CLC World making life easier for Adeje seniors

Recently the CLC World Foundation oversaw the arrival of the delivery of new furniture to the Adeje home for seniors, a centre which has 38 users – 18 permanent residents and 20 who use the installation as a day centre. The cost of the donation was in the region of €3,350.

Courtesy of the foundation the centre now has 5 new reclining chairs, 2 wheelchairs, 4 new mattresses specifically designed to avoid bedsores and two chairs for the bath/shower, all of which are now being used by the residents of this centre on a daily basis.

For the councillors of social welfare and diversity, and seniors, Isabel Fernández Gonzáles and Cristina Fuente Carballo, respectively “this initiative is a welcome demonstration of the willingness of our society to help those of advanced years. We are caring for 38 people in the centre, with activities that help enforce cognitive capacity while also creating a welcome, open and warm atmosphere where our residents know their needs will be attended to, with, of course, all the necessary hygienic and sanitary guarantees”:

Víctor García Díaz and Miriam Palazón, representatives of the Foundation, said “our objective is to offer the maximum amount of assistance we can to groups and collectives in need of help. Over many years the foundation has developed a social compromise with the people in the regions we work in and we are always delighted to work with different bodies to overcome social obstacles where and when we can”.

The CLC World Foundation, previously known as the Smile/Sonrisa foundation, was formed in 1999 with the aim of offering aid to those in need, in particular in the Costa del Sol and Tenerife, thanks to the donations and contributions made by CLC World clients, associations and workers. More information about the foundation and how you can contribute can be found online,


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Looking after those in need


In recent days the Adeje council signed a contract for the provision of non-perishable foods and essential products to assist families in need or/and at risk of social exclusion in the borough.

The new agreement is designed to offer immediate help. “With this new initiative we are offering an emergency assistance service dealing, above all, with those needing food and personal hygiene products” commented the Adeje social welfare councillor, Isabel Fernández González, adding that the service will also be working to address the reasons behind the emergency situation people find themselves in and that place them at the risk of social exclusion.

Items that will be provided will include rice, cereals, flour, and food stuffs in jars/tins such as jams, beans, and hygienic products such as soap, nappies, shower gel, toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. According to the councillor with this new agreement the have a two-year stock of products for those in need of urgent and immediate attention.


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Integrated cancer care a priority

The Adeje council’s departments of Health and of Social Welfare, with councillors Amada Trujillo Bencomo and Isabel Fernández González respectively, have signed an agreement renewing their commitment to the programme for “integrated care for oncology patients in Adeje”, in partnership with the Spanish cancer association, the AECC.

Both councillors said that the kind of services that the programme can offer are not part of the usual local authority services, so they sought the collaboration of the AECC to be able to provide this kind of assistance programme. Amada Trujillo Bencomo says that thanks to that commitment, “Adeje now has the necessary resources to offer help at psychological, social and health levels, both for those affected directly by cancer as well as their families. This assistance is available from the moment a diagnosis is received through treatment and operations, and, if the cancer leads to a patient death, assistance for the family is there if requested or required.

The programme is currently used by 122 persons in Adeje who are affected in some way, in particular those with reduced economic resources and who need specialised care and attention. The overall aim of the programme is to improve the health and quality of life of those affected by any type of cancer. The offices are based in the Adeje department of health, (C/Tinerfe el Grande 32, Edificio de usos multiples, 1º floor), Monday to Friday, 8am – 3pm.

Also present at the signing of the agreement were AECC provincial president Juan Julio Fernández Rodríguez, director Carlota Cobo Hernández and Maria Dolores Sebares, a member of the executive committee of the association.

The AECC is a non-profit making private organisation with offices and representatives all over Spain. It works to raise funds for investment in research and offers help to those living with and fighting cancer.


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Adeje’s contribution to World Children’s Day




The council is a member of the ABISUR collective which works to encourage borough bodies to get involved in helping families and children


Today, November 20th, is World Children’s Day and Adeje has been taking part in the preparation of a video (in Spanish) by ABISUR, an association which brings together municipal teams that work for and with families and children, to raise awareness and call, in a united voice, for more attention to be paid to the needs of children as well as recognising the work of those who do dedicate their time to ensuring that today’s children have a better future.

