chinea Linares, organised an event yesterday (Thursday) for over 400 3rd and 4th year secondary school students from the borough, as part of events leading up to International Day Against Violence Against Women on November 25th. This was a video-forum where the students had the opportunity to debate relevant concepts already discussed in class, resolve doubts and suggest ways in which things could be improved in the area of gender equality.

Using audio-visual supports in the Adeje cultural centre, the students were able to explore issues of gender violence in its many forms and how to identify it and deal with it. They also discussed myths and stereotypes associated with gender violence and gender identification as well as romantic relationships.


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Pick equality, think differently

Adeje has joined the  campaign against gender violence

Adeje’s department of equality politics, presided over by councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez, has added its support to the Canarian Equality campaign to counter domestic and gender violence.  The campaign slogan (translated) is “If you don’t think like him, REACT. Pick equality”, with the aim of reinforcing relationships built on equality and mutual respect between men and women, as well as underlining the reality of alternative forms of masculinity built on equality, promoting peaceful conflict resolution, rejecting domination and control as acceptable forms of behaviour in interpersonal relationships, and the benefits of a relationship built and based on equality between the sexes.
“We are delighted to support the campaign of the Canarian Equality Institute as the message they are transmitting is also our message”, said the councillor, adding that what was important was to stress that the campaign was combatting all forms of machismo.

The equality department is also running a series of events over the next week in the lead up to November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.  Included is a literacy course for women in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) from November 20th to December 1st, an art exhibition in the Cultural Centre from November 20th to 28th, a series of events and films for secondary school students, and next Friday, November 24th, a reading of the council’s manifesto against gender violence and a minute’s silence on the steps of the Town Hall in memory of all those who have died as a result of this kind behaviour.   Secondary school students who have taken part in the annual short story competition on the theme will also find out who has won the main prize.
Other related activities include an ‘intergenerational’ walk from Ifonche to La Quinta, and related workshops.

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The right to be different!


Equal under the law, different by right
Today, June 28th, Adeje has joined in the celebrations to mark International LGBIT Rights Day, as part of the months’ long Pride celebrations all over the world. A rights manifesto was co-published with the Asociación Algarabía, which, among other things, stated as a fundamental premise the rights granted to any individual regardless of her or his sexual orientation or gender identification; “Equal under the law and different by right”.

Early on the morning of Saturday, 28 June 1969, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender individuals rioted following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn a gay bar in New York City. This riot and further protests and rioting over the following nights were the watershed moment in modern LGBT rights movements and the impetus for organizing LGBT pride marches on a much larger public scale.

Today, while Pride events take place in many counties, the rights of many are still not recognised or given equal status on a global scale, In Tenerife the Orgullo/Pride 2017 has seen 53 different events happening around the island, five in Adeje, organised by the Asociación Algarabía, and supported by the Tenerife Cabildo and the regional government under the general theme, “Human Rights Make A Difference”.
According to local equality councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro, “Spain has always been one of the European countries that has pushed strongly for equal rights laws (referring in particular to the equal right to marry, passed into law here 12 years ago) which fundamentally seek to guarantee equality for all”.

Theatre as a learning tool


The Adeje theatre in the Cultural Centre wiill host the 10th edition of the Theatre event for Special Needs individuals: “Arcoíris” from Candelaria, “Rosas del Guanche from Arona, “Los Olivos” from Afromje, the “Asociación Orobal” from Los Cristianos, and the people from the Pisada Project (Los Olivos) on Friday June 6th. Entry is free and performances begin at 6pm.

“This is an event unique to Adeje in the Canaries and is something that the people of Adeje now look forward to every year, with the theatre full for each performance”, said the councillor for equality politics Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. She added, “the event allows us use the theatre as a learning and growth tool as well as valuing the creative side of the members of each centre who have been enthusiastically preparing their shows down to the last detail”.

She said that the high attendance each year was also a motivation for the performers, allowing individuals with diverse functional challenges to develop in line with their artistic leanings. And it is the users of each of the centres who decide which work to adapt and who to cast in each show, working in the direction and production of the staging as well.

