Look for the barrels outside participating establishments

This year’s Tapas Route, part of the Adeje gastronomy month, Degusta.Me 2018, begins today, Nov 9th. 20 different establishments are taking part this year.

The councillor for economic development, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, is encouraging everyone to take advantage of the route, “and discover the fantastic tapas that have been created by the Adeje bars and restaurants for the occasion. This is one way of appreciating what we have and using and enjoying our local produce”.

You can consult the tapas route map online, www.adeje.es. And you can easily identify which establishments are taking part as they will have a lovely barrel outside indicating they are on the route. “As in previous years you can also vote for you favourite and when you vote you are also entering a draw for some great prizes”. The prizes, courtesy of the Zona Comercial Abierta Adeje Centro, include a cruise for two a hotel stay and 18 more prizes consisting of dinners and lunches in the participating bars and restaurants. There’s also a chance to win free tapas if you take and upload photos of them labelled “Tapas en el aire” on Puntasso Go in the Puntasso application. . (More info on the app El Puntasso online, www.adeje.es.)

Each participating establishment should have the voting slips. Request yours and the official stamp or app card from each of the participating restaurants/cafes when you visit. When you have a minimum of 4 stamps you can fill in your personal details on the voting slip and vote for your favourite tapa using the ballot boxes in the establishments, the Adeje youth centre, the CDTCA or the Cultural Centre.

Tapas Route 2018
Participating establishments
TAPA: Tandem
C/ Grande nº7 – Adeje Town Centre
Tues – Sun, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
922 710 428

TAPA: Aunque no lo parezca, soy dulce
(I mightn’t look like it, but I’m sweet)
C/Grande nº9 – Adeje Town Centre
Thur – Mon, 12 noon – 8pm.
922 711 163

TAPA: Rock & Roll de carne, queso y humo
(Rock & Roll of meat, cheese and smoke)
C/Grande nº26 – Adeje Town Centre
Daily 11am – 10.45pm.
922 781 550

TAPA: Oriental
C/ Grande nº19- Adeje Town Centre
Tues – Fri 12 noon – 4pm, 7pm – 10pm.
Sat and Sun 10am – 5pm.
686 325 450

TAPA: Frittatina di pasta
(Italian pancake/omelette)
C/Grande nº33 – Adeje Town Centre
Thur- Tues 12.45pm – 11pm
922 396 541

TAPA: ¡Hala! De ave de granja rellena de matices isleños
(Wow – Farm fowl stuffed with local colour!)
C/ Nueva nº 51 – Adeje Town Centre
Mon – Sat 2pm – 3.30pm, 8pm – 10pm.
822 660 463-677 862 944

TAPA: Chaja
(Meringue dessert)
Plaza Cruz del Llano nº4 – Adeje Town Centre
Daily 6am – 10pm.
922 711 482

TAPA: You dream
Plaza Venezuela nº 9 – Adeje Town Centre
Wed – Tues, 1pm -11pm.
922 775 510

TAPA: Dessert Isla Bonita
C/ El Cerco nº4 – Adeje Town Centre
Mon – Sat 8am – 5pm
661 022 164

Tapa: La explosión de sabores
(Explosion of flavours)
C/Manuel Bello Ramos nº46- Adeje Town Centre
Wed – Mon, 4pm – 10pm
922 731 106

11. Tasca Pica Pica A Catedral
Tapa: Empanada de bacalao con pasas
(Cod and raisin pastry)
C/Manuel Bello Ramos nº54- Adeje Town Centre
Thur – Tues 12.30pm – 8pm
619 292 312

TAPA: Gustó
C/Manuel Bello Ramos nº64 – Adeje Town Centre
Wed – Mon, 11.30am – 11pm,
611 221 919

TAPA: Primavera de berenjena
(Aubergene Spring)
C/Piedra Redonda nº12 – La Postura
Fri – Wed. 12 noon – 2pm, 6pm- 9pm
642 791 498

TAPA: Empanada de mozzarella con salsa Romesco
(Mozzarella pastry with Romesco sauce)
C/Piedra Redonda nº34- La Postura
Mon – Sat 12 noon – 8.30pm.
Sun 12 noon – 1.30pm
660 358 569

TAPA: Albóndiga Solky
(Solky meatballs)
C/Piedra Redonda nº35- La Postura
Fri – Wed 11am – midnight.
647 662 840

