Kings arrival and parade through the town!

Their majesties, the Magi, the three kings of the Orient, Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar, will fly into Adeje by helicopter on this Friday evening shortly before 6pm where they will be greeted in the municipal football ground by hundreds of Adeje families, and the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, who will give them the master key to the town, which, for one night only, opens the door for their majesties to the borough’s houses, so gifts may be left.
There is a nominal cover charge for entry into the football ground of €1, and this year the seating on both sides of the pitch will be open to the public as, for reasons of security, the helicopter won’t be landing in the actual grounds.  Tickets are on sale in the Cultural Centre and at the door of the football grounds tomorrow.  The public are advised to arrive before 5pm.

Once their majesties have received the key from the mayor, they will rest before joining the parade, which will start at the Adeje health centre at 7pm and make its way up the Calle Grande to the Plaza de España.  The parade is in two parts – the first is ‘Fantasía’, with steel drums, dancing groups, tumblers, and famous cartoon characters as well as local performers from Ballet Beanky and Los Angeles.  The Adeje volunteer fire brigade will also be on hand as will postal workers to collect and deliver letters to the Three Kings from the borough’s children.   The second part of the parade will be more traditional with their majesties accompanied by biblical characters.
The councillor with responsibility for the parade, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera says “this parade is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the season, bringing together thousands of people not just from Adeje but from all over the south of Tenerife.”  He added that the night’s events will “mark the end of the Adeje Christmas programme in which we have sought to reflect and stress the importance of social harmony, well-being and harmony among all our people”.
When the parade is finished there will be a traditional offering at the doors of the Santa Úrsula church and then their majesties will be in the Plaza de España to receive letters and talk to children.
PRESS ACCREDITATION: Members of the press interested in covering the events must contact the Adeje press office (by return of email) before 11am tomorrow, Friday January 5th, with your name, contact details and name of the media organisation in question.

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Christmas events in Adeje

Christmas activities in Adeje continue to fill the festive calendar from now until the end of the year, with concerts, theatre and lots of surprises for everyone.

This Thursday December 2st the popular Christmas Unity Concert, at 8pm, is happening in the Plaza de España with performances from a host of different music and performance groups and individuals including the Tenerife International Dance Centre, and for the first time Adeje welcomes soprano Sally Li on stage.

On Friday December 22nd the La Hoya live Nativity performance is taking place with the residences of the neighbourhood brining the story of the birth of Jesus Christ to live, and this year a new feature will see Ainhoa Aguilar and David Urbano singing ‘Deja que entre el sol en ti’, an adaption of ‘The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine in’, from the musical Hair. The Adeje School of folklore will also be performing. This event takes place in the La Hoya main square from 8.30pm.

On Saturday December 23rd the Clownbaret company will be onstage in the Adeje Cultural Centre from 6pm (entrance: a new toy). At 7pm the annual Christmas Carol concert in Callao Salvaje, organised by the Callao Salvaje Community church and the Adeje council, brings together many traditions and singers and also sees an annual donation of toys (unwrapped please) for Adeje’s children in need. And on the Calle Grande in Adeje town the Adeje municipal band will playing from 8pm.

The Santa Úrsula choir sing carols in the Calle Grande on Christmas Eve night and on December 26th, from 5pm, the new Adeje children’s Christmas Park will open in the El Galeón sports centre until January 5th. There will also be open-air cinema (Gru, mi villano favorito 3 and Guardianes de la Galaxia 2, in Spanish) in the Plaza de España from 7pm on December 26th and 27th.

Thursday December 28th at 8.30pm there is an adult storytelling session in the Canarian Library with actress Carmen Cabeza and on Saturday December 30th in the Plaza César Manrique there will be loads of fun for children with bouncy castles, performances and lots more, and at 7pm a Christmas concert in the San Sebastian Church in La Caleta.

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The Calle Grande is the place to be

Tomorrow, December 9th, Adeje’s Calle Grande will become the centre of Christmas celebrations, with performances, activities for kids, arts and crafts on sale, music and dance, tapas and refreshments.

The events will start at 5pm with the street divided into 5 activity zones. Zone A is the Plaza España, where there will be trampolines, Father Christmas, and a stage for performances from Alma de Bolero and Simbeque, at 9pm and 10pm respectively.

Zone B is in front of the Town Hall, where there will be bouncy castles, workshops, face painting and much more. Zone C is in front of the Hotel La Fonda Centra, with a stage for performances from the Adeje School of music and dance, the Corelli string quartet, the Toque Latino group and others.

