Adeje mayor supports striking councillors

The symbolic women’s strike is on March 8th from 11am – 1pm,

The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, has signed a decree which will officially request the work of the female Adeje councillors be covered during the hours of 11am to 1pm on Thursday, March 8th, International Women’s Day. This is the manner in which the council normally replaces an official on holiday or on a break. This announcement is, in effect, an demonstration of his public support for the borough’s female councillors who will leave their offices during the hours in question.

The strike, which is also taking place in other countries, is called for March 8th, and women can either strike for the full working day or for a few hours. The mayor said, “I have always believed in equality between men and women. The level of inequality we have seen over the years has been, at times, difficult to uproot, but not impossible and I am firmly convinced that only by working together, women and men, can we achieve full and lasting equality. On this occasion many trade unions and women’s groups have called for this strike for women. The way we man can contribute is to take on the work of our colleagues on strike, as we have been asked to do, and that is what I am doing with this decree. It may be only a gesture but we hope one that will help make visible the need for many other men to be more aware of the need to work for equality, both in our professional and our personal lives”:

Yesterday the borough’s female councillors announced that they would all be taking part in the strike between the hours of 11am and 1pm, coming together with many other women in the town’s Plaza de España. At midday a manifestation will be read out.


The aim of the strike is to make people more aware of the work women do every day, that when they stop the world stops. The strike is also about the right to a life free from domestic violence, and requesting more resources to combat that particular scourge. It is also about combatting all forms of gender violence, breaking glass barriers in the world of work and insisting on equal pay for equal work.


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Abinque for Equality Council

On March 9th, at a Gala event in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), the XV Abinque Adeje Women’s prize will be awarded to the Adeje Equality Council, a collective made up of women representative different sectors and cultures in Adeje working for a fairer and more equal society. With this recognition the council is recognising the work of this collective in raising awareness of inequalities and fighting to defend the right to equal treatment and social justice.

The Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said, “the equality council is a body which, in the three years since its creation, has welcomed in people who are working to empower women, to prevent inequalities and to eliminate obstacles that impede the evolution of a real equality between women and men.”

This is the 15th year the Abinque has been awarded. It coincides with events celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, and is awarded in recognition of the work and contribution of a woman or group of women to the life and local development of the borough of Adeje. Previous winners have included body board world champion Alexandra Rinder, Walk for Life founder Brigitte Gypen, and many more.

On being told of the news of their award, a council representative said that “this recognition of our work is a sign we are meeting the challenge of creating a visible participatory tool for Adeje women and men with direct relevance to political and social decisions being taken. We hope to become a permanent forum for opinion and social movement, benefiting equality of opportunities between women and men”.

The Gala dinner celebrating the prize will be on the evening of March 9th and tickets are on sale at the Adeje department of equality. The event is open to women and men.

Since its inception in 2015 the Equality Council has been active on many fronts locally, regionally and nationally and involved in organising many events in particular demonstrations against gender violence and using the new memorial Plaza Pedro Zerolo for the purpose of public assemblies in this regard. The body has also been working with education project in school centres in the borough, helping students with issues such as gender violence, bullying, lgbt-phobias, etc.

International Women’s Day Programme of Events
Thursday 1 March
6pm: Cinema and world café. ’50 Primaveras’, Adeje Cultural Centre. No charge.

Friday 2 March
7pm. Inauguration of the Art Collective “Mujeres Adeje-Creative” Exhibition space, Adeje Cultural Centre
8.30pm: Theatre, ‘Raíces Cortadas’, Adeje Cultural Centre, No charge.

Thursday 8 March
International Women’s Day. 12 noon, reading of equality manifesto on the steps of the Town Hall.

Friday 9 March
8pm: XV Gala Dinner and awarding of the Abinque prize, Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA)

Saturday 10 March
11am. Meeting with representatives from Garachico, Buenavista, Los Silos, guided tour of Adeje town.

Thursday 15 March
Workshop, ‘Tardes para ti’. Adeje Cultural Centre

Friday 16 March
8pm: Cinema, ‘Figuras Ocultas. Adeje Cultural Centre. No charge

Saturday 10 March
Congress of Erotic Literature, with Megan Maxwell, Adeje Cultural Centre



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Calling Adeje’s creative women!


