Eliminating a scourge

Yesterday, Friday November 24th, a number of events took place in Adeje, with the participation of all of the boroughs who are members of the Tenerife South Equality Network, in advance of and to mark tomorrow’s International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

From 10am the Adeje Equality Council had a table at the door of the Town Hall where people could get information on how to deal with gender violence. At 12 midday a number of children from 6th class in Adeje Casco primary school read a manifesto they had co-written and then a minute’s silence was held to remember all those who have died as a result of gender violence.

Members of the Equality Council also read a declaration, outlining measures that need to be taken to deal with this scourge on our society. It spoke of the need for education in equality in schools, working to eliminate stereotypes in attitudes and behaviour, and making sure this and future generations have the tools to deal with the roots of domestic and gender violence.

Later on yesterday evening the Adeje council presented prizes to the winners in the VII Short Story competition where secondary school students from the borough were invited to write a story dealing with gender violence. Over 400 entries were received, some in English (this year the students were able to write in Spanish or English) and according to the jury, the standard of writing was extremely high. The overall winner was a student from 2nd year in the IES El Galeón secondary school, Lucía Johana Holguín Pérez. There were also prizes for a parallel art competition and the winner was Guacimara Hernández Afonso y Zachary Amone Quintero, 2 year Bachillerato students from the IES Los Olivos secondary school.

No to gender violence…

The events are taking place in advance of International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The Adeje council is, as in previous years, organising a range of activities in the lead up to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women which is always on November 25th. These include workshops, short-story competitions among the borough’s secondary school students, events with young people to promote good relationship habits, information tables, the annual reading of a manifesto declaring the Town Hall’s rejection of this scourge on society and a minute’s silence for all victims of gender violence.

“While we will be working during these days to place the spotlight on violence against women and help for victims, the Adeje council is dedicated to this issue all year round, working with special services, offering help and assistance, workshops, information events, courses and activities for the population in general, with a particular focus on our primary and secondary school students”, commented the Adeje councillor for equality Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.

This year for the first time all the members of the Network of South Boroughs for Gender Equality will send a united message with a joint campaign on social networks, and in fact anyone interested in being part of the campaign photo should come along to the CDTCA on Thursday at 11am.  Later that day at 6.30pm in the Biblioteca Canaria, an exhibition, ‘Pino Ojeda, te busqué por los sueños’ will be inaugurated with a presentation by feminist writer Covadonga García Fierro.  This is about giving visibility to all women, says the councillor.

During next week there will be a meeting with students from the borough’s secondary schools (3rd year), on giving the young people the necessary tools to detect and combat abusive behaviour.  On Friday November 23rd at midday the institutional manifesto will be read followed by a minute’s silence on the steps of the Town Hall.  At 7pm that evening the prizes for the winners in the short story competition will be awarded.The campaign comes to a close with an event on the eradication of gender violence, ‘I Jornada Miradas Violetas’ with the participation of judicial experts and prior registration for this event is required.

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Adeje’s young writers commit to equality

The winners of the Adeje secondary school short story competition commemorating International Day Against Violence Against Women were named last night

“Gender violence is a scourge which must be eradicated, root and branch” was the overriding sentiment voiced at last night’s event to mark the winners of the Adeje short story competition for the borough’s secondary school students. The night also awarded artists who concentrated on the theme of good treatment practices. Both events are designed to raise awareness among young people of equality and respect among the sexes and genders.

“Sadly the statistics are horrifying with an average of 50 women killed as a result of gender violence annually, and over 700,000 reports of violence and abuse. That means we have over 700,000 abusers in our society too”, commented the councillor for equality policies, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. She reported that just a number of hours prior to last night’s event another women had lost her life bringing the number to 45 in 2017. “Unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg, and is an indication of the kind of suffering many thousands of women are enduring day after day, to often in silence, without the means to escape”.

This is why, the councillor explained, “The Adeje council work to sow the seeds of change to overcome this problem. Because this is a job for all social agencies, to work to prevent and to care for those women who are suffering as a result of gender violence. We mustn’t forget that the children in families are suffering too. So our work must be in training, awareness raising events and activities in our education centres, workshops and more such as this short story competition, concentrating on the issue of gender violence, and the art competition on good treatment practices. What we want is that students think about the theme and put into words and colours and shapes what they are feeling and thinking. After all they are the future of our society”.