Zone D is in front of La Caixa bank, with Bolina y Bambo performing Colorete followed by Komba Producciones with their Christmas show and then it’s music from Naturally Gospel and Ritmo y Sabor. Zone D is by the Cruz del Llano at the bottom of the street, with sporting and performance groups throughout the afternoon.

During the evening the public will also be able to enjoy special seasonal gastronomy offerings, a Christmas market, and lots more. This really is the place to be tomorrow evening!

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Christmas time is almost here…


Adeje is getting ready for the Christmas celebrations that mark this time of the year, with concerts, nativity scenes, markets, gastronomy events, children’s activities and much more on the agenda in the lead up to Christmas, New Year celebrations and the arrival of the Three Kings.

“Christmas is one of the symbols of social harmony and of family in our society. Whether you are a religious believer or not, these dates symbolise a coming together, solidarity, unity, values which we then renew with the arrival of the new year”, commented Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. “Social harmony has been one of the fundamental axis of the evolution of our society resulting in people that feel united, that includes all those who have come here from beyond to make their homes with us. Today we are more than 120 nationalities who share a common space, traditions, moments of happiness and reassurance, and that is because the people of Adeje opened their arms to new friendships and new unities which now define us as a people, which give our history and the road we have chosen to walk added value”.

This Christmas the streets, houses and shop windows of Adeje will be filled with lights, nativity scenes, celebrating what it means to be family, and celebrating the unique moments that this season brings, and that are reflected in the borough’s cultural programme.

The official programme begins later today, Friday, with the blessing of the seniors nativity scene in the cultural centre at 4.30pm. At 6pm there is the annual Christmas games event for local pre-school children and this evening at 8.30pm a Gospel concert with Dorrey and Latonius & Friends. Tickets for the concert are €3.

The first market also opens this evening in the Las Torres parking beside the music school, and is also on tomorrow from 10am to 10pm, with lots to buy and lots for the children to do as well. On Saturday evening there is a concert of sacred music in the Santa Úrsula church with the Reyes Barlet Cultural Association, and at 8pm the Christmas lights will be turned on in the Calle Grande.

On Saturday December 9th the Calle Grande itself hosts a Christmas market as well as being the stage for performances, music and singing. Other concerts of note include the military band event which this year takes place in the Plaza de España on December 14th.

On December 21st the United for Christmas concert takes place, also in the Plaza de España, with music and performances from some of the borough’s most loved groups and individuals.

This year, from December 26th until January 5th, there will be a PIN – Parque Infantil de Navidad (Christmas park for children) in the El Galeón pavilion, open every afternoon. New Year’s Eve will be celebrated in the Plaza de España with live music and lots of fun, and the following day come along to the Costa Adeje New Year Concert with the Canarias Jazz Orchestra.

The full programme is available online in Spanish ( and from Monday in English.


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The Kings are arriving!




 Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar will land in the Adeje Municipal Football grounds at 5pm tomorrow, January 5th, and receive the magic key to the town from the mayor

Their highnesses, the Three Kings of the Orient, or the Magi, will arrive to Adeje tomorrow by helicopter, landing at 5pm in the Municipal Football grounds.  They will be met by the Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga who will give them the special key allowing them enter the homes of all the children of the borough to deliver gifts.  The event is open to the public (entry is €1, proceeds to charity), who will also be entertained prior to the arrival of the VIP guests.


Once they have rested, their Majesties will begin the parade, leaving from the Adeje health centre up the Calle Grande, finishing at the Plaza España.  This year more than 600 kilos of jellies will be handed out along the way.

The parade has a few new additions this year in Adeje, and is divided into two parts. The first will see the steel bands lead many cartoon characters from the world of television and cinema up the street, as well as local dancers and actors, from Ballet Beanky and the Comparsa Angeles del Sur.   The Adeje volunteer fire brigade will also be taking part as well as members of the Spanish postal service charged with making sure the Kings receive the cards sent by millions of children every year.


The second part of the parade will see their Majesties take part in a story telling section, explaining their role in the celebration using historical texts to tell the tale of the Epiphany and the Magi.  There will also be a Nativity float with the Holy Family on board.


According to the Adeje councillor for creative development, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, “This parade is one of the most endearing and significant culturally which is why we are introducing new elements that will create more public interest as well as reminding people why this day is so special”.




