A taste of honey, cheese and wine

Wine, cheese and honey will be the main ingredients of the X Taucho Ethnographic Days

The 10th edition of the Taucho Ethnographic Days, a celebration of local traditions and skills, is taking place from June 15th to 21st. The year wine, cheese and honey will be at the centre of celebrations, ingredients that always find pride of place in the homes of the Adeje midlands.

“With these ethnographic days a varied and full programme of events is on offer to the public dealing with wine, cheese and honey. This ‘meeting’ with our traditions is part of the conservation of our past undertaken by the people of Taucho, who, every year, have voluntarily given of their time and energy, and have opened their doors to the visiting public”, commented heritage councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

In the last ten years the Taucho Ethnographic Days have become something of a cornerstone for the preservation of traditions. Events will begin next Friday, June 15th, at 7pm, with the official inauguration of a photographic exhibition of ‘fingerprints of our past’. This will be followed by a talk on the Guanche families.

On Saturday June 16th at 10am there will be a circular ‘route’ from Taucho-El Grillo- Aponte- La Quinta-Taucho. Interested people should register online www.adeje.es. On Sunday from 11am there will an exhibition of traditional wine presses after which local residents will display traditional skills in the making of wines, cheese and honey, in the main town square. There will also be sheep shearing, candle making from beeswax, a gofio workshop and bread making.

Later on the Imoque cultural association will ‘perform’ a re-creation of days gone by in the Taucho plaza, and the Tío Victor ‘cantina’ will open from 3pm for a taste of local wines. Sunday will also host artisan workshops with 26 different participants offering products for sale.

On Tuesday June 19th there will be a traditional cake making workshop, on Wednesday a gofio, cheese and honey workshop and at 7pm a visit to the Tierras de Aponto bodega. The programme concludes on Thursday June 21st in the Club el Almácigo with a talk by Carlos Cólogan Soriano and music from “Trío Alba Chávez”.

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Day of the cross`


If you have spotted floral crosses popping up all over the island and wondered why – here’s the answer – today is Día de la Cruz, day of the cross.

Many of Adeje’s villages have been busy making these delightful crosses, with resident associations working to decorate the crosses as they do every year.  According to the councillor for artistic heritage, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, “this is a very old tradition which we have revived in recent years thanks mainly to the enthusiasm and participation of the different resident associations around the borough, and we in the council have been delighted to work with them, donating the wooden bases and helping with the material needed for the decoration.”

This year 20 crosses have been made in the borough – in Los Olivos, La Postura, El Galeón, Las Nieves, Los Menores, Taucho, la Hoya and Tijoco, La Caleta, La Concepción and Tijoco Alto, Armeñime, El Puertito and in  Fañabé



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“This is our history”

The Adeje council’s project, ‘El Patrimonio es Nuestra’ (This is our history), an initiative of the department of artistic heritage, has become a fixed part of the cultural agenda over the last seven years, with organised visits for students to get to know the cultural, natural and historical riches the borough has to offer.

“Since we began this project we have welcomed over one thousand students from primary and secondary schools, both from Adeje and other boroughs, as the history f Adeje is also very important for the neighbouring zones of the island” commented Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, councillor for local heritage, adding, “we want to show the evolution of Adeje from the past to the present through items of cultural interest”.

The Plaza de España, the San Francisco Convent, the Santa Úrsula church, the surrounds of the Fort House, Taucho, the ‘Virgin’ walk to La Caleta, all emblematic points in the borough with guided visits now incorporated into the schools agendas, with the additional recent inclusion of a visit to the Canarian library where the students can learn more and enjoy audio-visual supports too. “This way we are helping the next generation learn a little about their own culture too, as well as getting to know the local resources and learning to value the history of Adeje” said the councillor.

The project is more than an educational one, as tours can be offered to residents too, with many having already taken part in tours in English and Spanish, learning too of the architectural treasures locally.

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Readers and students using Adeje public libraries

Harry Potter is top choice among Adeje’s younger library users

The Adeje public library network, under councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz, has just released annual figures for 2017, “and the numbers are quite significant”, he commented, “the libraries in Armeñime and Fañabe are now open to the public too, part of the network of services on offer in the Adeje library and the Canarian library in the town”.

Overall there were over 40 thousand library consultations last year, nearly 7,000 items were lent out and more than 21,400 people passed through the library doors in that time. “Our aim is to continue to improve the services we offer to the library users through the network, people who often depend upon the resources in the library when they need to consult information or need a quiet space to study or prepare projects” the councillor commented.

