Information event in Adeje

Brexit (1)

There are so many questions being asked about ‘what if’ as we approach the June 23rd vote in the UK and, it would seem, few answers. The questions centre on issues such as the right to free movement and the right to work, health care, education, pensions and investments among other key topics.

Politically the debate seems to be focussed almost entirely in the UK – but what about the millions of ex-pats who live abroad – are their rights and concerns being taken into consideration? Almost 300,000 of them are living in Spain, and over 7,000 in Adeje alone.

Focus, an Adeje-based International Focus group of local non-Spanish residents, has requested that the Adeje council collaborate in hosting an information evening. This is taking place on Tuesday May 24th, in the Adeje Cultural Centre auditorium, from 5pm – 7pm.

The experts who will be there to answer questions will be Paul Montague from Blevins Franks and San Eugenio lawyer José Escobedo– and they are expecting to deal with issues ranging from health care to the right to work and live in Spain in the event of a vote to leave the EU. This is not an evening for political debate about the pros and cons of staying of leaving the European Union, it is to answer questions people have and may have in the future.

Have you a particular question you want answered? Are you seeking a particular piece of information that will help you make up your mind? Please come along to the Adeje Cultural Centre, and email your questions in advance to

(The café will be open in the cultural centre, which is on Calle Universidad de La Laguna, and there is parking at the back of the building open to the public)