A taste of honey, cheese and wine

Wine, cheese and honey will be the main ingredients of the X Taucho Ethnographic Days

The 10th edition of the Taucho Ethnographic Days, a celebration of local traditions and skills, is taking place from June 15th to 21st. The year wine, cheese and honey will be at the centre of celebrations, ingredients that always find pride of place in the homes of the Adeje midlands.

“With these ethnographic days a varied and full programme of events is on offer to the public dealing with wine, cheese and honey. This ‘meeting’ with our traditions is part of the conservation of our past undertaken by the people of Taucho, who, every year, have voluntarily given of their time and energy, and have opened their doors to the visiting public”, commented heritage councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

In the last ten years the Taucho Ethnographic Days have become something of a cornerstone for the preservation of traditions. Events will begin next Friday, June 15th, at 7pm, with the official inauguration of a photographic exhibition of ‘fingerprints of our past’. This will be followed by a talk on the Guanche families.

On Saturday June 16th at 10am there will be a circular ‘route’ from Taucho-El Grillo- Aponte- La Quinta-Taucho. Interested people should register online www.adeje.es. On Sunday from 11am there will an exhibition of traditional wine presses after which local residents will display traditional skills in the making of wines, cheese and honey, in the main town square. There will also be sheep shearing, candle making from beeswax, a gofio workshop and bread making.

Later on the Imoque cultural association will ‘perform’ a re-creation of days gone by in the Taucho plaza, and the Tío Victor ‘cantina’ will open from 3pm for a taste of local wines. Sunday will also host artisan workshops with 26 different participants offering products for sale.

On Tuesday June 19th there will be a traditional cake making workshop, on Wednesday a gofio, cheese and honey workshop and at 7pm a visit to the Tierras de Aponto bodega. The programme concludes on Thursday June 21st in the Club el Almácigo with a talk by Carlos Cólogan Soriano and music from “Trío Alba Chávez”.

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Say cheese!

Focus visit to Montesdeoca dairy

Over 30 people took part in a guided visit in English to the Montesdeoca cheese makers, based in the midlands of Adeje, and winners of countless regional, national and international prizes for their dairy products

The tour was given by Alberto Montesdeoca, who explained the origins of this fantastic food jewel in the Adeje gastronomy crown. Started by his grandfather when some of the family moved from La Palma to Tenerife, the business is still very much a family firm, making cheeses, butters and yogurts by hand from the 1,000+ goat herd on site.

The tour was organised by Focus, the Adeje group for international residents, who work to help international residents integrate, learn more about the borough, and discover they many pluses of living in this part of South Tenerife. Over 30 people of different nationalities signed up for the tour, which lasted over an hour.

Alberto first took us to see the goats and kids, explaining the milking process, how the goats are fed and kept, the breed used etc. We also met the newer kids who have their little ‘creche’ area.

The group were then brought indoors and we saw the cheese being mixed, moulded and stored. Alberto explained that they currently produce almost 20 different types of cheese, how the cheese is pasteurised, with different curing processes, some hard, some semi-hard, some matured and flavoured. The group then moved to the tasting room where four different cheeses were on offer giving the visitors some delicious examples of the products made by Montesdeoca.

The tour ended in the on-site shop, but people can also buy these fantastic cheeses at the Adeje farmers market ever Saturday and Sunday morning and Wednesday afternoon.

(For more information about the farm and to arrange small group visits, the webpage for Montesdeoca is http://www.quesosmontesdeoca.com/)

Wooden it be nice! Adeje Arts and Crafts



The Fair takes place on Saturday May 16th and Sunday May 17th in the town’s Plaza España

The Adeje Arts and Crafts Fair, organised by the local department of culture, will focus on work in woodcraft this year, with demonstrations in other specialities also scheduled over the weekend of May 16th and 17th in the town’s Plaza España.

From 10am in the morning to 9pm on both days there will be a series of activities open to the public, with activities for young children scheduled for the morning hours, craft workshops with trained monitors from the Convivencia project.

Music will also feature during the two day event with performances from Grupo Boleros from Armeñime on Saturday at 12.30, and students and musicians from the Adeje Folklore school from 7pm. On Sunday the Parranda from Grupo Boca del Paso will entertain the public in the morning and that evening José Manuel Ramos will perform ‘Desde adentro’ at 8pm.

The Adeje Arts and Crafts Fair has been an annual event since 2000, with over 100 stalls selling Canarian crafts and hand-made goods to the public, made by artists and artisans not just from Adeje but from all over Tenerife and the other Canarian Islands. Many of the stalls celebrate the use of traditional craft methods, using materials such as wicker, wood, glass, resin and fabric, producing a range of items for sale including traditional clothing, jewellery, carpets and hangings, musical instruments, and food items such as honey and cheeses and a firm favourite, the traditional biscuits and cakes.

