Adeje updates its training offer

Many of the courses are held in the CDTCA


A number of Adeje council departments have been working to update the training programmes on offer to residents to better equip them in learning and access to the labour market.

The full range of courses on offer can be seen on the council’s webpage, Courses and workshops range from pastry making to digital imaging, sports, IT, volcanic research, legislation, drones, etc.

The majority of the courses are free and some offer professional certification. To take part or register visit the Adeje Cultural Centre, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) or the Adeje Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia (safety and social harmony) to find out more and sign up.

As well as the training courses, throughout the year the council offers interesting talks and meetings on a huge range of topics.




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Adeje’s quality recognised


The council is awarded for its excellent training initiatives and work-seeking programmes

The Adeje department of economic development and employment policies has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence, EFQM, from the European Foundation for Quality Management, for the level of attention offered and given to the public in the areas of training, employment and businesses assessment. The award was presented at an event in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).

Councillor for the department, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín received the certificate from Francisco Martón Santamaría, from the Bureau Veritas, the agency charged with evaluation and certification in Andalucía and the Canarias. Also present were the departmental head, Mercedes Vargas, and the councillor for tourism, Ermitas Moreira (who headed up the employment department in previous years, when it was first awarded this certificate in 2015).

Méndez Martín said, “Offering a quality service to our users, who belong to the section of society in search of work, and the businesses who are looking for assessment assistance, that’s our daily challenge”. He praised the work of his colleague Ermitas Moreira as well. He said the priority for his department was to ensure that anyone who contacted them in search of a solution to their problems received personal attention and a quality service. “Unfortunately we cannot solve every single problem, we don’t have magic wands to create jobs for everyone, but what we can do is offer professional service and attention, and ensure proper and actual responses to problems and open a door to hope to those seeking assistance”.

The certificate is awarded every two years during which time the Bureau Vertias are evaluating and invigilating the work of the companies in line for certification. That the Adeje department has been awarded for a second consecutive time is rewarding, says the councillor, as it indicated “that we are improving and growing with our commitment to all those who are looking for work or seeking to improve their working potential”.

EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) is a not-for-profit membership foundation in Brussels, established in 1989 to increase the competiveness of the European economy. It looks to establish a global vision in companies to encourage and stimulate improvement and excellence in work practises. According to Francisco Martón Santamaría, in Adeje’s case, “the protagonists are the workers in the Adeje department – we know that in many cases to receive the certificate a second time can be more difficult as it requires an application to the job that is continuous and constant and requires the full commitment of all those involved”. He congratulated the Adeje department, as it is, he said, “a centre for preparation for workers allowing them to choose a route, a path to stability and to gainful employment”.

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Adeje hosts 1st seniors conference



At the I regional convention of senior volunteers from the Canary Islands, held in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), the regional deputy minister for social politics Isabel Mena Alonso and the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga congratulated those present for their work and also helped in handing out certificates to the different volunteer associations for the seven islands and the two provincial organisations, AMAVITE (Tenerife) and AVINGRAN (Gran Canaria).


Adeje’s Mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said that one of the themes of Adeje was that “you only get out of happiness what you put in”, adding that here in Adeje “we are working to make this a place for everyone. We have to continue to work to improve the quality of life for all, and of course the senior citizens who are the living witnesses to our history”.

He added, “We are very happy at the results of this two day event, which have been the culmination of work of representatives from seven islands, part of this unique archipelago. You are active, creative senior citizens who remind us of the importance of caring for each other”.


Isabel Mena said that those present were a fine example for the Canary Islands. She also mentioned the dedicated number for those suffering loneliness (900707020) as well as the inter-generational programmes and other projects designed to improve the quality of life of the archipelago’s older citizens and allowing them present their ideas and interests in changing and improving things.
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Can your family cook?


Next Saturday, November 12th, in the CDTCA (Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development) from 10am the first Family Cookery competition will take place, with families (one adult, father, mother or legal guardian, and two children between the ages of 6 and 11) competing against each other.

The event, under the Degusta.Me gastronomy label, will require competing families to prepare one healthy dish using the following ingredients – chicken, garlic, onion, green and red peppers, carrots, green beans, courgette and mushrooms.

According to the councillor responsible for Degusta.Me, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, “what we are hoping to achieve with this idea is to open up the notion of family cooking. Cooking is a great way of spending time together and can be a really healthy alternative activity”.


Each group will have a work table, a hob, cooking instruments, an oven, etc., as well as a pantry. The order in which the families will prepare their food will be decided by a draw which will be held half an hour before the competition begins. The preparation and cooking time is one and a half hours.

The jury will be made up of three members of ACYRE (the Canarian Association of Chefs and Bakers) and will award points for flavour, creative use of ingredients, presentation, originality, order and cleanliness in the work zone and the active participation of the children. The top three families will receive a diploma as well as a selection of cookery products. Furthermore the top family will win a meal for four in a gourmet restaurant in Adeje.