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Joy to the world in Callao Salvaje

This has been quite an eventful year on the international political stage, and the effects of some of those overseas changes will no doubt affect some residents here in Adeje over the next few years. But as Christmas approaches, for a while, it’s time to remember what we can be thankful for.
For those of us living without fear of war or hunger, without the need for food or shelter, with enough to see us through into next year and feed and clothe our families, we should give thanks. But even here, in our little corner of the Fortunate Isle, there are those who don’t have enough to get presents for their kids, to offer them a special meal on the 25th of December or January 6th. And here’s where we can help.
If you live in Callao Salvaje you don’t have to travel too far to do your bit. This Friday the annual inter-faith international Carol concert takes place in the main square, and as every year there will be a collection of toys to make sure that Santa Claus and the Three Kings get to every child in the borough. The concert starts at 7pm, but if you want to guarantee yourself a seat perhaps head down to the square early. As in previous years singing will be in many different languages but the words of the songs will be available to all, so no excuse not to join in.
Led by the Callao Salvaje Community Church, open to all, hope to see you there.

Shop locally, shop safely



The Adeje council is reminding people that shopping locally, especially during festive seasons such as Christmas, benefits the local economy and job creation. The councillor for economic development, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín has just re-launched the ‘Yo Compro en Adeje’ (I shop in Adeje) campaign reminding people of the closeness of the shops, the quality of the products, and the personal attention they will receive in Adeje.

The campaign is relevant all year round, and at Christmas the Council also reminds people to be aware of safety and gender traps when buy for smaller consumers. Make sure toys are age-appropriate, and don’t promote sexist stereotypes. They should also carry the CE mark, the European safety standard logo, which indicates the toy is not made with flammable or toxic materials and meets the essential requirements of the European Toy Safety Directive.

The Council also remind people that even at Christmas time they have the same consumer rights as they have at any other time of the year. Goods must be properly and clearly priced and labelled. Consumers are advised to shop early and with a list when possible to avoid last-minute errors and always make sure you receive the correct receipt for goods.

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Adeje’s big band concert


Last year the Adeje council were pleased to be able to stage a concert with their own municipal band, that of Guía de Isora and the military bands, Nº2 Army Band BRILCAM-XVI and the Musical Unit of the Canarian Command. This became one of the instant highlights of the Christmas Calendar in particular for many non-Spanish residents, and the Council are delighted to be able to host the concert for the second year running.


This Saturday, December 17th the Magma centre will host the musical event, and again children from Adeje will also be singing a selection of seasonal songs. “Last year this was a hugely popular event with over 2,000 people coming to the concert, many of them our foreign residents. The overall feedback was very positive indeed and we are delighted to be able to repeat the experience not to mention raise funds for a good cause”, commented Adeje’s councillor for creative development, Adolfo Alonso.

The concert ticket price is one euro, and will go directly to help charitable causes.


Pa rum pum pum


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

There’s a full week of activities planned in Adeje in the second last week before Christmas, and one you won’t want to miss is the military Christmas Concert in the Magma Arte & Congresos centre this Saturday, December 17th, with municipal bands from Adeje and Guía de Isora joining the Nº2 Army Band BRILCAM-XVI and the Musical Unit of the Canarian Command. Tickets are just €1 and for charity. This was certainly one of the highlights of the Christmas Adeje schedule last year and is a guaranteed musical treat.


On the same day, Saturday, earlier in the morning, the II Ponle Freno event is taking place (a campaign to highlight the dangers of speeding) which kicks off in Siam Mall at 10.30am. On Wednesday, December 14th, Boleros de Armeñime will be carol singing in the streets of Los Olivos and on Thursday December 15th the Grupo Cardón will perform in the Calle Grande in the centre of Adeje.


Sports are to the fore with the Rhythmic Gymnastics Christmas Gala on Friday December 16th at 6pm in the El Galeón sports complex. On the same evening the Asociación San Juan perform a theatrical work and at 8pm in the Youth Centre the Art Factory have their special Christmas evening, and at 8pm the La Hoya Plaza hosts the living nativity scene performed by the Tijoya residents association.

On Sunday December 18th at11am the children from the catechism class will present a special nativity play in the Armeñime church and from 6pm there will be a host of things for kids to do as well as a visit from Santa Claus in La Postura. Later on at 8pm the blessing of the crib in La Viña is taking place and at 8.30 the Calle Grande will ring to the voices of the Adeje Folklore Group.
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