The Adeje council has opened registration for artists who wish to take part in the seventh Art Collective, Adeje Creative Women, which is run annually in parallel with events celebrating international women’s day in March.

Forms to apply for registration can be downloaded via, and must be submitted by February 19th. More information (in Spanish) can be requested by contacting the department of equality online,

“The idea is to continue to stress the importance of women in the arts today, working to increase their presence in art galleries and pay homage to all those who dedicated their lives to overcome discrimination and opposition”, commented the councillor for the politics of equality Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro. Last year 46 artists took part.

This year, again, the exhibition is open to professional as well as amateur painters in the Canary Islands, who can present works in a multitude of artistic disciplines – paint, sculpture, photography, graphic design, recordings, etc. Only one entry per artist will be accepted. The closing date for submissions is February 19th and the final selection will be made on the basis of quality, technique and originality, chosen by an expert tribunal made up of professionals from the art world. They will also chose an overall winning entry and the artist(s) will be given the option of an individual or group show in the Adeje Cultural Centre in 2019.

The collective will also produce a virtual catalogue of artists and their works and the event will be covered in the borough’s social networks and media.

More information and the full list of entry regulations can be found online,




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Breaking down barriers

Adeje council has a series of activities planned for the month of March focussing on the important role women play in all walks of life
To celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th) the Adeje council has drawn up a busy programme of events all “contributing to the breaking down of the barriers that obstruct women achieving equality”, according to councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro.

Among the main acts will be the awarding of the Abinque prize, to be celebrated on Saturday March 11th at 8pm in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA), and the art exhibition “Mujeres Adeje-Creativa” featuring 50 women artists, which will open to the public in the Adeje Cultural Centre on March 8th.

The council will also mark the second anniversary of the establishment of the Adeje Equality council, an initiative which has brought women and men together on a consultative body whose aims include the empowerment of women and preventing inequality, as well as the removal of real obstacles to achieving equality.

During the month the council has also arranged a series of different cultural, education and leisure activities. During next week secondary school students will be attending workshops on professional diversity, there will be a theatre presentation by Zálatta Theatre Company about the work of female pioneers Marie Curie and Spanish equality activist Clara Campoamor and on Friday March 10th there is a screening of “La bicicleta verde” (The Green Bicycle) a film directed by Saudi Arabian Haifaa Al Mansour.

Check the full programme of events on line – you can download the complete programme from the council webpage, (scroll down to the bottom of the page in questions for the PDF version in English).
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Say cheese Ángeles

Adeje Women’s prize winner, Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez

On Saturday March 11th Adeje council will award the XIV 2017 Abinque prize to cheese maker Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez, who is also the joint owner of the award winning dairy Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca. The award is also seen as a homage to rural businesswomen throughout Adeje who, like Ángeles, are building the future of the borough.

Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga comments, “One of the pillars of the history of Adeje is our agriculture, and the huge implication of women in its development. This prize recognises the many years of work of Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez, synonymous with the respect we have for all the women who work in rural settings, farming as well as caring for home and family”.

“Being awarded this prize by Adeje is a huge honor for me. I was also made feel so welcome by everyone here and am delighted to accept this on behalf of all the women in the field. The Abinque means a lot as it is the first time my work has been recognised in this way. I wasn’t expecting this and there are many other women out there just as deserving”, said Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez on hearing of her selection as this year’s winner.
Ángeles Nieves Garcia Rodríguez
Originally from La Palma, she came to live in Adeje over 20 years ago and with her family set up a company that has become one of the most valued in the sector. The Quesería Artesanal Montesdeoca , in Tijoco, has a host of national and international prizes to its name today, including top awards at the World Cheese Awards every year from 2010 to 2015 . The dairy was also granted the Tenerife Cabildo Rural Award in 2015 for being “An innovate and sustainable rural business innovation”.