In Adeje, 119 persons with special needs use the Los Olivos centre daily, with a further 65 making use of the facilities. The centre works to help individuals in the fields of education, work, social and independent development, to promote autonomy and help people take an active part in the economic, political, cultural and social life of their community. Work training and job placement is also offered, all part of promoting the rights and liberties of those with special needs and working towards a guarantee of a better quality of life for them and their families.

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‘Invisible’ women with special needs

Yesterday the Tenerife Cabildo was in Adeje to co-launch the Magarza Sur project, an initiative to empower and enhance the personal development and social inclusion potential of women with disabilities.
The project is driven by an organisation called CoordiCanarias, who assist people with physical challenges, as well as Sinpromi (a Tenerife organisation established to protect the rights of those with special needs), the councils of Adeje and Arafo, and Hey!Participa. According to the Cabildo equality councillor Estefanía Castro, similar projects in La Laguna and Santa Cruz were successful and now “we are bringing the activities to the south to meet an existing need for women with ‘functional diversity’ outside the municipal zones”, in particular because in many cases “disabled women are considered invisible”, she said.

The Adeje equality politics councillor, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez spoke of the double discrimination suffered by women who have special needs and the challenge and the obligation for public bodies was to do all they could to “ensure a society that was equal and just for all.”
Arafo’s social services councillor, Natacha Afonso, invited other boroughs to get involved and Sinpromi’s Dulce Torres said now was the time “to break down stereotypes and prejudices”.
Equality of opportunities is very important for women with special needs as they have been proven to suffer more and increased discrimination in terms of education, employment opportunities and are more susceptible to violence and abuse. The objective of the project is not simply to highlight the reality of the situation of women in this situation but also reduce discriminations and assist in personal development and self-esteem.

Pride 2017 in Adeje

Adeje joins the campaign to increase LGBIT awareness

In the run up to the celebration of Pride Day for the LGBIT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Intersexual and Transgendered) community, Adeje is taking part in a series of visibility activities emphasising the struggle for equal rights and freedoms for this collective. The Algarabía Association has drawn up a programme of events over the months of May and June in defence of equality and non-discrimination against people due to their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Adeje is taking part in the visibility campaign, in defence of the rights of the LGBIT community, because we acknowledge that the defence of liberty must be led by public institutions, who have a duty to promote equality and respect between their citizens and for that reason it is important to develop training and awareness-raising programmes, all contributing to the construction of a more balanced egalitarian society”, said the Adeje councillor for the politics of equality, Carmen Lucia Rodríguez del Toro.

Orgullo/Pride 2017 is celebrated from May 17th to June 28th with over 50 different events all over the island of Tenerife, five of them in Adeje. The programme has been organised by the Algarabía association with the backing of the regional government, the Tenerife Cabildo and ten boroughs, including Adeje, as well as businesses and other island institutions, under the slogan (translated) ‘human rights make a difference’.

In the South of Tenerife there will be a Rainbow Parade on Saturday May 20th, leaving Granadilla de Abona at 11am, passing through San Miguel, Arona, Adeje, Guía de Isora and finishing in Santiago del Teide. During the run through Adeje there will be a stop at the Plaza Pedro Zerolo where there will be a reading of a manifesto on the right to visibility of the LGBIT community. Anyone wishing to take part in this event should contact the department of equality politics.

On Thursday May 25th there will be a workshop for secondary school students (1 year bachillerado, IES Adeje), a workshop for older LGBIT persons and a film (for adults), ‘Can(be) Gay’.

On Friday May 26th in the FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation), from 12 midday, there will be a round table discussion on LGBIT international with guest participants from different parts of the world. This is a public (and free) event.

From Saturday May 27th different shops and establishments in the south of the island will be hosting campaign events, and on June 25th there will be a friendly football match against LGBIT–phobia in the Adeje municipal grounds between UD Granadilla Egatesa and the Costa Adeje women’s team.

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Adeje organising a collection of feminine hygiene products


During the most recent meeting of the Adeje Equality Council, with the Adeje councillor for equality politics Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro, the issue of the importance of being able to establish a bank of feminine hygiene products as a basic necessity was discussed. These products are not ‘luxury items’, but are generally overlooked when compiling a list of the needs of women who are suffering economically.