The short story jury commented that the level of participation was one of the highest since the competition began. First prize went to Corina Linarea Quinteros, second place was for Nicole Almeda Ehemann, and third place went to Agustina Kasperskas. All three are 4th year students in IES El Galeón secondary school.

In the art competition, the winners were judged on relevance to the theme, originality, artistic quality, technique and sensitivity. There were a number of winners – Paola Blas, Lilia Piva and Natalia Llamas (IES Adeje) for “Amar te duele”, the work “Freedom” by Anna Sosina and Paola C. Tunarosa, from the Costa Adeje school was second and third prize was for “Speak your mind” by Rafael Hernández Pérez, also from the Costa Adeje school.



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Adeje says No to violence




“We would rather not have to be here every November 25th but sadly we still have to solve this problem…” Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga

Adeje marked International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women with a series of events involving the members of the Adeje public with special attention on the young people. At midday in the Plaza de España there was a reading of an official manifesto against domestic violence in the presence of secondary students from the two public secondary schools in the borough and sixth class students from the Adeje Casco primary school. The children also wrote messages of support. Accompanying the Adeje mayor were councillors and council staff. Following the reading of the manifesto there was a minute’s silence.


The mayor said that “we don’t want a world where men kill women – but we have a society that is sick and wounded. No violent death is justified, and this kind of violence is sad and repugnant and we must continue to do all we can to put a stop to it. Speaking to the hundreds of students in the plaza he said, “we would rather not have to be here every November 25th, but sadly we still have to solve this problem and the message has to come from our young people, who have to work for a world that is more just, more equal, where men and women respect each other and share their lives without violence, in freedom, responsibly”.

The borough also hosts an annual short story competition with entries from the three secondary schools and this year the winners were all from the Costa Adeje International College: Silvia González Sierra, Lisa Gaudioso and Alejandro Ferrer with a special mention for Alba Quintero Guerrero. The Adeje councillor for equality Carmen Lucia Rodríguez said it was “very important that our young people are aware of the problem and unfortunately we are seeing cases of control in relationships and love badly understood among adolescents. So we hope these kind of initiatives will help open the eyes of our young people”. The prizes were presented on Friday afternoon as part of the day’s activities.


Students of IES Adeje were the winners in the group art competition, with which the council is both promoting awareness of the issue and creativity among students. Winning students were Valeria Méndez Carlos, Águeda Quintero Rivero and Paula Siverio Herrera, Paola F. Blas Selas, Cristina Esquivel García and Natalia Llamas Ciruelo and Imane El Hejri Azaui and Oriana Fernández Fernández . The council give special mention to Ana Sofía Pastor González, Francisco Hernández Cairós, Álvaro Hernández Herrera, Miguel Arzalluz Otaño, Elijah Faulconbridge Ojeda, Kristina Serdyuchenko, Asheley de los Ángeles Vargas García and Alba María Fumero Alayón.

The council also launched a video today using the song Elle by Bebe, sung by local student Katy Castro with Luis del Amo. Members of the Adeje public, police, civil guards, fire-fighters, doctors and nurses, and other collectives took part and the video is also subtitled in other languages.

Throughout the year the council offers help to anyone who needs assistance or help in dealing with domestic and gender violence. On offer are psychological assessments, practical help for victims, police and legal assistance, etc.

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Make your voice heard, your presence felt…

Today, November 25th, is International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

20141125_115339 - copia
In Adeje there are a number of public events taking place, so if you are in the town do join us in making your voice heard and presence felt against this scourge. Events begin at 9am and run until 9pm. According to Adeje equality councillor, Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro it’s important that everyone plays their part in this fight, and activities are aimed at all members of the population, from kids to adults to senior citizens.
There’s an art exhibition by students from the local secondary schools opening at 9, and at 10 a video showing in the Adeje Cultural Centre for older students. From 11.30 students from 5th and 6th class in local primary schools will be in the Plaza España taking part in workshop about and around the theme of domestic violence.

