Abinque for Equality Council

On March 9th, at a Gala event in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), the XV Abinque Adeje Women’s prize will be awarded to the Adeje Equality Council, a collective made up of women representative different sectors and cultures in Adeje working for a fairer and more equal society. With this recognition the council is recognising the work of this collective in raising awareness of inequalities and fighting to defend the right to equal treatment and social justice.

The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “the equality council is a body which, in the three years since its creation, has welcomed in people who are working to empower women, to prevent inequalities and to eliminate obstacles that impede the evolution of a real equality between women and men.”

This is the 15th year the Abinque has been awarded. It coincides with events celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, and is awarded in recognition of the work and contribution of a woman or group of women to the life and local development of the borough of Adeje. Previous winners have included body board world champion Alexandra Rinder, Walk for Life founder Brigitte Gypen, and many more.

On being told of the news of their award, a council representative said that “this recognition of our work is a sign we are meeting the challenge of creating a visible participatory tool for Adeje women and men with direct relevance to political and social decisions being taken. We hope to become a permanent forum for opinion and social movement, benefiting equality of opportunities between women and men”.

The Gala dinner celebrating the prize will be on the evening of March 9th and tickets are on sale at the Adeje department of equality. The event is open to women and men.

Since its inception in 2015 the Equality Council has been active on many fronts locally, regionally and nationally and involved in organising many events in particular demonstrations against gender violence and using the new memorial Plaza Pedro Zerolo for the purpose of public assemblies in this regard. The body has also been working with education project in school centres in the borough, helping students with issues such as gender violence, bullying, lgbt-phobias, etc.

International Women’s Day Programme of Events
Thursday 1 March
6pm: Cinema and world café. ’50 Primaveras’, Adeje Cultural Centre. No charge.

Friday 2 March
7pm. Inauguration of the Art Collective “Mujeres Adeje-Creative” Exhibition space, Adeje Cultural Centre
8.30pm: Theatre, ‘Raíces Cortadas’, Adeje Cultural Centre, No charge.

Thursday 8 March
International Women’s Day. 12 noon, reading of equality manifesto on the steps of the Town Hall.

Friday 9 March
8pm: XV Gala Dinner and awarding of the Abinque prize, Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)

Saturday 10 March
11am. Meeting with representatives from Garachico, Buenavista, Los Silos, guided tour of Adeje town.

Thursday 15 March
Workshop, ‘Tardes para ti’. Adeje Cultural Centre

Friday 16 March
8pm: Cinema, ‘Figuras Ocultas. Adeje Cultural Centre. No charge

Saturday 10 March
Congress of Erotic Literature, with Megan Maxwell, Adeje Cultural Centre



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Adeje to create Municipal Equality Council


womens assembly4

Hundreds attended the Equality Assembly on March 8th: Adeje’s mayor promised their commitment to equality is long-term

Over 500 women took part in the I Women’s Equality Assembly held on International Women’s Day in the CDTCA, in Adeje. The culmination of the event was the constitution of a Municipal Equality Council which is charged to work alongside the borough’s public representatives to protect and promote equality principles as well as working to influence bodies outside in this area at insular, regional and national level where necessary.

The calling into being of this council is the result of many months of preparation by those in the council in all departments, from education to health, sports, culture, economic development, seniors and social welfare.

Representatives from a series of women’s groups and collectives and women from all parts of the borough of Adeje attended the Assembly event. These working groups had met a number of times in the months leading up to the event to discuss and examine where they saw a need for change or advancement to promote better equality for all. The working groups included women involved in sport, health matters, young women, LGBTI, the Muslim community and women from other countries, with women from England, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Germany, the Sahara, France, India, Romania, Venezuela and Colombia present.

Reading the declaration which was published in Spanish and English, into the record was Gloria Cabello, an Adeje businesswomen, who said that she hoped the day would come when there would be no need to celebrate International Women’s Day. The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, thanked all those present and confirmed that the assembly was “another step in our commitment to Adeje society to ensure that it is a fairer one, where everyone has the same opportunities.” He added that the day’s events were not a ‘one-off’ nor the end of a process, but part of the ongoing work which won’t stop till the goals are reached.

womens assembly6

“Our promise is to support a progressive society of peace, equality and harmonious co-existence”, said the mayor. “Every day we are made aware that in the world we are still far away from the day when all women have the rights they are entitled to…”

The event ended with a Zumba master class with Patricia Chiquiar.

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