Fun for all the family

A parade, bouncy castles and shows to keep the kids happy during the Adeje fiestas

The younger Adeje public  have lots to keep them amused over the next two weeks during the local festival celebrations, with specific events designed with them in mind.

The main parade is happening on Saturday October 13th with the representatives from the differ-ent neighbourhoods, characters from stage and screen, cartoon friends, and lots more. The event starts at 8.30pm at the bottom of the Calle Grande.
On Monday October 15th in the Adeje municipal football grounds there will be a children’s park from 11am, with bouncy castles, workshops, etc. Entry is free.  Tuesday March 16th Plaza de España hosts the “Gran Circo Komba” at 6.30pm, an interactive theatre presentation. This is also free to the public.
And on Saturday October 20th the Calle Grande is taken over by children’s activities from 5pm, on the last weekend of the patronal festival.







In-house training on children’s rights


Coinciding with the International Day of the Family, May 15th, the Adeje council’s department of special welfare and attention to diversity and children organised a series of training events in conjunction with the Cabildo Infants and Family unit and the Asociación Mundo Nuevo. The training was for the personnel of different departments who have regular contact with families and children.

According to the councillor with responsibility for the area, Isabel Fernández González, this kind of ‘refreshment’ training and sharing experiences “is an enriching practise and underlines the council’s commitment to proper treatment of our citizens. We know that the council’s staff is involved in this move to improve the service and it is thanks to the teams we have in place that we are able to attend to the needs of the many families in the borough”.

Jesús Eloy Gaspar Pérez, psychologist, was the expert invited to lead the training using various activities. The participants debated how families are treated. They also looked at how too often today, both with children and adults, we are not using phrases like “please” and “thank you”. He asked people to consider a number of questions, “what does ‘treatment’ mean”, “what do I think is ‘good?”.

The workshop identified five ‘needs’ in the protocol for the evaluation of the protection of the child, social, emotional, cognitive, safety and physical, to ensure that a child’s development is harmonious. At the same time he stressed that there are many different kinds of families so the needs of the child must be assessed within that acceptance.

The training sessions were also an important reinforcement of the way different departments are working in conjunction and looked ahead to future joint activities, with an acceptance that in many cases a cross-departmental approach is hugely relevant in a public administrative body such as this.


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Fingerprints of the past

The initiative served to show today’s children traditional games


The Adeje department of seniors, under councillor Cristina Fuente Carballo, have designed a very special campaign for the borough’s infant and primary schools, ‘Dejando Huella’ or Leaving Fingerprints. The project is to show the children of today the games of years gone by, in a fun and informative way.

“The Adeje seniors are always looking for ways to contribute to today’s society ina positive way, and on this occasion they have used traditional games as a means of connecting with young people, who really did respond enthusiastically and in a spirit of fun”, commented the councillor.

‘Leaving Fingerprints’ has two facets, the first being the games themselves, and the second to look at how children’s games and local customs help a modern society advance without losing sight of our past.

The games were played out in the schools with the children learning and practising, with an older person from the borough showing each skill/game to the groups. This was everything from sack racing to local forms of blind man’s buff and skipping.

In parallel there was a demonstration of folklore from the Santa Ana group with the children also learning some local dances.


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Kings arrival and parade through the town!

Their majesties, the Magi, the three kings of the Orient, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, will fly into Adeje by helicopter on this Friday evening shortly before 6pm where they will be greeted in the municipal football ground by hundreds of Adeje families, and the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who will give them the master key to the town, which, for one night only, opens the door for their majesties to the borough’s houses, so gifts may be left.
There is a nominal cover charge for entry into the football ground of €1, and this year the seating on both sides of the pitch will be open to the public as, for reasons of security, the helicopter won’t be landing in the actual grounds.  Tickets are on sale in the Cultural Centre and at the door of the football grounds tomorrow.  The public are advised to arrive before 5pm.

