Adeje’s top ten students are going to Cork

Ten of Adeje’s top secondary school students will spend two weeks in Ireland this summer

The winners of Adeje ‘Young Talent’ competition have been announced – the students have all been recognised for their excellent grades and other contributions to the town during the academic year. The students have been chosen from the borough’s public schools.

This year, as well as recognising the effort the students have put into exams and class subjects, contributions to other areas of life, social work, helping others, etc, have also been taken into account.

The ten lucky students, who will be spending two weeks in Cork, in Ireland this summer, are María Magdalena Rodríguez Linares, Amaya González Sola, Kitana Desvignes, Jing Li Li, Alba Rey Merino, Ayoub Bachaou Mohamed, Laura Michelle Ziegler, Atenea Gloria Rodríguez Mendoza, Ainoha González López and Víctor José Arzola Murillo. They were told details of the award this week in the Adeje youth centre, by the councillor for youth Zebenzui Chinea Linares.

The two-week stay in Cork will see the ten winners, accompanied by members of the Adeje youth team, enjoy leisure time, with residents, families and students from Cork, as well as improving their English with an intensive language course.


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Are you being served?

Over the last month a group of English resident ‘guinea pigs’ have been going out for breakfast!
The group were invited, through the Adeje council, to help the department of economic development and job creation by having breakfast served to them once a month! Nice work if you can get it…

What this is really about is helping a group of 15 young people, aged between 16-25, without any qualification and at risk of social exclusion, train in basic restaurant and bar operations. So an invited group of 20 English Adeje residents were invited to play ‘tourists’, to help the trainees deal with people in a different language, learn to serve, take orders, deal with different kinds of requests, and a big etc.
The first breakfast, a month ago, was beset by problems mostly not of the students making – with a technical problem in the kitchen the English Breakfast they had worked so long to serve, was cold….but to give them their due they coped with the complaints. The ‘guests’ were patient, knowing the circumstances, and were happy to accept an invitation to return this week for a Spanish breakfast.

What a difference. The guests were presented with a written menu, the students were now taking written orders, service was improved, the interaction with guests was at a new level, and the food was superb according to all the very happy ‘tourists’. And in parallel there have been new friendships formed and increased awareness of the work the Adeje council is doing in the area of job creation and tourism.

It’s a mantra of the mayor’s and a very important one – education and training have to go hand in hand with the continued development of Adeje’s tourist brand. And it also has created new links between the Adeje council and the local British community both sides learning a little more about each other and probably appreciating each other a little bit more into the bargain.
Top marks.