“Adeje, as an integral part of ABISUR, comes together with the other teams working with families in the boroughs of Tenerife south to commemorate World Children’s Day, producing this video which is a platform for the children from the different boroughs who were asked “if you had a huge megaphone and could say something really important to the world, as a child, what would you say?”, detailed the Adeje councillor responsible, Isabel Fernandez González. Some of the answers include a wish for adults to see the world through the eyes of children, that children don’t learn abuse at the hands of adults, that all kids have a home, a family, food and friends, and a roof.

“The primary goal of today is to highlight the needs of those children who are in a vulnerable situation, underline the rights of children, make people aware of the importance and need to work on a daily basis to guarantee children’s welfare and development”, outlined the councillor. “Today is a day to remember that all children have a right to health, education and protection regardless of where they were born, where they live”.

The Adeje council have a fully trained team working with children in the borough, with two social workers, three educators and two psychologists, whose principal mission is to guarantee the wellbeing and rights of children in Adeje, and be aware of their vulnerable position in some cases.

The video is online on the Ayuntamiento de Adeje webpage and facebook Spanish and English pages, or you can see it on YouTube here:


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Siam Mall’s social responsibility

Siam Mall has donated school materials to families in need

The Adeje councillor for social welfare, Isabel Fernández González, was in Siam Mall earlier this week to meet with the centre’s manager Hugo Gil and collect a donation of school materials for Adeje families in need.

Earlier this month the centre also hosted a school book exchange programme as well as giving out materials – note books, pencils and pens, etc. “The day was a huge success”, said Gil. “This was our first time to host an event of this kind and we were delighted with the outcome”. Next year they are already planning to repeat the exchange and hopefully get more people involved. “As part of Siam Mall’s ‘corporative social responsibility’ this is an important theme, and more so when we have the chance to talk to children involved”.

The Adeje councillor said “it is so important that society in involved in these kind of solidarity initiatives, and we are fortunate that many of our local institutions as well as individuals do contribute and work with our department to help those in the borough that are less fortunate. When Siam Mall got in touch with us to ask how they could help we came up with the book exchange idea as this is a huge cost for families particularly at the start of the school year. This was the first year and we look forward to many more similar initiatives as they really do benefit so many families here.”



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In-house training on children’s rights


Coinciding with the International Day of the Family, May 15th, the Adeje council’s department of special welfare and attention to diversity and children organised a series of training events in conjunction with the Cabildo Infants and Family unit and the Asociación Mundo Nuevo. The training was for the personnel of different departments who have regular contact with families and children.

According to the councillor with responsibility for the area, Isabel Fernández González, this kind of ‘refreshment’ training and sharing experiences “is an enriching practise and underlines the council’s commitment to proper treatment of our citizens. We know that the council’s staff is involved in this move to improve the service and it is thanks to the teams we have in place that we are able to attend to the needs of the many families in the borough”.

Jesús Eloy Gaspar Pérez, psychologist, was the expert invited to lead the training using various activities. The participants debated how families are treated. They also looked at how too often today, both with children and adults, we are not using phrases like “please” and “thank you”. He asked people to consider a number of questions, “what does ‘treatment’ mean”, “what do I think is ‘good?”.

The workshop identified five ‘needs’ in the protocol for the evaluation of the protection of the child, social, emotional, cognitive, safety and physical, to ensure that a child’s development is harmonious. At the same time he stressed that there are many different kinds of families so the needs of the child must be assessed within that acceptance.

The training sessions were also an important reinforcement of the way different departments are working in conjunction and looked ahead to future joint activities, with an acceptance that in many cases a cross-departmental approach is hugely relevant in a public administrative body such as this.


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Charity begins at home!

Donation by children from 6th class, Las Torres, CEIP

The 6th class students from CEIP Las Torres recently called into the Adeje food bank centre to hand over a large donation of food and hygienic products . The class are taking part in the Tincer II Solidarity Olympics which asks participating schools to make a solidarity donation in the borough they live.

The Adeje councillor for social welfare, Isabel Fernández González, was delighted to accept the donation and told the children it would be very welcome and given to those most in need.

“This group of young people have worked on this marvellous initiative and their willingness to show concern for other people is to be congratulated. We are delighted to see this centre, and the other schools in Adeje, teaching values such as solidarity as a primary axis in developing ideas and actions. On behalf of the council I thank them and invite everyone to work on these kind of initiatives that help improve the lives of all our people.”

