La Caleta Fiestas – Programme of events

The Adeje fiestas continue, with La Caleta ready to celebrate.


Tuesday 31 July
6pm, La Caleta Cultural Centre, Local artists’ exhibition
6.30pm, La Caleta Cultural Centre, Dessert competition,
9pm, Evening performance

Wednesday 1 August
12 noon, La Caleta sports pavilion, children’s games
7pm, Fiesta parade
9pm, Evening performance

Thursday 2 August
6pm, La Caleta Cultural Centre, ‘Parchís’ card competition
6.30pm, La Caleta sports pavilion, children’s activities
11pm, Evening performance


Odour-free La Caleta!

La Caleta has a new rubbish collection system

La Caleta, in Adeje, now has a new modern rubbish disposal system, unique to Adeje, which is an electric compactor system for organic waste. “With this initiative the council is responding to local needs to improve waste collection in the area where there are a lot of residents and tourists and a high concentration of restaurants”, said the councillor in charge of municipal services, Carmen Rosa González Cabrera.

Representatives of the council, including the councillor for the area Carmen Lucía Rodríguez del Toro and a representative of the municipal sanitation company UTE Ascan Torrabonaf, presented the plan to the La Caleta residents association, introducing what is a new and modern collection system for organic waste as well as new recycling waste containers.

The compactor has a capacity of 14m2, or 14,000 litre, and can be used 24 hours a day, with a hydraulic opening and closing mechanism that will greatly reduce odours in the zone. “With the new system the neighbourhood of La Caleta will see its waste management improve and overall the collection will be more efficient” assured the councillor. She said the new compact containers were the equivalent of 40 of the old waste containers, and the council had acquired a specific area for their installation chosen to avoid problems for residents.

During the week representatives from the UTE Ascan Torrabonaf service have been down in La Caleta to explain the new system to residents and restaurant owners. The council is also happy to offer recycling courses for any establishment that would be interested.

Use of the new containers should be done by following the instructions on the information panels. By pressing button on the panel the tray for depositing waste bags will be accessed, place the bag in the appropriate area and close the tray to allow the machine to begin the automatic compacting operation.

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La Caleta night run this weekend



This year the race also features a special ‘2 km of confidence’ which is part of the “Moving the Planet” social project

The La Caleta residents association, with the support of the Adeje council, have organised the La Caleta Night Run for the third year running, to be held on Saturday January 27th. This year the race will also include a special section called ‘2 km of confidence’ where parents who are running will be masked and move according to the instructions of their children. This initiative, part of the “Moving the Planet” social project, is designed to raise awareness about blind people and create greater family ties.

This year Spain’s youngest sport’s presenter and ‘influencer’ Jesús Hernández, who is just 9 years old, who will run with his father.

“Moving the Planet” is a social project designed to inspire levels of responsibility for the planet in people, to improve the world we live in through actions and sporting and leisure events.

Before the 2 km masked event, which starts at 7pm participants can enjoy a zumba master class with Mariana at 6pm. At 8pm the 5k and 10k races get under way and the night will end with a concert featuring the Orquesta Toque Latino.

Registration is online, or in TDC Adeje and TDC Cabo Blanco sports shops. Monies rasied will be used by the La Caleta residents association to fund the move to have village declared a European Cardio Safe Space, accredited by the European Foundation for Health, Research and Education.

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Waiting for the La Caleta wave


The bodyboarding championships is taking place this weekend

Tomorrow, September 9th, the El Cabezo La Caleta de Adeje bodyboarding championships are taking place. The competition is part of the Canarian circuit and seen as one of the most important dates in the sport’s calendar.

This week Adeje youth councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares and the Canarian Surf Federation (FCS) president Ángel Lobo Rodrigo, spoke to press about the event, explaining that the four separate competitions taking place on the day are all wave and weather dependent. The categories are the Open Bodyboard, Bodyboard under 18, Dropknee Open and Bodyboard Local Open. All participants must be registered with the federation and the competition will be designed to accommodate the numbers registered to compete and the sea conditions.