Farmers Market adds a day



The Adeje Farmers Market will add a midweek opening from Wednesday April 1st. The opening hours on Wednesdays will be from 4pm – 8pm and during the first few weeks of the weekday opening the council will be running a number of parallel activities to increase awareness of the additional day. The Adeje Farmers Market first opened its doors to the public six years ago and is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 1.30pm.

The councillor with responsibility for the Market, Esther Rivero Vargas, has said “the success of this borough service has been noted from the start. On any given weekend we can expect up to 2,500 shoppers. A few months ago we carried out a survey among shoppers and included a question regarding a possible mid-week opening. The response was overwhelmingly in favour. So the next challenge was to find a day among the different farmers/stall holders that suited them, and that would give them time to have ample produce to sell to the public.”

This request from the public to open one extra day a week also came from those in the service trade and buying their produce in the Farmers Market on a weekly basis… “restaurants and bars who have chosen this market to buy here on a regular basis given the quality of the produce on offer”, added the councillor.

During the six years of its existence the market has added and diversified the products on offer, and today, alongside the fresh local fruit and vegetables on sale, customers can find a range of items requested by the many different communities resident in Adeje, including Hindu, Chinese and Muslim. The market also sells local wines, cheeses, eggs, ecological produce, flowers, cakes, breads and biscuits and some meat products.


Parallel activities
For a month, every Wednesday, the Farmers Market will offer parallel activities connected to the world of gastronomy and produce. These will include courses in fruit and vegetable carving, a workshop for celiacs, a dessert course, making cup cakes, wine, cheese and honey sampling, flower arranging, etc. Details of each course will be published in the Adeje council media in advance.

The addition of this day to the market agenda was approved in the last council meeting with a modification of the council regulatory order. This has happened alongside increased transparency for those who wish to sell goods at the market, registration, and authorisation. The council are also putting in place an improved inspection service and farm visits to authorised suppliers to the market. They are also working to ensure that the transportation and sales processes are in line with borough and environmental regulations which encourage good practice and reduce reliance upon non-renewable energy sources.

Tasting in the Plaza de España

adeje honey

Cheese, honey and gofio are the featured products during July and August

Deguasta.Me (Try Me), as is now customary on the second Saturday of every month, will see 15 stands take over the Plaza de España this Saturday from 6pm.

As on previous occasions the aim of these events is to promote the products on offer and encourage the participation of local residents and businesses in promoting the culinary side of this tourist destination.

Honey, gofio and cheese are special features of the Degusta.Me Saturdays during July and August.

adeje cheese

The event, which brings people into the heart of Adeje, also serves to let visitors see the architectural part of the old town and discover Adeje’s more emblematic buildings.

Degusta.Me is organised by Adeje Council via Adeje Impulsa in partnership with Mercadillos del Atlántico S.L, Turismo Tenerife and Saborea Tenerife

Gold Medal Cheese

ADEJE-quesería Montesdeoca

The Montesdeoca Dairy wins gold at Pinolere

Recently the cheese producers in Tenerife met during the III Pinolere Fair in the Parque Etnográfico de Pinolere in La Orotava, and this year Adeje cheese maker Montesdeoca won gold with their one year cured mature cheese. It was named best Tenerife cheese 2014. 

Daniel Montesdeoca said this “is an important award for us as it is the result of hard work and effort. We have always given priority to producing cheeses of high quality which people will select and enjoy for their flavour and texture”. He added that he was delighted that their cheeses were appreciated by so many people and promised that they would continue to work to improve the product and ensure that the island’s cheeses were known both here and outside Tenerife.
The Adeje councillor for Agriculture Esther Rivero Vargas explained that the “Pinolere fair is the perfect setting for displaying all of the island’s natural produce and of course promoting the cheese making industry and culture which has been recognised with this award”.

The Montesdeoca dairy makes a variety of different cheeses including smoked, semi-cured, cured, gofio and pepper cheeses and this prize winning mature cured cheese. Members of the public interested in buying the cheeses can do so in the dairy, which is in Tijoco, driving up from Llano de las Flores or at the stand in the Adeje Farmers’ Market every weekend, (8am -2pm, Saturdays and Sundays). Councillor Rivero Vargas said, “the Adeje Farmers’ Market, as well selling as this winning cheese, which is delicious, offers a great selection of locally grown produce”.

Yummy Adeje

The Degusta.Me, or Taste Me campaign is underway in Adeje with a terrific tapas route (63 restaurants are taking part), and displays and offerings of the featured products of cheese, honey and gofio at commercial centres this weekend.