Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso to be linked at last

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A n iron and wood bridge is to be built over the barranco (ravine)

Work is due to begin this week on the long-awaited path that will link Callao Salvaje and Playa Paraíso.

At a packed meeting in the Callao Salvaje cultural centre the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga joined local councillor Amada Trujillo Bencomo and councillor for works Gonzalo Delgado Diaz and the council’s architect to detail the plans, as well as mention other projects in the pipeline for both neighbourhoods. There was a translator present at the meeting to facilitate the many non-Spanish born residents who attended.

The mayor told the residents, “This meeting has two objectives – to let you know about the works that will begin now to join the two neighbourhoods and to invite all those present to continue to work together on local initiatives for the area”. He continued, “ we are aware of the on-going efforts by those who live in the these communities, how they are working to solve local problems and we are delighted to continue to encourage you to keep us informed, voice your opinions to help us improve where you live. This work will see an historic union of these two neighbourhoods who, have always been united in many ways.

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“The work we are now undertaking comes under the wider umbrella of improving and modernising the borough in areas where it is needed and we hope it meets some of the genuine needs of the area, an area that is very important to our borough”, he said.

The project will see work to regulate the pathway that already exists along the cliff top in Callao Salvaje, with signposting and bins, with upgrading to remove any danger to pedestrians, and improvements to the existing maritime paths along the Playa Paraíso side ending along the Calle El Horno. To link the two villages an iron and wood bridge is to be built over the barranco (ravine). The base will be reinforced cement, and all the structures have been approved by the national Coastal department. The plans will be available in the Adeje Cultural Centre within two weeks for those who wish to see them.

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The residents of both villages welcomed the news and were also pleased to hear of other plans for the near future in the area including a park for dogs, and a roadway linking Callao Salvaje and Posto al Sole.

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San Eugenio works will improve pedestrian access


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The works should last up to 8 months

The Avenida de Los Pueblos, which is part of the Open Commercial Zone of Costa Adeje, Tenerife and the Canary Islands, is undergoing improvements. The work has already begun and should last up to 8 months. The company engaged to carry out the work is Acciona S. A. one of the main Spanish companies involved in the promotion and development of infrastructures and renewable energies.

The cost of the work will be in the region of eight hundred thousand euros, financed by the regional government (50%) the Cabildo and the Adeje council. The Adeje councilor for works, Gonzalo Delgado Diaz said, “This open commercial zone in Costa Adeje is in one of the most important tourist zones in South Tenerife. Based in a hugely important part of the tourist borough, what we want to do with these works is give preference to pedestrians over vehicles and offer residents and visitors a quality zone where they can enjoy themselves”.

The work will meet two basic needs, serve two important functions: one hand satisfy the needs of those who are on foot, which will help businesses, shops, etc. and on the other hand increase flexibility in the zone, allowing traffic through at the same time. “The main objective will be the redirection of traffic along the avenue, which in turn should improve the image of the zone as well as reducing the danger that has, in the past, been caused by speeding drivers”.

Given the relevance of the works, the council is also suggesting that the different locales, shops, etc. along the public thoroughfare, work to upgrade their façades. “We would like all the businesses in the zone to be part of the project. With public money being invested for their benefit, we would encourage some private investment too in improving the look of the shop fronts, and in that way we are all working together and everyone is bringing workable ideas to fruition for the benefit of all”.

The changes will include the widening of the pavement on the coast side of the road, and with this an improvement in the pedestrian zone as well as the creation of a large pedestrian/commercial axis, bringing together Avenidas Rafael Puig, Los Pueblos and Calle Ernesto Sarti, which will also see joining of commercial spaces in Costa Adeje and Las Américas (Arona). The design includes expansion of the pedestrian area in front of the CC San Eugenio as well as along the link to Calle Rafael Puig where you have an important concentration of shops, bars and restaurants in Costa Adeje.

Other changes will see the relocation of some set down areas and bus stops. There will also be a small taxi-rank (3-4 cars) located in front of the CC San Eugenio with the rest of the taxis facilitated in a nearby parking zone. The plan also includes the replanting of a lot of the green zones and vegetation to increase the shade for pedestrians and in parallel the drainage and public lighting in the area will also be improved.

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New cultural centre for La Caleta

obras la caleta

The council is working to empower urban zones and create communal spaces

Residents and visitors to La Caleta in Adeje will be able to visit the new La Caleta Cultural Centre from the beginning of next year.

Work has already started on the new installation and should be completed, according to the councillor for works and services Gonzalo Delgado Diaz, by February 2015.

The project has been requested by the local population of this coastal village and fits into the council’s borough-wide plan to empower urban zones and create communal spaces where people can meet and develop social connections and activities throughout the year.

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“For us this is a priority and will enhance our network of cultural centres designed to improve public infrastructures throughout the borough and give people living in all corners of Adeje a local meeting and activity zone” the councillor said.

The new centre is just beside the international diving centre, a part of the area already used as a local focal point for activities and fiestas. “This is why we waited until the end of the local fiestas this year, so they wouldn’t be affected by building work and now of course the work will be completed before next year’s events”, Delgado Diaz commented.

The new centre will be 120 m2 with a central salon, changing rooms and toilets, fully accessible to all, and with an office and storage zones.

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Dog Adoptions Made Easier


The animal protection agency, Dogs Welfare Trust, with Janet de la Rosa and sponsors Tenerife Office Headmasters and Pinkies, in partnership with the Adeje Domestic Animal Refuge have undertaken to finance the cost of licences for those who wish to adopt dogs that are listed under the ‘dangerous breeds’ category.

Councillor for the area, Gonzalo Delgado Diaz, praised this kind of generosity adding, “the idea behind this initiative is to give animals that fall under this label the possibility of being adopted having been abandoned by their original owners. Up until now dogs from an acknowledged ‘dangerous breed’ have had more difficulty in finding new homes because of the extra bureaucracy and costs involved in adopting them, and we are very grateful to this protection agency for this concrete gesture which will make that process easier”.

Anyone who wishes to adopt one of these animals from the Adeje refuge must still fill out the required paperwork and apply for the licence, and the protection agency will refund them the costs once the paperwork and licence have been approved.

The Tenerife Office Headmasters and Pinkies formally agreed a covenant with the Adeje council under which, as well as overseeing adoptions they are meeting the costs of sterilisations, micro-chipping, rabies vaccines, de-fleaing and de-worming and heartworm testing of all the dogs that are adopted from the centre.

(More information about the centre,