The El Coqueluche association are the local event organisers with a number of money prizes on offer, as well as sporting grants. Bodyboarders should have ideal conditions tomorrow, with La Caleta considered one of the best spots for waves coming from both directions, offering perfect clean tubes for top class manoeuvres on the boards.

Ángel Lobo Rodrigo said the organsiers would be doing a 7.30am check and the competition is open from 8am until 8pm. According to Lobo Rodríguez “the La Caleta wave is very special, mythical. It is produced, above all during the summer months, with the waves of the force of the south, waves formed between South Africa and Argentina which travel up the coast of Africa, the Gulf of Guinea and Cabo Verde until they reach the southern part of the Canarian archipelago, and La Caleta, bringing us some of the best waves in Europe” for this kind of sport.

Even if you are not taking part this is also an excellent spectator sport and a chance to relax in one of Adeje’s excellent coastal spots.
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Open air cinema for the kids

Summer nights for all the family
This year the Adeje council and Fundación CajaCanarias are teaming up to bring you the best kids films, shown in the open, free and fun for all.
Three top films are being shown for the public in August. On Thursday 10th Independence Day 2 will be in La Caleta, on Friday August 11th it’s the turn of El Puertito in Armeñime with Hotel Transylvania 2, and on Saturday August 12th the people in Callao Salvaje can enjoy a screening of Ice Ace: El Gran Cataclismo, in the Plaza del Mirador, the plaza at the bottom of the main street.
All the films will be in Spanish, starting at 9.30pm, free and open to all.

Coastal protection plan


From El Puertito to La Caleta 

The work involved in participating in the Madrid International Tourism Trade Fair, Fitur, is about much more than simply selling a destination and counting the economic costs and benefits; it’s also about promoting the protection of the elements which made the destination special, and in the case of Adeje there are natural assets of huge importance to the residents and visitors to Adeje. Tourism itself is a tool to improve the quality of life of those residents.


During this year’s fair the Adeje authorities have been meeting with a myriad of bodies, public and private, who are involved in future plans for the destination. One of those meeting, actually outside the confines of the trade fair hall, was in the Ministry of the Environment where Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the tourism, environmental and urban councillors, Ermitas Moreira, Esther Rivero, and José María Álvarez respectively met with the subdirector of public domains, Josefa Solenou, the head of concessions, Benito Carreras, and Ana García Fletcher, sub director of coastal protection.

Adeje presented their plans for coastal protection from El Puertito to La Caleta “outlining the need to evaluate the public zone conditions which exist to develop a plan whose main aim is to protect and regenerate the marine ecosystem of our borough”, said Esther Rivero. The delegation are hoping to persuade the coastal authorities to cede control of the zone to the council who will then introduce a series of programmes that will work to protect the zone and ensure a development that is 100% sustainable and in line with natural growth. The council had two associations with them to present the plan – the Asociación Océano Sostenible and the Fundación Loro Parque, represented by David Novillo and Javier Almunia,

According to the council the ministry representatives were very interested in the plans and the initial evaluation was very positive, said the mayor, who added that his conviction was that the department was well disposed towards the project, with future meetings to flesh out the proposal already scheduled.

The ministry was also visited by the Arona mayor José Julián Mena and the environment councillor José Luis Gómez, to discuss issues affecting our neighbouring borough, beach concessions, improvement of services and the regeneration of certain zones. Both boroughs continue to work in harmony on certain matters.


Q for quality
During last’s night’s proceedings at the fair, open to the public until Sunday, the Tourism office in Troya beach was awarded a Q for Quality Tourism, an award that recognised the excellent work carried out by the personnel who staff the office.

It is predicted that up to 100, 000 people will visit the trade fair this weekend. And while the majority of the members of the public who attend are from the Madrid area, each year, organisers say, more and more people travel longer distances to attend and find out about the holiday destinations on offer. Many of those are expected to visit the Costa Adeje and Arona stands.

