Food, folk music, fun…

V Imoque Festival in San Sebastian

The Imoque Cultural Association, formed in Adeje in 2013, will host a festival tomorrow (Saturday June 9th) in San Sebastián, a showcase, the association says, for the borough’s cultural roots and heritage.

The association has worked, since its inception, to keep and promote Adeje’s traditions and folklore. Tomorrow’s event will see a display of indigenous animal breeds with the collaboration of local farmers as well as hosting craft and artisan stands, food stalls and Canarian folk music and dance.

The Imoque festival is an excellent meeting place for residents, visitors, lovers of folk music and craft, and also works to bring together those who live here with those who see our borough as their top choice holiday destination.

Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, councillor with responsibility for creative development in the borough, says, “the work that this group, and similar associations, is carrying out, reflects the commitment the people of Adeje have to their traditions, and here in the council we are very happy to support this drive to recover our cultural roots”

From midday tomorrow there will be an arts and crafts fair and food stalls with local products as well as local animal breeds on show. At 12.30 people can enjoy a demonstration of different cultural activities, a workshop on gofio (toasted grain) with the H10 Gran Tinerfe chef Esteban Gómez. The afternoon will also feature sheep shearing, Gomeran whistling, Canarian wrestling, and much more.

Event will run throughout the day with music, dance, food and drink until 11pm.






Adeje walks, paths and landscapes…


From June 17th to 22nd the village of Taucho, in Adeje, celebrates the local fiestas in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto
The Adeje village of Taucho, in the upper reaches of the borough, will celebrate the VIII Taucho Ethnographic Days. The theme this year is ‘walks, paths and landscapes’ and events are organised by the local fiestas committee and the Adeje department of heritage under Councillor Juan Desiderio Afonos Ruiz. The celebrations are part of the festival in honour of the Virgen de Coromoto, patron of this mountain hamlet.

VIII jornadas etnograficas

“The programme has been put together by a team made up of the local fiesta committee, the neighbours of Taucho, the Asociación Cultural Imoque and the El Cardón group, who, together with the council, have made this event a reality”, said Councillor Desiderio.

The progamme of events begins on Friday June 17th in the El Almácigo Recreation and Cultural Centre, at 8pm with an inaugural act and a dedication to the men and women who have changed the landscape locally. There will be a conference led by Victor Martín, professor of geography from the University of La Laguna, and the showing of a documentary, “Adeje walks, paths and landscapes…Homage a Don Román Álvarez Fraga, the man who changed the countryside”, with music from the Asociación Cultural Imoque.


On Saturday there will be an ethnographic route taking in the walks, paths and landscapes, with residents of the hamlet and music, and a photography exhibition mounted by the Adeje department of heritage. In parallel local hand-made products and crafts, wine, cheese, Vilaflor cakes and biscuits, bread and honey, will be on sale to the public. There will also be a as a sheep-shearing display and a cattle show, a traditional dance in the Tio Victor bar with music from the Los Alzados group, and lots more.