TAPA: Manifesto
Avda. Los Océanos nº9 – El Galeón
Daily 12 noon – 11pm.
922 455 876

TAPA: Trilogía
Av. Rosas de los Vientos nº12 – El Galeón
Daily 12 noon – 11pm.
642 439 084

TAPA: Cocido tradicional Chino
(Traditional Chinese cooking)
C/ Las Jarcias nº8 – El Galeón
Tues – Sun 1pm -3.30pm, 6.30pm – 10.30pm
822 610 937

TAPA: La Cabrona
C/ Tegueste nº2- Los Olivos
Mon – Sat 7pm -11pm.
922 703 610

Tapa: La Trattoria
Av. De Ayyo nº23 – Las Torres
Mon – Sat 8am -midnight.
922 456 610

Department of Communications

Two thousand tastes of Adeje


Adeje’s gastronomy month is well underway

One of the big events during the Adeje Gastronomy days during this month is taking place this Saturday, November 14th, with the Degusta.me (try my) fair in the Plaza de España in the town.

This week, at the official launch of the event, details of the annual Tapas Route were also announced, and organisers hope that these will introduce many new people to the delights of Adeje gastronomy. The Tapas Route will run from this Saturday until November 29th and between the two events organisers plan to serve over two thousand tapas to members of the public.
The councillor for economic development Manuel Luis Méndez Martín oversaw proceedings at the launch of the events alongside Pablo Pastor, well known chef and representative of the Canarian association of chefs and pastry makers (ACYRE), Efrén Santana from Grupo Miquel, Manuel Rodríguez Jiménez, technical director from the Abona wine denomination and chefs Carlos Clemente, Pablo Aznar, Yuned, Alexis García, Miguel Barrena, and Javier Mora, from some of the finest restaurants and hotels in South Tenerife.

degustame poster
Councillor Méndez Martin said that “the clear objective is to energise the restaurant sector in the borough as well as offering leisure alternatives for Adeje residents and those in general in South Tenerife.” He thanked the many hotels and companies sponsoring events, including Grupo Miquel, Gastro Market El Duque and the Hoteles Iberostar chain. “We are also grateful for support from Turismo de Tenerife, with whom we are working to let people know the culinary richness we have on offer in this part of the island. We are also delighted with the co-operation and participation of the many bars, cafeterias, and restaurants in the borough”.
The Degustame Adeje Fair will see over 30 stands in the Plaza de España with bodegas from all over the south of the island taking part, and cocktails courtesy of Tenerife Barmans Association. Food-wise there will be sweet treats, cheeses, breads, cakes, a huge variety of tapas, crepes, and much much more. The public can buy their Degusta.me tickets and then pick their tapas, or purchase a Degusta.me glass to sample many of the fine wines on offer.

The “Ruta de la Tapa Degusta.me Adeje 2015” (Tapas Route) works to promote the restaurant sector and encourage residents and visitors to use bars and cafes and restaurants as local meeting points as well as allowing them explore local gastronomy and discover new tastes and gastronomic inventions. The ‘route’ runs until the eve of San Andres and will end with a Show Cookery demonstration in the Adeje Farmers Market.

26 establishments are taking part in the Tapas route and you can vote for your favourites. There will be prizes for the best 5, 4 and 3 star tapas as well as some ‘special mentions’ and there will also be a draw for the public taking part with two prizes, a hotel overnight stay for two in an Iberostar hotel in Tenerife, and a meal for two in one of the participating establishments. The full list of participating restaurants, cafes, and bars is on the council webpage, www.adeje.es.

Tasting in the Plaza de España

adeje honey

Cheese, honey and gofio are the featured products during July and August

Deguasta.Me (Try Me), as is now customary on the second Saturday of every month, will see 15 stands take over the Plaza de España this Saturday from 6pm.

As on previous occasions the aim of these events is to promote the products on offer and encourage the participation of local residents and businesses in promoting the culinary side of this tourist destination.

Honey, gofio and cheese are special features of the Degusta.Me Saturdays during July and August.

adeje cheese

The event, which brings people into the heart of Adeje, also serves to let visitors see the architectural part of the old town and discover Adeje’s more emblematic buildings.

Degusta.Me is organised by Adeje Council via Adeje Impulsa in partnership with Mercadillos del Atlántico S.L, Turismo Tenerife and Saborea Tenerife