Further details and the rules of the competition are available in the Adeje webpage,, in the Degusta.Me section. Interested families can register by email to, sending the completed forms, your recipe, and including a photograph of the family group that will be taking part, with names and ages of all participants. You have until November 10th to enter.

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National stalemate, local problems


During a day dedicated to Innovation and Urban Development in Tourism Destinations, held in the Adeje CDTCA (Centre for Costa Adeje Tourism Development) participants heard that many projects at local level were being held up as a result of the political stalemate at national level.

In Adeje, for instance, an integrated strategy for development projects into the year 2020, under the DUSI Plan was still waiting for approval months after the final presentation. According to Maria Dolores Ortiz Sánchez of the European Territorial and Urban Development section of the Department of Public Administration, the relevant commission has carried out all the necessary evaluations but “we are waiting for the authorisation to publish the approval from the caretaker government. The work was very technical and rigorous. We are eager to begin work with the selected cities…” she told the gathering.


The day-long event was organised by the Adeje Council and Enerlis Consulting and the opening session was attended by the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the regional tourism vice-president, Cristóbal de la Rosa, and the Tenerife Cabildo tourism councillor, Alberto Bernabé Teja.

Experts from various government departments outlined the different projects and funding available at national at European level to which the councils and other bodies may apply. Canarian boroughs are being encouraged to consider initiatives in this area given that the region could be eligible for extensive funding under different criteria. Not surprisingly there were many questions from different council representatives regarding the funding and applications.

Red Innpulso
Diana Alonso García, technical councillor for the Red Innpulso network, under the national department of economy and competition, was also present and invited Canarian boroughs to consider linking themselves to this national network – at present there are only three Tenerife towns that are involved, Adeje being one of them, and the advantages were outlined to those attending.

The main aim of the network is “the cooperation between member councils, information exchange, discussions, assistance in similar problem solving, etc. It is also a recognition by the department of a town that is innovative”.
Urban action programmes
Dolores Ortiz Sánchez, also outlined to participants the importance of an urban agenda for Spain, aligned with European and global urbanisation developments. “We need to carry out an analysis of our cities and develop an agenda that is more realistic for our country”, she stated, adding that her department was also looking to organise a forum for good practise exchanges. Her brief includes examining local economy trends, energy transition, urban poverty and the integration of immigrants and refugees, with European funding for positive action programmes. She also detailed possible finance under sustainable growth programmes including renewable and efficient energy projects, etc.

Shake, rattle and stir!

cocktail poster

The XI Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition will be a national classification event
With the backing of the Adeje departments of economic development and of tourism, and organised by the Tenerife Barman Association, the Adeje Centre for Tourism Development – the CDTCA – will host the XI Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition which is also a classification event for the national championships.

The year all the action is concentrated in one day with different classification and section events and two master classes given by European experts all happening on Friday April 29th. The public are welcome to attend during the day, from 4pm – 9.30pm, with winners announced at the end of the day.

The day will actually begin with master classes under the watchful eyes of Vito Calculli and Marco Caldone, both top class experts. Later on Antony Serra, will demonstrate his ‘flair’.
The most important competitive events will be to chose the best cocktails and those who will go forward to represent Tenerife at national level. That competition starts at 7pm, while the IV Gin and Tonic contests for the Schweppes and Gin Rutte trophies start at 6pm.

Juanjo Montes
Adeje local development councillor, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, commented, “the Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition has become one of the most prestigious events in the Canarian cocktail calendar and nationally, bringing together people from the Canarian hotel and bar sectors.” He added that it was important that the “Costa Adeje tourism label continues to have these kind of references which complement the overall offer to visitors, particularly in the fields of gastronomy and leisure such as those promoted by this competition.
“We are delighted that almost all the hotel schools in the islands will be represented here and that we are able to continue to contribute to the professional training of our young bar personnel in the Canaries”, he concluded.

 Agricultural tourism in Adeje

adeje rural tourism
Next week Adeje council hosts a week of events and talks examining the joint role of tourism and agriculture in the borough, the objective being to generate interest and debate in how to promote the local agricultural countryside as part of the tourism offer.

According to the councillor for rural development Esther Rivero Varga “Adeje has been working in this area for a number of years with, for instance, the opening of the Framers Market. The next step is precisely this – to examine the working relationship between the rural countryside and the economic motor that is tourism. We are clear about the aims – create synergies and establish zones and mutual platforms for business development and thus increase our tourism offer and experience for visitors.”

turismo rural tauchoIMG_9066

The courses and events are aimed particularly at those working in the tourism sector, guides and information personnel in tourism, those who have or promote rural overnight stays, and those in public administration working with the public. The organisers are members of the Tenerife Cabildo agriculture and rural tourism department with Turismo de Tenerife and the Adeje council. The course runs from September 21st to 25th and will also see participants taking parting in practical workshops with local experts away from the course base , the CDTCA, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre.
More information at

Sports & music weekend mix

adeje sports poster

Concerts, family Olympics, fun and leisure activities and lots of prizes throughout the weekend

This weekend Adeje council has organised Adeje Sport Music, a diverse two-day event on Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th.
One of the headline events will be the family Olympics where teams of four, adults and children, will take on a series of challenges on Saturday, starting at 10am. Top prize is a weekend (half board) in the Warner Park in Madrid, courtesy of Halcon Viajes, as well as more some amazing prizes for the winning teams.

