Salt and devotion will fill the town

This weekend, from Saturday afternoon, the centre of Adeje will be taken over by one of the oldest celebrations in the borough – Corpus Christi. 445 sacks of sea salt will be coloured and used to make carpets along the full length of the town’s Calle Grande and the Calle Corpus Christi.

“For many years the making of these carpets has been a meeting point for the people of Adeje, an exercise in social harmony. Corpus Christi, as well as being a religious ceremony, allows us meet with people from other walks of life in the town, as we work together on these carpets, sharing ideas, suggestions, stories, building the creative richness of the community”, commented the councillor for culture, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera.

Over 11 thousand kilos of salt will cover 330 metres of road in the two streets. Among the groups and associations taking part will be the Hermandad del Santísimo, Cáritas, Focus international residents group, the children from first communion and confirmation classes, Adeje volunteer firefighters, Colegio Costa Adeje, Club Deportivo Águilas San Áquilino, children from activity groups in Fañabe, Los Olivos and Armeñime, the Adeje senior citizens association, the Halcones baseball school, the Comunidad Hindú Tenerife Sur, the Los Olivos occupational group, Ballet Beanky, and many more.

Why not visit the Calle Grande this Saturday afternoon from 5pm and see these carpets being made – they won’t be there for long as they will be walked over as part of the religious procession following mass the next day.

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Seasoned carpets in Adeje

While the most famous Corpus Christi carpets in the island may be found in La Orotava – the flower and salt and sand carpets that adorn the main plaza in front of the Town Hall ever year – you don’t have to travel to see other fine examples of street carpets, and in Adeje town the annual salt carpets involve many local groups working on their individual section to add to the final presentation.
Along the town’s main street, the Calle Grande, a long carpet is created by individual groups all working from a single unified design which, when complete, will form the main Corpus Christi carpet in the town.

This year, for the first time, the Adeje Focus group (a recently formed association for international residents) will also be taking part. Work begins at about 5pm on Saturday June 17th. Participants in each group are working with coloured salt, prepared by the Adeje council’s culture department, who have also drawn up the overall design, and the groups can choose their own colours to work with on a white backdrop. On the Calle Corpus, parallel to the main street, two individual carpets are also being created.
For a taste of local culture and how the borough’s groups integrate why not visit the town centre during Saturday afternoon to watch the carpets being made? Visitors are more than welcome and there’s a lovely sense of community during the hours’ long fabrication of the salt designs that will be walked upon the following day after 11am mass in the Santa Ursula church. It’s another example of how Adeje works to combine tradition with tourism, making sure that the celebration of what is the essence of the borough is also open to visitors and new residents, either as spectators or participants.

Carpets and Canarian Day in Adeje


Baile de Magos 2016 (1) (1)

Adeje is hosting a weekend full of different cultural and gastronomic activities to celebrate the special fiestas that fall over the coming days. This includes the traditional salt carpets of Corpus Christi and the Canarian ball to celebrate May 30th, Canarian Day.

The weekend activities begin this Saturday from 5pm with the making of the Corpus Christi carpets. This year there is a change and there will be a unified large carpet in the centre of the town. The Calle Grande will be split into four large sections while the parallel Calle Corpus will have one uninterrupted stretch of carpet.

This year too there is a single design concept with a floral motif, and the Council have created a series of wooden moulds which will be shared among the different groups participating on the day. The design reflects the colours of spring. All in all 11, 000 kilos of salt, white and coloured, will be used along 330 metres of street during the event. To help with the new design the Council have also produced a simple ‘how to’ video which can be viewed on the Adeje page,, ‘Elaboración de la alfombras de Corpus Christi’.

IMG_7880 - copia

There are 22 different associations and groups taking part: the Hermandad del Santísimo, Cáritas, children preparing for their confirmation and first communion, the San José parish, Adeje voluntary fire-fighters, AEA Sur, Porteadores de la Virgen, Costa Adeje school, Asgote, Hotel Jacaranda, Mayores, Halcones de Adeje, Juventud, Adeje Folklore group, Comunidad Hindú Tenerife Sur, Taller Ocupacional de Los Olivos, Tenerife Tigers, Ballet Beanky, Asociación de Vecinos Piedra Redonda and students and staff from the Adeje school of music and dance.

The procession over the carpets will take place on Sunday after 11am mass.

During the day on Sunday there will also be a series of events and tasting of traditional Canarian produce in the Adeje Farmers Market, as well as music from the La Diata folklore group. People who shop in the market over the weekend will also be entered in a raffle for a basket full of traditional Canarian cakes and biscuits.