The councillor presented a special certificate to the students thanking them for their donation and congratulating them on their positive thinking.


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Gala Lyric concert in aid of Asociación San Juan


A host of artists will perform in Madrid to raise funds for the Adeje centre

This morning details were announced of the Lyrica festival that is taking place in the Teatro Real in Madrid on October 20th to raise funds for the Adeje-based Asociación San Juan.

Present at the press conference were Adeje councillor for social welfare and diversity Isabel Fernández González, the president of the Asociación San Juan, Ana Oneida Borges Medina, soprano and honorary patron of the association, Isabel Rey, José Manuel de la Cruz from the concert sponsor Endesa and the executive producer of the gala event, Carlos Marén.

Isabel Rey said that this year there would be many top European artists who would be using this concert to perform for the first time in Spain, and many others who were disappointed as their schedules wouldn’t permit them to take part. “It’s so moving, that so many people want to take part”, she said. “We have created an event that is loved by the public but by opera singers too…they want to be here, and want to help the Asociaicón San Juan”. International tenors such as Christoph Strehl and Piotr Beczala and soprano Elena Mosuk will join many others on stage, for this lyrical spectacular.

According to the producer “Tickets prices have been designed to allow everyone attend, with prices from €7 to €80”, and are now on sale online (through the Teatro Real website, with a ‘row zero’ also on sale for those who cannot attend but would like to donate.

Adeje councillor Isabel Fernández Gonzalez congratulated the organisers of the event and the on-going contribution the association make to society. “I have already bought my ticket, and you need to buy yours quickly as they will sell out”, she urged people.

The Asociación San Juan, in Adeje town, is a centre for curative education and social therapy promoting an education and a way of life which promotes human rights and a level of auto- determination, and the integration of individuals who need special assistance. The centre works for the social, cultural and profession integration for adults who have developmental problems and who need special care.

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Adeje and CaixaBank renew aid programme

Last week councillors Adolfo Alonso Ferrera and Isabel Fernández González, from the departments of education and social welbeing respectively, voiced their delight at the renewal of the partnership programme with CaixaBank through their social department, “La Caixa”. The Adeje councillors met with the Tenerife West negotiations director, María del Pilar Quiroga Gutiérrez and the main CaixaBank director in Adeje, Eva María Salazar Arrocha.

The continuation of this collaborative programme contributes to three specific programmes, including one that works to guarantee that no child is without school materials. Under this scheme families suffering economic difficulties can apply for help with purchasing school materials for the 2017/2018 academic course.

The “Ningún niño sin bigote” (no child without a moustache – a milk moustache in this instance) is inviting the public to donate milk (long life milk) with collection points around the borough, in the Adeje town cultural centre, the Las Torres and El Galeón sports centres as well as the bank, and all the milk collected will be distributed via the municipal food bank.

The third project is also linked to education and sees the CaixaBank working to support the Adeje Summer University. Altogether the bank is donating €18.000 to support these educational/social aid programmes.

​Jobs for those at risk of social exclusion

The Adeje council, as part of a 2017 social project, has contracted 57 persons who have been unemployed and considered at risk of social exclusion. The initiative is a cross-departmental effort with representation from the departments of local economic development, social welfare and the presidency (under councillors Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, Isabel Fernández González and Carmen Rosa González Cabrera respectively).

Those who will contracted will be working on a series of actions in in upgrading and maintaining zones in the borough, including minor street works, upgrades in schools and along the coastal zones. Of the 57 people who will be working, 43 are labourers, 11 have primary skills, 1 is a works manager and 2 will work in administration.

According to Manuel Luis Méndez Martín the project is made possible by the council’s participation in the 2016-2018 biannual social employment programme with co-financing from the regional employment service. Isabel Fernández González emphasised the importance of recognising those who were unemployed and at risk of exclusion, “in a precarious situation economically” and the importance of the work of her team in identifying those to be contracted.

Carmen Rosa González Cabrera added that the project also meant the improvement of different zones of the borough as well as having a positive environmental impact on the zone and local population.

The individuals who have been awarded these contracts will work for a six-month period and were selected through the open employment channels run by the council for those registered as unemployed, so as to ensure that all those Adeje residents registered as looking for work have the chance to find employment. A variety of factors, such as family size and income, were taking into account.

The project will cost just under €500,000 with the costs met by the Adeje council and the regional employment service.