On average 1,785 people used the facility every month, almost 4 out of 5 of those were adults. In terms of material lent out, the highest demand is for study material, followed by literature and items from the children’s section which includes books and videos. The IT offer in the library is also widely used with an average of 88 connections daily.

The library is used as a meeting space, and during 2017 15 book launches were held there as were 4 school visits, 4 baby storytelling events, 5 workshops, 3 workshops and a number of poetry recitals.

The most requested book for very young readers was Disney’s Magic English while slightly older readers opted for Harry Potter y el legado maldito (Harry Potter and the cursed child) above all others while adults borrowed Ser Feliz en Alaska followed by an autobiography of J. Cruyff.



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A word-while event

The English-language event, part of the Adeje Book and Comic fair this weekend, was a fascinating chat with 7 local authors and members of the public from the Adeje, the UK, Croatia, Italy and Ireland among others.  Adeje councillor for libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz welcomed the writers and the public to the event.

At the top table were published authors Lee Bullen, Richard Attree, Joe Cawley, Gemma Metcalfe , Susan Dehmel and Roger/Rebecca Stone, as well as Brad Smith who is hoping to have his first book published by Christmas.  All of them addressed a variety of issues such as the difficulty/ease of online publishing, marketing, of course the writing of books, mentors, inspriation, the presence of Tenerife in their novels whether living in Spain but writing in English posed it’s own problems, and all were honest and generous with their time and experience.

Members of the public were interested in how to get started, the issue of copyright, co-writers, and whether writers also have a duty or moral obligation to promote the greater good and use their writing to inspire more social harmony.

This is second year that non-Spanish writers have featured in the Adeje Book and Comic Fair, and already many of the pariticpants are looking forward to next year.

Adeje Book and Comic fair – word up!

During the next two weeks the Adeje council will be promoting the written word in many forms, as part of the XV Adeje Book and Comic Fair, with the main event taking place in the parking beside the Adeje School of Music and Dance, the EMMA, on Friday and Saturday, April 21st and 22nd.

“With this event we are working to create a space where, as well as underlining the importance of reading as a skill and tool, we are giving the many Adeje book shops a platform to sell books and the growing number of authors a change to meet the public and promote their latest works”, said the councillor responsible for heritage and libraries, Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

This year, as in 2016, there will be a dedicated section for non-Spanish authors. From 11am – 1pm on Saturday April 22nd the public can meet a number of English-language authors, as well as take part in a ‘chat’ on getting started, getting published, inspirations, etc. Some of the authors attending will be Gemma Metcalfe (‘Trust Me’), Rebecca Stone (‘How to Treat a Woman’) Richard and Nikki Atree (‘Nobody’s Poodle’ and ‘Somebody’s Doodle’), Susan Dehmel (‘Boris and Friends’), and Joe Cawley (‘More Ketchup than Salsa’ and ‘The Final Dollop’).

Spanish authors launching new works include ‘Pescadoras, marchantas o barqueras. Vendedoras de pescado en el sur de Tenerife’ by Marcos Brito, ‘El espejo del deportista. Refleja tus habilidades para disfrutar entrenando’ by Jorge Pastor, Fran Batista y Javier Elá, ‘Monólogos, biólogos y otras buenas piezas’ by Ramón Rodríguez Torres, ‘Diario de la felicidad compartida’ by José Juan Rivero and ‘El Timple. El tratado. Barniz: mito o realidad’ by David Sánchez León.

On April 21st there will also be a screening of a film, ‘El Recuerdo de Marníe’ at 5pm, and there will also be a session using TED talk guidelines with authors Covadonga García Fierro on women in contemporary literature, Alfredo Zizzi on publishing in a digital world, Alfredo López Pérez on poetry and social networks and Ramón Rodríguez on contemporary theatre – all these talks are in Spanish and will be on Saturday April 22nd from 7pm to 8pm in the EMMA auditorium.

Other borough activities will see storytelling in the Fañabe, Armeñime and Tijoco-La Hoya libraries, a talk by author Bruno Mesa on literature and photography in the Adeje library on April 18th and on April 23rd in the Adeje Cultural Centre a performance for all the family, ‘Danza contadas, cuentos danzados’ at 12 midday. The Piedra Redonda residents association will also host their annual poetry reading afternoon.

The councillor added that thanks were due to the participating shops, Nymeria Comics, Librería Bárbara, Editorial Bahai, C.C.P.C. Centro de la Cultura Popular Canaria, Librería Dagobah, Ifara Libros, Todo Hobby La Clave, Llanoazur Ediciones, Librarías Damián, Librería La Repro, Librería El Candil and Le Canarien Ediciones.
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