Once their majesties have received the key from the mayor, they will rest before joining the parade, which will start at the Adeje health centre at 7pm and make its way up the Calle Grande to the Plaza de España.  The parade is in two parts – the first is ‘Fantasía’, with steel drums, dancing groups, tumblers, and famous cartoon characters as well as local performers from Ballet Beanky and Los Angeles.  The Adeje volunteer fire brigade will also be on hand as will postal workers to collect and deliver letters to the Three Kings from the borough’s children.   The second part of the parade will be more traditional with their majesties accompanied by biblical characters.
The councillor with responsibility for the parade, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera says “this parade is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the season, bringing together thousands of people not just from Adeje but from all over the south of Tenerife.”  He added that the night’s events will “mark the end of the Adeje Christmas programme in which we have sought to reflect and stress the importance of social harmony, well-being and harmony among all our people”.
When the parade is finished there will be a traditional offering at the doors of the Santa Úrsula church and then their majesties will be in the Plaza de España to receive letters and talk to children.
PRESS ACCREDITATION: Members of the press interested in covering the events must contact the Adeje press office (by return of email) before 11am tomorrow, Friday January 5th, with your name, contact details and name of the media organisation in question.

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​Growing with diversity

The Adeje council, in partnership with the Aldeas Infantiles SOS España children’s organisation, are spearheading an interesting campaign which has already seen the borough’s younger residents talk and share their belief on what is important in their lives, their borough and how they and their families can be happy and live well.

“What we are hoping for from this initiative is a partnership to build a future fuelled by hope for the children of Adeje, as they are the future”, says the social harmony councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares. “In recent months the young people here have been bringing us their ideas and suggestions, through school meetings, and we are hoping to organsie a larger event for and about children in Adeje”, he added.

The first phase of the project saw the team visiting the borough’s schools to listen to the children and now they will have feedback from some adults also involved in the project to see how best to proceed and realise many of their ideas.

To develop this phase there will be a series of meetings and the creation of a club in the next school year to allow students meet and exchange ideas for Adeje is being mooted, encouraging them to talk and listen to each other and tease out their suggestions.

The organisers say that it’s important to seek out the children’s talents and reinforce them. Ideas already received include “allowing pets in school, learning how to play, meditation workshops, interactive classes, diversification in after school activities, free WiFi for students, more books in the school libraries, more excursions, celebrate International Day of Families by bringing a family member to school, etc”.

Concentrating on increasing social harmony, students would also have to learn to generate space and time for the exchange of ideas and experiences, create spaces where new friendships can be formed, teach each other new languages, introduce more workshops on recycling and our relationship with nature, and learn to resolve problems through dialogue and help others who are having a bad time.

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Big ideas from Adeje’s kids




Celebrating Universal Children’s Day in Adeje – The borough will host a series of events on Saturday November 19th in the Plaza César Manrique from 10am – 6pm.

The Adeje council and the Aldeas Infantiles SOS España organisation have been working together on a special project in recent weeks and months which have been bringing together ideas and suggestions from Adeje’s younger residents about what is important in their lives, where they live, and how they can guarantee that their families are happy and living a good life.

The young people who live in Adeje have been helping with their suggestions during special classes in schools, looking for big ideas for their borough, and working on organising a day for and by children.


“What we are hoping to do with this initiative is to continue to gather contributions towards the construction of a more hopeful tomorrow for our children who are both the present and the future of our borough. Over the last months we have been delighted to see the novel, excellent ideas that the children have come up with, many of which we will be implementing in part if not in full, for the benefit of all of the people of Adeje”, said councillor for social harmony, Zebenzui Chinea Linares.


A number of nongovernmental organisations and residents associations have also been actively involved in the project to date and will also be present on November 19th running workshops and activities related to the many different cultures and religions represented in the community as well as professionals in related fields, all working towards the one goal – putting the rich diversity that Adeje represents at the disposals of all of our young people.


Listening to the children


Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the territorial director of AldeasInfantiles, Javier Perdomo Torres, have signed an covenant this week which works to help develop participative harmonious projects in the borough.

According to the mayor, “we are developing a plan to create spaces where children can learn and grow in diversity, in values. We are working with schools and I believe
AldeasInfantiles are the right partners for this project. We are working on a very participative programme, we want them to let us know what they wish to see, with the overall aim being the creation of a working plan for the Town Hall in all areas because this project is multi-departmental. We are using sport, music, culture, to create the space for harmonious co-existence, for social and human advancement.”

For his part, Javier Perdomo Torres said that “for us this is a great opportunity to give children a proper voice and ask them what future they want to have, what kind of town and world they want to live in. We have to learn to listen to them and think honestly about what they want and how we can make their wishes a reality while being aware of the starting point we are at for this change. From moment the children begin to be part of that change and are driving the change we are at the start of a very important programme that will enrich everyone.”

The covenant looks to encourage the development or the participative process among children and communities, placing a value on human diversity and social existence in Adeje through the evolution of talks, meetings, and workshops, in the community and education arenas, and in co-ordination with different associations and collectives

The plan will also include an annual general meeting, a Children’s Day, with all the relevant groups and individuals taking part in the project sharing results and working on concrete action plans.

