From the sea to the sink! Adeje’s desalination plants

Adeje council and Entemanser teach students about the importance of water in the Canaries

After a talk in the classroom the students visited the desalination plant in La Caleta
Tuesday 18 December 2018

The Adeje councillor for Works and Services, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera, and the councillor for municipal services, Esther Rivero Vargas, along with the director of Aqualia Canarias, Emilio Fernández and Pedro Gómez de Ayala from Entemanser took part in a workshop yesterday with 47 children from 6th class in Tijoco Bajo primary school. The visit was part of a project to learn about the hugely important cyclical role water plays in our lives and how it is treated by the participating water companies here.

This project began last week with a talk in the classroom given by Entemanser and Aqualia representative, Pedro Gómez. The talk was in two blocks, preservation and information about the culture of water in the Canarias, and the integrated cycle of water supply in urban areas. The children, having absorbed the theory, were given practical demonstrations on Monday. Ernesto Iglesias, an Adeje engineer, and the head of water desalination for Aqualia, Francisco Urquijo, explained the detailed process of desalination in the borough and how the installation works. The visit was done with small groups to allow these future ‘guardians of Adeje’s water supply’ better understand the detailed workings of the plant, and to ensure a safer visit for all the children.

The participants were given information tools to help them better understand the need for responsible use of water and respect for the sources, both in terms of consumption and the return of water to the environment for its future purification.

Carmen Rosa González Cabrera commented, “these social-educative initiatives by Entemanser are very important to ensure that our students are aware of the need for proper water treatment, from its extraction from the sea to its arrival into our sinks from the tap at home These young people will carry that message to their families, insisting on the need for responsible use of water.

“Together with Entemanser, we in the council have invested in the construction and working of this desalination plant which processes over 10 million litres of water a day”

Entemanser was founded in 1987 and acquired by Aqualia in 2005, and is the company charged with the management of water supply in a number of boroughs in Tenerife.


Water, Water Everywhere…

water plant works

Over 6.5 million Euros has been invested in the sea water desalination and purification plant in Las Américas meaning a significant increase in the amount of water processed daily.

The investment was part of a joint project by the Adeje and Arona councils and the Tenerife Cabildo as part of the regional Canarian State Covenant. At a press conference to announce details of the improvements Adeje’s Gonzalo Delgado Díaz and Antonio Sosa for Arona joined Tenerife Cabildo president Carlos Alonso and the minister for water Jesús Morales in the installation beside the national police station in Las Américas.

Gonzalo Delgado told press “81% of the water consumed in Adeje is desalinated, and of high quality. We are planning to reach 91 % of the population within a year with the improvement works that are being undertaken and an upgrade to the drinking water network financed by the Adeje council.
“At the moment the Adeje-Arona desalination plant supplies our borough with about 5 million cubic metres of water annually, which, added to the 3 million cubic metres produced by the plant in La Caleta, gives the 81% coverage I mentioned. We can say that, unquestionably, Adeje has the best quality water in the island.”

The Tenerife president and the minister for water commented on the scheduled works that would mean important energy savings and improvements in the quality and quantity of water processed in the Adeje-Arona plant.

water plant

In the last year, with the investment, the production of desalinated water increased to a daily average of 22,991m3, with a significant increase of the last 12 month period. The plant has been in operation since 1998 and has a current daily capacity of 30,000 m3, up from 10,000m3 when it was first opened. It serves Adeje and Arona, mainly in the tourist zones and along the coast.

The recent improvements to the plant included:
• Upgrades in the energy efficiency of the desalination process
• Remineralisation via filters
• Reform of the pump station in Parque de la Reina (linked to the Adeje-Arona unit)
• Introduction of a mixed rack conduction system dealing with desalination, regeneration and sanitation of sea water.

Regarding the operation of sanitation and purification energy saving pumps are being installed using variable-frequency drive (VFD).
Further investments are also planned in the pump station in Parque de la Reina which will facilitate water conduction up to Llano del Camello and Las Chafiras and the coastal areas of San Miguel de Abona.

water plant installation