“The idea was inspired by a similar initiative in the University of La Laguna where the ‘Invisibles’ collective is based. They carried out a collection of these items and made them available to homeless women. We are aware of the existence of many inequalities with regard to women in our society, and in many cases these products carry a high price and in fact many women simply cannot afford them. So, we want to contribute through the ‘Help Bank’, and make these products available. Even though they might not be included in the donated family shopping basket, they are indeed a basic need”, said the councillor.

Rodríguez del Toro added, “Facua (the consumers association) carried out a public study in 2015 which found out that these items are taxed at a very high rate, 7% in the Canary Islands. The association compared prices of over 100 different packets of sanitary towels, and 70 boxes of tampons in six supermarket chains, and the comparison revealed that as well as huge price differences between brands, women were paying ‘luxury’ prices for basic need items. Since then there has been a claim in with central government for a tax reduction on these items, to 4%”.

Items donated will be stored in the Adeje council’s Help Bank from where they can be distributed to those women who need them. Among the products will be sanitary towels, tampons, menstrual cups, wet wipes and special soaps.

During the month of April there will be a number of different collection points, including the public libraries in Adeje town and Armeñime, the Los Olivos Occupational centre, the offices of the department of equality politics (in the modern building beside the main post office) the borough’s cultural centres and the Pink Room, in the School of Security and Social Harmony (Seguridad y Convivencia). The Tenerife Hotel Housekeepers association is also taking part in the campaign with collection tables in different hotels throughout the south of the island.
If you would like to help contact the department on 922 756244.

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Breaking down barriers

Adeje council has a series of activities planned for the month of March focussing on the important role women play in all walks of life
To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th) the Adeje council has drawn up a busy programme of events all “contributing to the breaking down of the barriers that obstruct women achieving equality”, according to councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.

Among the main acts will be the awarding of the Abinque prize, to be celebrated on Saturday March 11th at 8pm in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), and the art exhibition “Mujeres Adeje-Creativa” featuring 50 women artists, which will open to the public in the Adeje Cultural Centre on March 8th.

The council will also mark the second anniversary of the establishment of the Adeje Equality council, an initiative which has brought women and men together on a consultative body whose aims include the empowerment of women and preventing inequality, as well as the removal of real obstacles to achieving equality.

During the month the council has also arranged a series of different cultural, education and leisure activities. During next week secondary school students will be attending workshops on professional diversity, there will be a theatre presentation by Zálatta Theatre Company about the work of female pioneers Marie Curie and Spanish equality activist Clara Campoamor and on Friday March 10th there is a screening of “La bicicleta verde” (The Green Bicycle) a film directed by Saudi Arabian Haifaa Al Mansour.

Check the full programme of events on line – you can download the complete programme from the council webpage, (scroll down to the bottom of the page in questions for the PDF version in English).
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Open call for women artists


Adeje invites women in art to take part in the VI collective for International Women’s Day

For the 6th consecutive year the art collective “Creative Adeje Women”, founded and organised by the Adeje council through the department of equality (under councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro), and designed to emphasise the importance of women in the art world, is inviting submissions for this year’s exhibition.

“Historically the role of women in the art world, as in many others, was ignored or undervalued”, says Rodríguez del Toro. “During the evolution of our society too often the contribution of women has been set aside to the detriment of equality. Few women in the art world have been given the recognition they deserve, so the Adeje council is continuing to offer a platform, through this collective, which has become a showcase for many local artists. Since its inception the exhibitions have been very well received the public and are one of the most visited every year”, she added.

Participation is open to female artists (professional and amateur) based in the Canaries who would like to present a work for exhibition. It can be from any discipline (photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, recording, etc.) and must not be bigger than 1.20cm. The exhibition, in the Adeje Cultural Centre, will coincide with International Women’s Day, on March 8th, and open to the public from 7pm.

More information on the Adeje webpage, in the ‘Igualdad’ section, where you will also find the application form which can be filled in and sent to Final entries will be chosen based on quality, technical standards and originality.

Other events to mark International Women’s day will include a performance of Esmeralda by the Helena Turbo Theatre group on the same evening, at 8.30pm, and the awarding of the annual Adeje prize for a woman/women who have contributed to the borough in a particular way, the Abinque, which takes place on March 11th.