The Adeje Council will give the AldeasInfantiles organisation a project space in the Security and Conviviality school to develop the programme which is scheduled to last for a year, with the possibility of an extension depending upon the results.

Designing tomorrow’s world



A new Adeje project is asking the children and young people in Adeje’s primary and secondary schools to use their skills to work on designing the Adeje of their future. This initiative is the work of an ‘expert group’ made up of children of different ages from the borough, as well as families and representatives of different groups and collectives.

“We are in a process of building the future for our children. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s adults and that’s why we want them to be part and parcel of this process. We want them to think, to dream, to imagine the Adeje they want in the future. And then we want them to explain their ideas to us, to let us know what is important for them in their lives and what needs to change”, explained the councillor responsible for the mayor’s department and conviviality, Zebenzui Chinea Linares.


The participative workshops that are being held in schools are with students of third and sixth classes in primary schools in Adeje, with children being asked to outline their projected view of a town where children are happy. In parallel a group of children of between 12 to 15 years of age is coming together to look at similar ideas and develop plans to make these ideas into reality.

Adeje council has made sure that the project design is open to the public and adaptable to new ideas and proposals. “Every new suggestion will enhance the overall proposal. We want this to evolve into a movement that will grow, with the enthusiasm of the people of Adeje, who will make it their blueprint for the future of the borough”, the councillor added.

After the conclusions of each group have been received a children’s conference will be planned, “where all the ideas will be shared and where strategies to move ahead will be designed along with the people who have participated in the process, to ensure that the dreams of Adeje’s young people can be realised”.

Anyone who would like to join in the project can find our more information at the School of Security and Conviviality in Las Nieves or by phoning 922 775190.

Arvelo and Miraverde Association’s Toy Story!

solidaridad adeje_3

The social welfare councillor Isabel Fernández and her team are working to ensure every child in Adeje is visited by The Three Kings over the festive season

During the week the Miraverde Association dropped into the office of the Social Welfare department to hand over a cheque for over €2,200 collected during a series of fund raising events. The money is going to the Arvelo toy stores who will supply the department with toys for children in need in the borough, from families registered with the Social Services department.

According the councillor Isabel Fernández González “we are delighted because thanks to the solidarity and help of the residents of Miraverde over €2,200 has been raised which is going to the Arvelo toy company who will make sure we have the toys we need for the children from families who may be struggling financially this year. We are working to make sure no child is without a gift this year”.

solidaridad adeje_12

Carlos Arvelo, director general of the company, said “we will be able to hand over a lot of toys this year as we will take them from our warehouse and charge wholesale prices only, so we can purchase a lot more toys with the monies raised”.

Marco Flor, spokesperson for the residents in Miraverde commented, “this year we raised €2,200 and we hope next year it will be more. As well as raising money we have also taken the opportunity to explain to everyone what a good cause it is. The majority of our residents are German, about 400 persons, and we have been delighted to be able to hold solidarity fund raising events over many years”. He also thanked Frutería Gorrin and Clinca Dental Kutnjak for their donations.

solidaridad adeje_1

Musical Chairs!

The Adeje School of Music and Dance, EMMA, under councillor Adolfo Alonso Ferrera along with the local department of Education, led by councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, recently hosted the second in a series of learning concerts for young listeners with audiences from infant and primary classes from the borough and outside.

The main objective of the initiative is to bring music to the students of Adeje and South Tenerife and also introduce them to the fantastic resources available at the school of music. The concerts also hope to enhance the educational programmes of the schools taking part and encourage the use of music as a learning tool. .

Adolfo Alonso said, “this was a remarkable success. The students enjoyed themselves and had a lot of questions about the musical instruments that were used in the concert. What we want from this project is that young people begin to enjoy music in a different way”.

For this second event, given the number of students taking part, the day was held in two centres, the Adeje Cultural Centre and the School of Music itself, with students from Tijoco, Armeñime, Las Torres, Fañabé, Adeje schools and students from Luther King. The programme included a mini-concert with teachers from EMMA explaining the history and possible musical uses of each instrument, the wind, string, brass and metal families, etc.

The modern music section included keyboards, bass guitar, drums. sax and voice, was enjoyed by the children in primary school, while those in infants classes enjoyed an carnival of the animals, with a circus theme, each instrument playing a different animal.