Pioneer training programme for Adeje women


This is a work opportunity for women who have children, dependents or have to juggle work with family/personal commitments 

The Adeje council’s department of economic development and job creation, led by councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martin, is offering a work-based virtual training programme, in conjunction with the Cruz Roja, for 15 women in the borough under the title “Adeje Diversificia y Emplea” (Adeje, diversify and employ).

“This training programme for women on the Adeje pardon is offering a new kind of job opportunity for women with young children or dependents under their care, and/or those over 45 years of age who need to balance their work with their family commitments, so it’s training to allow them to work from home as virtual assistants”, explained the councillor.

The programme will offer different areas of learning that are required today by businesses in the digital sector. This includes training in digital channels, financial managements and administration and classes in social networks, reporting, design and management. They will also receive training in the web, email marketing, basic video editing and orientation in the digital labour market.

On offer is 220 hours of training divided into 100 hours of actual training and 120 hours of practical training with businesses in the digital sector, work that the students can do from home. When they have completed the course the women will be placed on the AITED listing from which they may receive job offers.











Adeje’s quality recognised


The council is awarded for its excellent training initiatives and work-seeking programmes

The Adeje department of economic development and employment policies has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence, EFQM, from the European Foundation for Quality Management, for the level of attention offered and given to the public in the areas of training, employment and businesses assessment. The award was presented at an event in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA).

Councillor for the department, Manuel Luis Méndez Martín received the certificate from Francisco Martón Santamaría, from the Bureau Veritas, the agency charged with evaluation and certification in Andalucía and the Canarias. Also present were the departmental head, Mercedes Vargas, and the councillor for tourism, Ermitas Moreira (who headed up the employment department in previous years, when it was first awarded this certificate in 2015).

Méndez Martín said, “Offering a quality service to our users, who belong to the section of society in search of work, and the businesses who are looking for assessment assistance, that’s our daily challenge”. He praised the work of his colleague Ermitas Moreira as well. He said the priority for his department was to ensure that anyone who contacted them in search of a solution to their problems received personal attention and a quality service. “Unfortunately we cannot solve every single problem, we don’t have magic wands to create jobs for everyone, but what we can do is offer professional service and attention, and ensure proper and actual responses to problems and open a door to hope to those seeking assistance”.

The certificate is awarded every two years during which time the Bureau Vertias are evaluating and invigilating the work of the companies in line for certification. That the Adeje department has been awarded for a second consecutive time is rewarding, says the councillor, as it indicated “that we are improving and growing with our commitment to all those who are looking for work or seeking to improve their working potential”.

EFQM (the European Foundation for Quality Management) is a not-for-profit membership foundation in Brussels, established in 1989 to increase the competiveness of the European economy. It looks to establish a global vision in companies to encourage and stimulate improvement and excellence in work practises. According to Francisco Martón Santamaría, in Adeje’s case, “the protagonists are the workers in the Adeje department – we know that in many cases to receive the certificate a second time can be more difficult as it requires an application to the job that is continuous and constant and requires the full commitment of all those involved”. He congratulated the Adeje department, as it is, he said, “a centre for preparation for workers allowing them to choose a route, a path to stability and to gainful employment”.

Department of Communications

Make sure your business is ‘localised’!


500 businesses have been ‘geolocalised’ via ImPyme Adeje

The Adeje council, through the department of economic development and job creation under Councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martin, have been developing the ImPyme Adeje project, an initiative which is helping local businesses become more visual on social networks and the World Wide Web.

“What we are working towards is giving the local commercial sector an extra tool in promoting their businesses on the web and in so doing galvanising the local economy, which is in a healthy state in Adeje. We are currently in phase one of the project and already 500 local businesses are mapped on the internet”, explained the councillor.

