Adeje updates its training offer

Many of the courses are held in the CDTCA


A number of Adeje council departments have been working to update the training programmes on offer to residents to better equip them in learning and access to the labour market.

The full range of courses on offer can be seen on the council’s webpage, Courses and workshops range from pastry making to digital imaging, sports, IT, volcanic research, legislation, drones, etc.

The majority of the courses are free and some offer professional certification. To take part or register visit the Adeje Cultural Centre, the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) or the Adeje Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia (safety and social harmony) to find out more and sign up.

As well as the training courses, throughout the year the council offers interesting talks and meetings on a huge range of topics.




Department of Communications







Autumn courses in Adeje


The Adeje School of Security and Social Harmony, under councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares, has just published information on a number of Autumn courses open to the public. Courses start at the end of October.

Those wishing for a pool lifeguard qualification can take part in a course running from October 23rd to 27th, with a swimming test to prove competence on October 19th. There is also a course on use of a defibrillator (November 24th) , and training in self-defence (November 14th 16th). There are also courses on offer on basic auxiliary care.

More information on courses and registration on


Department of Communications

Adeje Summer University, July 17th – 21st

The courses and workshops are open to all and registration is ongoing

This year the Adeje Summer University celebrates 25 years since it first opened its doors to students in South Tenerife. The course offer, drawn up by the University of La Laguna and the Adeje council, always has a healthy inclusion of tourism-related topics, given that the industry is the economic motor for these islands, and this year the inaugural address will be made, on Friday July 15th, by Carlos Vogeler, executive director for member relations of the World Tourism Organisation. The inauguration will be held in the Adeje Convento at midday.

The Summer University offers a range or courses, many of which can help a student accumulate university credits, but they are also designed with the general public in mind. The university opens with a course in recognising autism and resources for teachers and families. Focussing on tourism, you could attend lectures on the ‘sharing economy – the end of tourism as we know it?’, on communication and democracy in the digital age, on managing the change in tourism governance, finance and digital transformation (in English), or on sports management. Of more specific interest, there is a course on new developments in surgery, another on art, culture and law, and on vigilance and control of employment benefits.

The range of workshops also sees sessions on tourism related topics, on learning for highly intelligent/gifted students, on how to be assertive in public, on Canarian wines and another on how to evolve your talent as a communicator/journalist. Unless otherwise stated, courses and workshops are in Spanish. The full programme of courses and workshops is online,

The courses are all held during the mornings, from 9am – 2pm, and the workshops are scheduled for the afternoons, from 4pm – 8pm. The courses cost €25 and workshops just €10. To register to take part in one or more of these classes you can so online,, at the University of La Laguna (922 3196169) or in the Adeje Cultural Centre (922 756246)

Covenant with the Red Cross


The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the provincial president of the Cruz Roja (Red Cross) Carlos Piñero Coello, have signed a covenant under which courses will be offered in security, health, courses for life guards, and in other related environmental and social areas.

The courses are starting immediately and will take place in the Adeje
Escuela de Seguridad y Convivencia (Security and Social Harmony), and the first classes will be in training for vital support in health matters and use of a defibrillator. Other courses scheduled to start in November include training for crisis management, a course for those planning to work as lifeguards, and official instruction in handling food for those planning to work in restaurants and hotel kitchens or other food preparation centres.

Under the covenant objectives, the council will supply personnel and materials to assist in setting up the courses for the people of Adeje in collaboration with the Cruz Roja, a body with extensive experience in the field. Anyone interested in signing up for any of the courses can contact the school, which is located in Las Nieves, for more information, phone 922 77 51 09 or find out more online,

Over 2,000 people have used Adeje health programmes

“…the programmes with the highest approval ratings have been those dealing with drug addiction prevention and treatment.”


According to the numbers released by the Adeje department of health, under the guidance of councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo, over two thousand individuals have taken advantage of programmes, activities, workshops and courses being run by the department on health and quality of life.

The programmes with the highest approval ratings have been those dealing with drug addiction prevention and treatment run in the borough’s secondary schools, IES El Galeón and IES Adeje with almost 700 people taking part, including students, teachers and family members. The main objective is the prevention of drug use and promotion in schools and home, leading to an overall drop in the number of users.

Another programme in this area is the NOVA SUR project, directed at families with young adults of 14-22 years of age, which has helped 12 families with therapeutic intervention.

The department also hosted 35 workshops on sex education, avoiding unwanted pregnancies, safe sex practises, etc. Nearly 900 people took part from secondary schools and participants also looked at the issue of gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation and discrimination issues. The information service regarding sexually transmitted diseases, which also offers a fast confidential testing service, dealt with 68 people so far this year.

The Pink Room/Sala Rosa, in the School of Security and Coexistence, a space for cancer patients and survivors and their families, continues to host talks and workshops with up to 70 people taking part in events so far. The department also offers professional care for those suffering eating disorders in collaboration with the ALABENTE association.
Other workshops that took place in the first six months of the year included themes of self esteem, personal growth, healthy lifestyle habits, and individual development. The department of health also is a partner in the Cabildo programme attending to those with dementias, including Alzheimer sufferers.

September Courses in Adeje

uni pop2

The Adeje People’s College (Universidad Popular de Adeje) has a full range of courses already planned for September for those interested in further education, which could also be a useful tool for those looking for work after the summer.

Languages: Children’s groups, English and French

Health and exercise: Quiro Massage, lymphatic drainage, gym and stretching, Podol (foot) reflexology. New course, ‘professional massage qualification’.

Advanced Quiro Massage: 260 hours, inc Anatomy, Physiology, Quiro Massage, Sports Massage, Acupressure, Nutrition, Geriatric Massage, Massage during Pregnancy, Massages for Infants.

Complementary Workshops: Hot Stone Treatment, Bamboo Treatment, Facial Massage, Thai Quiro Massage, and more
1º Stage: Nov 2013- June 2014
2º Stage: Nov 2014- June 2015

Art: Painting classes for children and adults, crafts for adults, sewing.

Municipal Folklore School: Children and adult Dance classes

More information available through the borough’s cultural centres regarding Theatre, Photography, Qi Gong-Taichi and Patchwork courses.
Prices, times and location of courses and workshops will be available from September 2nd by phoning 922 756246 or visit the Adeje website, . Registration for courses from September 16th to October 10th. Classes will begin at the start of November and run through until June 2014.