Model citizens!


This year’s theme is Vive San Andrés

Students and their families from Adeje’s infant and primary public schools are invited to participate in the V Gadgets/Gizmos competition.

The competition is organised annually by the Department of Creative Development and the theme this year is Vive San Andrés (San Andrés is the fiesta where chestnuts are eaten, new wines are tasted and kids play with go-karts noisy tins and cans) and entries can be submitted between November 16th and 26th. The winners and runners up will be subsequently part of an exhibition in the Adeje Cultural Centre.

According to councillor Alonso Ferrera, “the department of creative development, sport and learning is always eager to support initiatives that promote development in the education sector. Following on the success of this competition in previous years, we are delighted to continue with the competition which helps students realise their potential as individuals and with their families in the making of these recycled models”.


The rules, which will be published in the Adeje webpages in Spanish and English outlines that each entry can be made with family members and must use recycled materials (primary material should, where possible, be tins or cans, any other materials must also fall into the recycling category) with San Andrés as the theme. Prizes consist of vouchers for school books and materials to the value of €40 for first place, €25 for second and €15 for third as well as runners up certificates for other entrants.

Winners will be chosen based on, among other things, creativity and originality.


Shaken or Stirred?

David Arrebola preparing his Mattoni Fresh cocktail

David Arrebola preparing his Mattoni Fresh cocktail

Fresh(!) from Adeje

Whether you like your cocktails shaken or stirred, David Arrebola is Adeje’s man.
The barman who works in the Palacio de Isora, came third in the Spanish National Barman championships in November of last year, and therefore is off to Prague this weekend to represent Costa Adeje, and Spain in the 4th IBA World Championship in non-alcoholic drinks.

At the press conference in advance of his departure, David mixed a sample of what he hopes will be his winning cocktail for the Adeje mayor, Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, the councillor for Sport Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and the president of the Tenerife Barman Association, Jose Antonio Mesa Mendoza.

For competitions at this level there are very specific rules about amounts and types of ingredients with a number of obligatory additions. As this is sponsored by Mattoni, the drink must include at least 10cc of the original Grand Mattoni mineral sparkling or light sparkling water in the recipe. David’s drink, Mattoni Fresh! also includes puree of apple and passion fruit and apple and lime juice. Judging is based on a number of criteria including appearance, aroma, taste and innovation.

Over 70 countries have been invited to take part in the opening round on June 21st , and the best six will be invited to take part in the final on June 22. David said he is going to Prague “hoping to win, to win for Adeje and for Tenerife and Spain”. He added that while he might be a little bit nervous he is no stranger to competition and has won four national and one international title during his years as a professional and member of the Tenerife Barman Association.

The Association president Mesa Mendoza expressed his gratitude to the Adeje council and mayor for their continuing support and help in this regard – in 2011 Costa Adeje hosted the Pan American World Championships – adding that this level of backing was very important for the profession.

Mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga wished David Arrebola luck, and praised him and the association for “the level of professionalism. It is a reflection of work well done, and also of the quality of service that is fundamental for a tourist destination such as ours.” He said the work of the Tenerife Barman Association was also vital in promoting the dignity of the profession. The other hugely important aspect of this competition, the Mayor added, was the promotional side of the trip, “this is about letting people know about the destination. David is taking the name of Costa Adeje with him, and of Tenerife, the Canary Islands, and bringing to Prague the level of professionalism that is a part of this tourist destination, and I have no doubt that he will do all of that very well”.



Picture This!


Knowledge to be theme for photography competition

The Adeje department of culture, under councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt, has released details of the Adeje Summer University’s photography competition. The central theme is knowledge, with entrants asked to present their personal interpretation of learning and the search for it. The winning photograph will mean €600 for the photographer and also be used as the main poster for the XXII Summer University this year.

The date for entries begins this Saturday, March 29th and the competition is open until Wednesday April 9th. Entries should be either delivered to department of culture, or posted but stamped at the post office with the date it is presented to ensure that it qualifies for consideration.

According to the councillor, “the Adeje Summer University has always been a forum for debate and participation and for that reason we want to encourage even more participation in the creative process from the public. Photography encompasses so much – art, science, memory and the human experience and we hope the idea will appeal to a lot of people.”

Those who wish to enter must abide by certain rules and respect the basic theme of knowledge in their final work, as well as displaying their theme development, composition, light, and originality.

The best 20 photographs will form part of an exhibition under the Adeje Summer University title from July 21 – 25th.

Entries must be original and new and not previously published. You may enter just one photograph or a series consisting of three or five images. The width should be between 24 – 30 cm, length 30 – 40 cm. The photograph must also be accompanied by the relevant entry form, which can be downloaded from the Culture section of the council webpage,

There will be a prize of €600 for first place and €300 for the runner up.