There is a huge range of events and open sporting activities taking place over the two days, among them a Rio challenge, with participants on linked exercise bikes hoping to clock up, between them, the 6,345 kilometres that separate Adeje and Rio de Janeiro, where the summer Olympics will be held next year. The bicycles will be in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development (CDTCA) with a kilometre counter linking all the machines.

Events kick off on Friday with a sports fair in the CDTCA followed the traditional Adeje school of music and dance Spring concert which will feature, among others, a performance by Roxy Rosario, who is currently appearing on La Voz (The Voice, Telecinco). This will be only a part of the 12 hours of sporting events taking place in both the CDTCA and surrounds, with spinning, Tai chi, yoga, games, health-related workshops, zumba, as well as bouncy castles for kids, etc.

The day draws to a close with a series of performances from the borough’s groups including the Tenerife Tigers, the EMMA dancers, the Capeoira Camugeré, the Hindu society and the Romanian Association followed by a prize giving ceremony.
Friday April 17

17:00h a 20:30h Sports Fair with company stands. CDTCA.

18:30h. Drug prevention workshop. CDTCA.

20:30h. Concert. CDTCA

Saturday April 18

09:00h a 10:00h. Master Classes inTai chi and Yoga. CDTCA.

09:00h a 10:00h. Register for Family Olympics. CDTCA.

10:00h a 13:00h. FAMILY OLYMPICS. Games zone, El Galeón

11:00h a 12:00h. Spinning Master Class Spinning. Avenida Palo Mayor

13:30h a 16:00h. Break.

17:00h. Health eating workshop. CDTCA.

16:00h a 19:00h. Children’s workshops El Galeón sports pavilion.

17:00h a 20:00h. Bouncy castles. Football grounds.

18:00h a 19:00h. Spinning Master Class. Avenida Palo Mayor.

19:00h a 20:30h. Zumba Master Class, El Galeón Sports Pavilion.

20:00h a 21:00h. Performances by dance groups on stage in the grounds of the CDTCA Traditional Russian, Tenerife Tigers, EMMA Dance troupe, Capoeira Camugeré collective, Hindu Community, Romanian Association, etc.

21:00h. Closing ceremony and prize giving).

Pitch, build, launch

launch 48 weekend

Tenerife Launch 48 Weekend

Adeje is the location for the first business accelerator event in the islands, with the Tenerife Launch48 Weekend for emerging businesses taking place on September 12 – 14.

“The objective is simple: pitch, build and launch”, is the slogan for the two day event which is hosted by FIT (Factory for Tourism Innovation) Tenerife, based in the Adeje centre for tourism development, the CDTCA. According to Adeje’s councillor for economic development and employment Ermitas Moreira García the weekend is designed to encourage new Canarian companies get off the ground with a supported start-up, using the innovate assessment offered by experienced business accelerator company Oxygen, one of the most important start-up groups in Europe.

The notion of using professional mentoring teams to accelerate business start-ups has taken root in major European cities and is using synergies, innovative ideas and creative directions to create new businesses. Different companies and sponsors can benefit hugely from these events and in this case the image of Tenerife as a technological and innovate hub as well as a tourist destination will also be promoted globally.

Prior to the weekend, from September 8th to 12th, there will be a pre-acceleration event held in the ITER bioclimatic village in Granadilla. The Oxygen organisers say, “ we’ll present a pre-accelerator programme that focuses on how you can take your start-up idea to the next level – while using our proven concoction of successful mentors, tools and board-level advice to help make your business a success. And of course, there’ll be some hidden surprises on the way, as we make the most of this unique location.”

A series of mentors will lead distinct groups through training sessions and work-shops, helping develop new means of negotiations, with personal one-to-one interaction and finishing with a jury selection of the best business proposal. The mentors include Chris Chabot, platform relations manager at Twitter, Nick Holzherr, from Whisk, named Birmingham Young Professional of the year in 2011, and Simon Jenner, CEO and co-founder of Oxygen Accelerator.

The events will, hopefully, encourage local business persons in Adeje to “present and develop innovative ideas, and the hope is that the ideas with the best business potential will receive all the support they need from the Adeje department of economic development”, said councillor Ermitas Moreira García.

Anyone interested in taking part or finding out more should contact the CDTCA, 922 756 249 or FIT Canarias, 922 756 253.