Ángeles says her interest in cheese making was from an early age, “learnng the basics from my family and neighbours who made their own cheeses”. Today people can buy the cheeses at the Adeje Famers Market on Saturdays and Sundays, (8am – 1.30pm) and Wednesdays (3pm -7pm).
The Abinque prize is awarded annually, to coincide with events celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th, recognising the work and contribution of a woman or group of women to the life and local development of the borough of Adeje. Previous winners have included body board world champion Alexandra Rinder, Walk for Life founder Brigitte Gypen, the oldest women in the borough, the women who were the main workforce in the tomato and banana packaging sector, and many more.
“Only with you, the women of Adeje, can we achieve proper equality for all in acknowledging the work and value of women’s work, which, throughout history, has not received the recognition it deserves”, added the mayor.
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Open call for women artists


Adeje invites women in art to take part in the VI collective for International Women’s Day

For the 6th consecutive year the art collective “Creative Adeje Women”, founded and organised by the Adeje council through the department of equality (under councillor Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro), and designed to emphasise the importance of women in the art world, is inviting submissions for this year’s exhibition.

“Historically the role of women in the art world, as in many others, was ignored or undervalued”, says Rodríguez del Toro. “During the evolution of our society too often the contribution of women has been set aside to the detriment of equality. Few women in the art world have been given the recognition they deserve, so the Adeje council is continuing to offer a platform, through this collective, which has become a showcase for many local artists. Since its inception the exhibitions have been very well received the public and are one of the most visited every year”, she added.

Participation is open to female artists (professional and amateur) based in the Canaries who would like to present a work for exhibition. It can be from any discipline (photography, painting, sculpture, graphic design, recording, etc.) and must not be bigger than 1.20cm. The exhibition, in the Adeje Cultural Centre, will coincide with International Women’s Day, on March 8th, and open to the public from 7pm.

More information on the Adeje webpage, in the ‘Igualdad’ section, where you will also find the application form which can be filled in and sent to Final entries will be chosen based on quality, technical standards and originality.

Other events to mark International Women’s day will include a performance of Esmeralda by the Helena Turbo Theatre group on the same evening, at 8.30pm, and the awarding of the annual Adeje prize for a woman/women who have contributed to the borough in a particular way, the Abinque, which takes place on March 11th.


International Women’s Day in Adeje



The council programme underlines the importance of health, family, art, literature and education
The recognition of the role of women in many aspects of daily life marks the series of events designed by the Adeje council in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th, and in fact throughout the month of March. The department of equality has designed a programme which will also look at the issues of health, art, the family, education and literature and the role women play in all these fields.

“Our objective is that this year March 8th is not celebrated in isolation or is simply a single day’s commemoration of women in society, so we have, in recent years, organised a series of events that are focussed on the re-evaluation and recognition of the value of the part women play in all walks of life, today and in the past. Our hope is that as many men as women will participate in many of the acts planned throughout the month as all can benefit from the search for equality”, commented equality councillor Carmen Lucia Rodríguez del Toro,

The health-related activities are free and should be booked in advance and include a workshop on breathing by psychologist Berta Perez Gomez on March 3rd at 6pm, in the Adeje Cultural Centre, and a Spa visit on March 4th at 7pm.

On March 8th, the International Women’s Day celebrations will be marked by the inauguration of an art exhibition, Mujeres Adeje-Creativa (Adeje Women- Creativity) at 6pm, in the Adeje Cultural Centre, and this will be followed up with a talk by art historian Elisa Falcón Lisón looking at portraits as mirrors of women in art. That’s on March 10th, at 6pm, and is also free.

On Friday March 11th the Adeje council will present their annual Abinque prize, given to a woman or collective that have contributed to the advancement of women in Adeje, personally and/professionally. This will be followed by a dinner in the CDTCA, and tickets can be obtained in the Equality Departoment which is in the council office building next to the Post Office.

Families and in particular children will be the subject of a series of activities in the second half of the month and on March 16th Patricia Ojeda will give a workshop on motivating your children to improve learning skills and study efficiently. That’s at 6pm in the Cultural Centre and will be followed at 8pm by a theatre performance by the Tamaska company using the works of some of Spain’s most recognised authors to challenge the position of women in society and perceived social norms and order.