ImPyme Adeje has three phases in all: identify, localise and help build a business network; innovate and train; assess and invigorate, collaborate and promote. All of the businesses already signed up are located in the centre of Adeje, including in La Postura, Los Olivos, El Galeón and Las Torres. Details of the businesses, contact names and numbers, the kind of commercial activity engaged in and the location of the business in question have been taken and uploaded. Visits have been made to find out, in more detail, about the services on offer and how the council can help the business improve, etc.

The 500 have now a presence on Google Maps which allows people search for them and find out what they need to know. Images from the inside of the uploaded businesses will also soon be added to enhance the presence online. All of this has been made possible by the council’s partnership with Crea Solutions, a locally based company who have undertaken the geolocalisation of the businesses.

During 2017 the next phases of the project will come into being “and the project will be completed when all of Adeje’s businesses are geolocalised so we are asking that borough businesses come on-board and contribute to this very positive initiative” concluded the councillor.

Are you being served?

Over the last month a group of English resident ‘guinea pigs’ have been going out for breakfast!
The group were invited, through the Adeje council, to help the department of economic development and job creation by having breakfast served to them once a month! Nice work if you can get it…

What this is really about is helping a group of 15 young people, aged between 16-25, without any qualification and at risk of social exclusion, train in basic restaurant and bar operations. So an invited group of 20 English Adeje residents were invited to play ‘tourists’, to help the trainees deal with people in a different language, learn to serve, take orders, deal with different kinds of requests, and a big etc.
The first breakfast, a month ago, was beset by problems mostly not of the students making – with a technical problem in the kitchen the English Breakfast they had worked so long to serve, was cold….but to give them their due they coped with the complaints. The ‘guests’ were patient, knowing the circumstances, and were happy to accept an invitation to return this week for a Spanish breakfast.

What a difference. The guests were presented with a written menu, the students were now taking written orders, service was improved, the interaction with guests was at a new level, and the food was superb according to all the very happy ‘tourists’. And in parallel there have been new friendships formed and increased awareness of the work the Adeje council is doing in the area of job creation and tourism.

It’s a mantra of the mayor’s and a very important one – education and training have to go hand in hand with the continued development of Adeje’s tourist brand. And it also has created new links between the Adeje council and the local British community both sides learning a little more about each other and probably appreciating each other a little bit more into the bargain.
Top marks.

Adeje: over 1,300 jobs created in 2015


“Job creation is our priority” says Adeje councillor for job creation and economic development Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, who met recently with representatives of the business sector to review employment creation and training in 2015. As a result of council initiatives and partnerships with the private sector over 1,350 people did find jobs during the year, with over three-quarters of those people living in Adeje.

Among the sectors hiring, most found work in hostelry (40-31%), the service industry (19.19%), shops (13.47%) and agriculture (8.21%) with others finding work in construction, sales, and industry.

While most of those who found work live and are registered in Adeje, given the island-wide nature of the local employment agency and training courses, people from Guía de Isora, Arona, Granadilla, and other boroughs have also benefited from their participation.

According to the councillor there were also successful courses aimed at those who are on the margins of society, those in danger of social exclusion. Some of those courses were run in conjunction with the Red Cross and saw 92 individuals placed in jobs. There were also training programmes aimed directly at young people with no formal qualifications with over 100 of them now in their first jobs. The over-30s were offered training too in different service areas.

During 2015 over three thousand individuals took part in 180 different training schemes in the areas of hostelry and tourism, commerce and languages, new technologies and business assistance. There were also courses under the ‘Convive Adeje’ banner aimed at training individuals in promoting youth activities.

“One of the important axis of my department is business assessments, combining job creation projects and new companies with business skills, something that plays a key role in the economic advancement in the borough, engaging the development of economic activities that directly meet the needs of the local population”, continued Manuel Luis Mendéz Martín. During 2015 over 300 assessments were carried out and 335 new businesses created, meaning that there are now over two thousand businesses registered as active in the borough, “ an increase of 25% in business activity in the region compared to 2014”.