The Baile de Magos, the traditional Canarian street ball, is on Sunday evening, from 9pm, and those who are interested in booking a table can do so in the Adeje Cultural Centre. This is a great night of local folk music and dance organised by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School and it’s free, but you must be dressed in a traditional Canarian costume. Different folk groups will be performing during the evening, the Boleros de Armeñime, El Mesturao, Santa Ana, La Diata, Igonce, Imoque, and Chajoigo groups.


Salt Carpets for Corpus Christi in Adeje


3,500 kilos of salt and 3,000 kilos of sand have been used to lay out and design the carpets

This weekend, June 21st and 22nd, Adeje’s main street will be closed to traffic from tomorrow (Saturday) morning until Sunday evening, as different collectives will be busy making individual salt carpets in advance of the Corpus Christi celebrations.

This is very much a insular tradition, making carpets from different natural materials, flower petals, coloured sand, or in the case of Adeje, coloured salt. According to cultural councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt, “preparing and laying out these carpets has become an important meeting point for Adeje residents and groups, and over the years we have seen the quality of the carpets improve and this year there are some new designs to add to the collective traditions”. She added that the annual event was important in the promotion of harmonious co-existence, an integral part of Adeje’s multi-cultural population.

During the week the 22 different groups who will prepare the carpets have been in the Adeje Cultural Centre preparing their outlines – the smaller group carpets measure 3mX3m – and mixing the colours with the salt. Altogether 3,500 kilos of salt will be used in the elaboration of the carpets. 3,000 kilos of sand are also used to crease aisles between the carpets, with all the materials provided by the council.

The collectives and groups involved come from all walks of Adeje life. Religious groups from this and other parishes join with the local fire service, the Porteadores, Colegio Costa Adeje, the Tenerife Tigers Cheerleader group, the Halcones Baseball team, the Hindu collective, Beanky Ballet, EMMA school of dance and music, the local gymnastic group, the Adeje Folklore School, the Hotel Jacaranda, Cit del Sur, Asgote, and many more. The carpets have been designed by the groups themselves as this is very much ‘hands-on’ participation.


From 5pm tomorrow groups will collect their bags of coloured salt from the Adeje Cultural Centre and start laying out their carpet in their allocated spot along the Calle Grande, from the Parish Church all the way down, and along the parallel Calle Corpus. The groups will work until their carpet is complete. Security measures will be in place to make sure the carpets are undisturbed during the night and all day Sunday until the Corpus Christi mass is celebrated in the Santa Úrsula church at 6pm.
Taking part in the mass and the procession which follows will be the Hermandad del Santisimo, and local communion and confirmation groups, local political and town representatives, the Adeje municipal band and Adeje’s residents and visitors. The procession leaves the church and walks down the street, via the Calle Corpus, and over the carpets.

Members of the public are more than welcome to come along and watch the groups preparing the carpets and of course take part in the ceremony on Sunday.


Spring Into Action

ADEJE-BAILE DE MAGOS 2013 (18)There’s a great mixed-bag of cultural events planned in Adeje over the next two months, there’s bound to be something for everyone.   From art to arts and crafts, music and dance, and of course the great fun to be had at the Baile de Magos in the Plaza de España on May 29th, get ready for fun.

Adeje Cultural Agenda, May/June 2014
“Adeje Experience the Traditions”

Programme of Events


Friday 9

21:00h Spring Concert, Adeje Orchestra of Modern Music. Adeje Cultural Centre, Tickets €12 general public, €8 residents.

Saturday 10
11:00 h. Open air painting, Taucho.

Sunday 11
12:00h-22:00 h. (Taste Me), Gastronomy Market, Plaza de España Adeje.

Wednesday 14
17:00h. Traditional Canarian Pastry Workshop, Tenerife fried Rosquetes. Centre for Tourism Development Costa Adeje, (CDTCA).

Thursday 15
09:30-12:00 h. Workshop. Demonstration of bamboo massage techniques. Adeje Cultural Centre
17:00h. Traditional Canarian Pastry Workshop. La Gomera: Vilana Cake. Centre for Tourism Development Costa Adeje, (CDTCA).

Friday 16
09:00-15 h. V Adeje Technology Day: “Smart City, Beginning with the people”. Magma Arte y Congresos.
17:00-22:00 h. Adeje Experience, for all the family. Playmobil, Lego exhibition, video games’ tournament, electronic music concerts, etc.