At 12.30 there will be a musical show in the Cultural Centre which will followed by a reading, in the Plaza España, of the manifesto against violence against women and a minute’s silence in memory of all the women who have died as a result of gender violence. The Adeje department of youth are also organising a photocall for anyone who would like to take part.
The British Ambassador to Spain, HMA Simon Manley, as well as the British consul and vice-consul, Charmaine Abrouin and Helen Díaz de Arcaya Keating will be present at the minute’s silence as they are in Adeje for a meeting with the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga.
Events will continue this afternoon in the Adeje Farmer’s market with an information table run by the Group Against Gender Violence with a ‘henna tattoos against gender violence’ activity as well.
From 6pm in the Cultural Centre the prize giving in the Short Stories against Gender Violence competition will take place, followed by performances by local artists Ainhoa and Agoney.

“No more abuse, no more cries for help”


No more abuse, no more cries for help”

Adeje hosted an institutional act to celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, joined school students in the town’s Plaza España today to reiterate his and the council’s total rejection of gender violence and to pledge help for anyone who requests it.

“We continue along the path of working to create an awareness of equality, of peaceful co-existence and respect, the pillars upon which we can build a harmonious society that is rich in human values, and is happy. We are in this fight and we will move ahead and must also fight to make sure there are no cuts in services in this area.”

The mayor was speaking during an institutional act to celebrate International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with members of the council and students and staff of the borough’s schools as well as members of the public. Two students from one of Adeje’s secondary schools read a manifesto rejecting violence. “We have to change this society; we cannot stand idly by when there are human beings suffering at the hands of others because of their gender. We cannot justify such actions by simply saying, ‘it’s always been that way’”. They spoke directly to women who have been abused saying, “we want to send you our support, our strength, no one has the right to hurt you, you don’t deserve this, you are fighters and own your own destiny. No more abuse, no more cries for help”.

Adeje events against gender violence

Events to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women


“If you hear it, if you see, you report it. Don’t let four walls hide violence against women”.
The Adeje council once again marks November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, with a series of events many of them with the participation of young people from the borough who will come together in support of proper treatment within relationships. This event is supported by students and teachers from Adeje’s secondary schools. “We want to underline and emphasise the work being carried out by the department of equality and we are developing a programme that will continue during the school course with workshops and talks aimed at preventing this scourge on our society and increasing awareness among our society”, said equality councillor Juan Desiderio Afonso Ruiz.

The council is also, through the Network of Southern Boroughs for Equality, a part of the Canarian Institute of Equality campaign which sees “us working together and speaking with one voice to make sure the message is heard loud and clearly”, said Afonso Ruiz. The campaign slogan translated is “If you hear it, if you see, you report it. Don’t’ let four walls hide violence against women”.

The councillor added that “putting an end to the violence suffered by women has to be a shared responsibility, shared by institutions, as we have an obligation to champion the cause and guarantee that those suffering as a result of male violence, women and children, receive the attention they need. And society in general must also be involved, cannot look the other way, and that’s why we are working to involve all citizens, and actively seek their participation in the fight against this dreadful social scourge”.

Activities planned in Adeje
The council’s schedule to promote “proper treatment of women” begins at 10am tomorrow with a meeting with 3rd Year students from Adeje’s secondary schools and a representative group from Adeje Casco primary school. There will be a screening of a number of short films which present gender violence in its many forms. The focus will move to the Plaza de España where there will be different workshops, an information stand as well as handing out of purple ribbons, the international symbol of the fight against gender violence. The Asociación de Mujeres de Blanco por la Igualdad (women in White for equality) have been actively involved in the activities working with student groups and encouraging them to bring posters and signs reflecting their stance on the issue.

At midday in the Plaza España there will be a reading of the institutional manifesto against gender violence and a minute’s silence in memory of all victims. Closing this section local singer and student of the Adeje School of Music and Dance, Ainhoa Aguilar, will perform.

In the afternoon, at 7pm, the municipal authorities will present the prizes in the IV Short Stories against Gender Violence competition as well as the I Art for ‘Well-Treatment’ competition. Both events will take place in the Adeje Cultural Centre Exhibition Hall. “Both of these competitions”, says councillor Afonso Ruiz, “were set up as we believe in the use of a formative process and discussion of such themes through workshops in secondary schools. We firmly believe that artistic and literary creativity are excellent tools in this just fight, for equal opportunities for men and women”.


Adeje’s Equality Plan
The Adeje council put their first Strategic Plan for Equality Opportunities between women and men into operation in 2009 during which time, “the administration have been consistent in their work to encourage actions and methods that can guarantee equality of opportunities as well as developing programmes of awareness raising and prevention of gender violence.”.