Fit For Anything?

tritfsur13_gFancy yourself a fitness freak?

Are you ready for the Tri Tenerife Sur Half Endurance Triathlon, which takes place in Adeje, Arona, Guía de Isora and Vilaflor on November 30th?
This will be a medium strength triathlon with a circuit of 90 kilometres including an urban and a foot race of 21 miles and a swimming test nearly two miles offshore.
The organisers are also able to help with hotel accommodation and more – check out the webpage,


Tone App!

Among the many interesting lectures during this week’s Adeje Summer University was that given by physical education experts Patricia Pintor Díaz and Ángeles Judith Hernández Sanchez. The message, your mobile phone can help you get fit!
During the course students were told and shown that technological tools have a place in physical education, and “we cannot leave out the mobile becasue in reality it has become a basic tool, it’s like a book that is permanently open”.
According to the experts technology, used properly has positive effects. Mobiles, tablets, smartphones, laptops, can be used for much more than chat and sending photos, they can also be used to download applications that will help you tone up, get fitter, and even help correct posture.