21:00h. Benké in Concert. Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre

Saturday 17
10:00-20:00 h. XIV Arts and Crafts Fair, Calle Grande and Plaza de España, Adeje town.
10:00 h. Adeje Clean and Healthy, end of campaign event.
11:00 h. Demonstration of Hunting Dogs. Explanada El Galeón.
12:00 h. Boleros de Armeñime, folklore performance.
18:00- 20:00 h. Traditional dance workshop
20:00 h. Isogue folklore group performance

Adeje-XIII Feria de Artesania (36)
Sunday 18
10:00-20:00 h. XIV Arts and Crafts Fair, Calle Grande and Plaza de España, Adeje town.
10:00 a 14:00 h. and 15:00 a 19:00 h. Workshop, “Recíclope” in the street. Workshops with recycled materials. Tenerife Cabildo. Plaza de España Adeje.
11:00 h. Demonstration of local sports Lucha Canaria.
12:00 h. Demonstration workshop: Canine behavioural training.
12:30 h. A.C. Imoque folklore group performance.
19:00 h. Closing act Arts and Craft Fair, with the Adeje Municipal Folklore School .

Monday 19
18:00h. Traditional Canarian Pottery Workshop (from May 19 – 21), Teacher, Juan Manuel Pérez García. Adeje Cultural Centre.

Wednesday 28
19:00 h. Timple Workshop (traditional Canarian string instrument), teacher Pedro Izquierdo. Adeje Cultural Centre.
21:00h Timple Recital by the Adeje Municipal Folklore School and invited guests. Exhibiton hall, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Thursday 29
21:00 h. Baile de Magos/Traditional Street Ball. Plaza de España, Adeje.

Saturday 31
21:00h. I Festival Imoque, “From San Sebastián”. Plaza de San Sebastián, La Caleta.


Sunday 1
12:00-20:00 h. Intercultural Festival. El Galeón.

Monday 2
18:00 h. From June 2 – 6, Closing ceremonies of the different Adeje sports courses, Las Torres Sports Centre
19:00 h. Inauguration of the exhibition “Entre manos y barro” , from June 2 – 12 Exhibition Hall, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Saturday 7
09:00 h. Visit to TEA (Tenerife Arts Space). Exhibition of th works of Oscar Domínguez. Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Sunday 8
12:00h-22:00 h. (Taste Me), Gastronomy Market, Plaza de España Adeje.

Monday 9
17:00 h. Closing act, Adeje Municipal Theatre School, Adeje Cultural Centre.

Thursday 12
18:00 h. VII Theatre event with People with Special Needs, Adeje Borough. Adeje Cultural Centre


Friday 13
10:00- 20:00 h. Arts and Crafts Market, San Sebastián Commercial Centre, La Caleta.
19:00h Exhibition by Students of the Adeje People’s University (UPA), June 13 – 27. Inauguration of works of art by students of fine art and painting, with a performance by the Adeje Municiapl Folklore School. Exhibition Hall, Adeje Cultural Centre.
20:30 h. Cello concert. Convento San Francisco Adeje. Tickets €5

Saturday 14
10:00- 21:00h Bargain Fair, Las Torres
21:00 h. “La Azotea Cuenta”. Adeje Cultural Centre

Sunday 15
10:00- 21:00h Bargain Fair, Las Torres

Thursday 19
17:00- 20:00 h. Solidarity Massage. Adeje Cultural Centre.

Saturday 21
18:00h Creation of Salt Carpets, Adeje Calle Grande

Sunday 22
18:00h Celebration of Corpus Christi. Parish of Santa Úrsula.

Thursday 26
20:00h. Taucho Ethnographic Days: Migratory movements in the borough of Adeje. Paying homage to to the men and women, “protagonists and witnesses of the migratory movements in Adeje”. Presentation of the book and documentary, “Memoria Gráfica y Testimonial de la migración adejera” (Graphic memorial and testimonial to Adeje migration). With Manuel Hernández González, Professor of American History, University of La Laguna, Club Almácigo, Taucho.

Friday 27
19:00 h. Children’s show, “Los Hermanos Gepetti y sus marionetas de la ópera” (The Gepetti brothers and their opera puppets), with the Reciclown company, in the Adeje Cultural Centre Theatre, Free entry.

Saturday 28
10:00- 16:00 h. Taucho Ethnographic Days: With a series of stages and displays in the streets and paths of Taucho showing past images and professions relating to the migrations during the different periods. Taucho.