On March 20th in the Adeje Youth Centre there will be a homage to Canarian author Digna Palou and the month will conclude with a workshop on men and paternity given by Argelio González, the president of the Canarian Association of Men for Equality, on March 31st at 6pm in the Cultural Centre in Adeje. The series of events will end on April 2nd with a visit to Puerto de la Cruz .

All of the information and more is available on the Adeje webpage, or via App Adeje on Google Play or App store.

Adeje to create Municipal Equality Council


womens assembly4

Hundreds attended the Equality Assembly on March 8th: Adeje’s mayor promised their commitment to equality is long-term

Over 500 women took part in the I Women’s Equality Assembly held on International Women’s Day in the CDTCA, in Adeje. The culmination of the event was the constitution of a Municipal Equality Council which is charged to work alongside the borough’s public representatives to protect and promote equality principles as well as working to influence bodies outside in this area at insular, regional and national level where necessary.

The calling into being of this council is the result of many months of preparation by those in the council in all departments, from education to health, sports, culture, economic development, seniors and social welfare.

Representatives from a series of women’s groups and collectives and women from all parts of the borough of Adeje attended the Assembly event. These working groups had met a number of times in the months leading up to the event to discuss and examine where they saw a need for change or advancement to promote better equality for all. The working groups included women involved in sport, health matters, young women, LGBTI, the Muslim community and women from other countries, with women from England, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Germany, the Sahara, France, India, Romania, Venezuela and Colombia present.

Reading the declaration which was published in Spanish and English, into the record was Gloria Cabello, an Adeje businesswomen, who said that she hoped the day would come when there would be no need to celebrate International Women’s Day. The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, thanked all those present and confirmed that the assembly was “another step in our commitment to Adeje society to ensure that it is a fairer one, where everyone has the same opportunities.” He added that the day’s events were not a ‘one-off’ nor the end of a process, but part of the ongoing work which won’t stop till the goals are reached.

womens assembly6

“Our promise is to support a progressive society of peace, equality and harmonious co-existence”, said the mayor. “Every day we are made aware that in the world we are still far away from the day when all women have the rights they are entitled to…”

The event ended with a Zumba master class with Patricia Chiquiar.

eQwomens assembly3 womens assembly2

Adeje to create Municipal Equality Council

alcalde womens event

The event will take place in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development on International Women’s Day with representatives from all over the borough

This Sunday will see the culmination of the work of the local Department of Equality with the celebration of the Adeje’s Women’s Equality Assembly in the Costa Adeje Centre for Tourism Development, the CDTCA, with the participation of groups representing the many thousands of women who live in the borough.

Since the end of 2014 the councillor for equality, Desiderio Afonso and colleagues have been working to créate an event that will bring together the women and men of Adeje who are concerned about equality issues. At the end of January 10 distinct working groups were formed representing all the women of the borough, and they have met in February to discuss matters of mutual interest. Other members of the council have also been playing a key role in the development of the idea and the advancement of the groups with councillors from the departments of education, culture, economic development and employment involved. The groups have been formed to reflect the diversity of women in the borough, and includes women in sport, rural women, older women, young women, women in culture, LGTB activists, and women born in other countries, with representatives from this group from England, Rumania, Russia, India, Venezuela, Colombia, and Ireland.

Each group was charged with developing ten proposals that would reflect the main concerns of each group, priorities or questions that are not solely directed at the council, but at other public administrative bodies as well. Over 200 women took part in these initial sessions.

All the proposals have been catalogued in a single document under the title “Mujeres para la igualdad. Construyamos el Adeje del futuro en igualdad” (Women for equality. We will build an Adeje of the future based on equality), and will be presented to the assembly on Sunday, and to the borough in general and form the basis for the development of an Municipal Equality Council. Once established the council will meet on a regular basis to examine proposals, bring them to the attention of the council and other bodies and pursue relevant actions.

The day begins at 10am with events scheduled until 1.30pm. Journalist Puchi Mendez will preside over the Assembly which will hear the different proposals read and invite interventions from representatives of each of the participating groups.

Following the formal proceedings there will be a Zumba masterclass with Patricia Chiquiar.
Organisers are hoping that over 1,000 will attend the event. There will be free busses from different parts of the borough to the CDTCA as well as parallel events for smaller children who are accompanying adults to attend the main event.

bus route