€1,500,000 on job creation projects this year

job training scheme1

Adeje council´s department of economic development, under councillor Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, will spend over one and a half million euros on job creation schemes during 2016, in particular among groups in the social exclusion risk category. “Here in Adeje our unemployment rate is low, currently at 7%, but we are continuing to work to reduce it even further. We know there are problems, but where there are individuals who, for a variety of reasons, find themselves outside the system and who, for instance, need training or education to help them enter the labour market, we want to help”, he explained.
Those looking for information on the programmes can contact the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CTDCA), Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm, and in some cases an appointment is recommended, which can be booked by phoning 922 050 150.

councillor local development

During the year a number of different projects will be developed, some co-funded with the Canarian Employment Service, some funded solely by the council. Included is a youth scheme for up to 15 young people between the ages of 16 -25 years of age who hold no qualification and who will be trained to professional certificate level in basic restaurant and bar operations. They will also receive training to help them integrate into the labour market and increase their employment potential and some will also be helped achieve their secondary school certificate.

Another project, L-Urban, is designed for those over 40 years of age who have no educational or professional qualifications, which will offer training and some on-the-job experience with the Adeje borough cleaning company, Ascan-Torrabonaf. The +Bell Imagen y Belleza experimental programme which is already up and running has also helped 60 individuals train, and 15 of them are about to earn their professional beauty training certificates.

Other courses are being designed to prioritise those currently unemployed by offering them training in a range of job areas, with job-placement training included. The council is also offering a professional orientation programme for those planning to be self-employed, which will help up to 400 persons.

Finally the council is also working with socially funded projects in conjunction with NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) such as the Red Cross and Mcapaz to help up to 120 individuals identified as at risk of social exclusion, including young people who have never worked, over 45’s, and those who have been out of work for many years.

Estimates: Job creation and social welfare 2015 priorities

adeje-rueda prensa presupuestos 2015 (2)

The mayor paid tribute to the high local tax and rates compliance as important to the borough’s welfare

Meeting all the requirements of the Canarian Financial Fund as well as the two economic adjustment payment plans means that the Adeje council is in a position to increase budget estimates for 2013 by 5.86%. The mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga presented the annual estimates alongside the councillor for tax and finance Epifanio Díaz Hernandez and the local government spokesperson Adolfo Afonso Ferrera, the day before they were presented to the council for ratification.

The Adeje council budget estimates for 2015 calculated income at just over €89 million, a 5.86% on 2014, and a spending plan of just over €83 million, an increase of 4.49% on last year, “which allows us to continue to maintain and improve on basic services such as cleaning, lights, water etc, without touching any of the other services which we also see as essential, such as sports, culture and education”, explained the mayor.

He continued, “the healthy economic state of the council, as a result of the good financial management carried out in recent years, allows us meet all the targets of the Canarian Financial Fund, and we have also met the adjustment targets and reduced public debt by €14 million”. The mayor underlined “the importance part Adeje’s residents have played in their high level of compliance in paying local rates and taxes, with 88% of residents fulfilling their financial requirements voluntarily. This is hugely important and we also take it as a vote of confidence from our citizens in the way we are managing the public funds”.

While all areas will see some increase in spending, the mayor repeated that the areas of job creation (18%), social services (10.92%) tourism (7.24%) will benefit in particular with an overall increase in investment of 114%.

Rodriguez Fraga said that “for us it is fundamental and irrevocable that we concentrate on the creation of jobs as the main weapon in overcoming the financial crisis for many families. The second measure in this battle is the assistant we can offer, which will also see increased investment.” Regarding the increase in monies for tourism, he said that some of this would be used early in the new year to fund the project to reposition Costa Adeje in the international market place and “reinforce and strengthen this tourist destination which is the economic motor of the region”.

Responding to questions from journalists the mayor said that “we will continue to work with social commitments made as we believe it is absurd to separate social problems from the administrations which best know the local problems, in other words the councils”. In this regard he criticised the “fixation of the national government with councils…the councils are the bodies that are meeting their deficits, we are the best administrators of public money and the bodies that are giving the best local services”.