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Riders to the sea

san seb3

On Friday Adeje celebrates San Sebastián, one of the oldest fiestas on the island

Adeje is getting ready to celebrate the feast day of one of its patron saints, San Sebastián, with the main event taking place on the La Enramada beach on Friday, January 20th, after 12 midday mass. This fiesta was first celebrated here in Adeje during the 16th century, though has been adapted over time.

Devotions begin on Thursday January 19th with a sung mass at 8pm in the church in the San Sebastián plaza in La Caleta, with the Armeñime Parranda Boleros. This will be followed by a procession in the locality with music from the Adeje town band, and the evening will end with a fireworks display. There will also be an open-air photography exhibition telling the story of the celebrations down the years and a folklore festival with the participation of a number of groups, including the Adeje folklore school, Imoque and La Diata. There will also be tables and stalls offering food and drink.

san seb1


According to the councillor for creativity Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, “San Sebastián is a sign of our identity in Adeje, and a festival that brings a multitude of people together from many different parts. In recent years the feast day has become an important one in the borough’s tourism calendar and many people now schedule their holidays to coincide with the event.”

san seb poster

The big day is Friday January 20th, with mass in the San Sebastián church at midday sung by the Santa Úrsula parochial choir. This will be followed by a procession with the Puerto de la Cruz trumpet and drum band, and then the traditional riding of horses into the sea at the La Enramada beach. The statue of the saint is then carried to the water and returned to the church where he meets the statue of the other patron of Adeje, the Virgin of the Incarnation. The religious acts then conclude with a blessing of all the animals that have been brought along, from cattle to pets.

Given the large number of people expected to attend the events, in particular on Friday, the council will have a large number of security and safety personnel in attendance.

san seb4
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Coordinated risk training

simulation (8)

In a simulation exercise held today (June 22nd) in La Caleta, to deal with a supposed non-toxic propane gas leak, the co-ordination of the different services was praised by the Adeje mayor who stressed that the actual possibility of a risk of this nature was extremely small, but that it was always better to be properly prepared.

“We are very pleased at the level of co-ordination we have seen today. The presence of gas is new to the region, and an event of this kind, though extremely remote, needs to be anticipated with 14 kilometres of propane gas pipes (non-toxic) present. We need to know how we would react in a risk situation, testing and verifying the measures in place, and improving them where we need to”.
Shortly after 10.30 the sirens of the fire brigades were heard from a distance rushing to deal with the 112 emergency call, which marked the start of the exercise. Local police were on hand to divert traffic away from the reported gas leak, the national police were co-coordinating their response, the civil protection unit advised members of the public, residents and tourists, and the ambulance service was on hand to attend to the only ‘victim’ of the gas leak. Also present were members of CECOPAL, the Adeje emergency co-ordination group who oversee borough risk situations.

simulation (3)
A well-coordinated affair, visitors looked on interestedly, with many praising the work of the services and the initiative itself. The Adeje council had posted notices all over La Caleta, in Spanish and English in advance of the exercise to avoid unnecessary panic. The advance preparation also included the co-operation of the H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel which was directly in front of the supposed gas leak and who played a full part in ensuring their staff and guests were kept up to date on developments with fire fighters in and near the hotel grounds during the simulation. All the other hotels in La Caleta were also fully supportive of the initiative.

The ‘emergency’ was caused by a digger inadvertently rupturing a distribution pipe for the DISA gas suppliers. Their spokesperson Francisco Plato, who was present at the event, said “we are talking about a situation that his highly unlikely but it has been a very useful exercise in testing the lines of communication and co-ordination between the different teams that would be called into service during an emergency situation of this kind”:
simulation (9)

SIMULATION – Emergency exercise in La Caleta tomorrow



The activity will involve police, ambulance crews and fire brigades
Adeje Town Hall has organised a simulation of a gas leak which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, from 10.30am.

The exercise is to test the preparedness of the emergency services in the event of a real risk situation. Taking part will be gas company DISA, the emergency co-ordination body CECOES, fire brigades, local and national police, the Guardia Civil, the Civil Protection Unit, ambulances, etc.


The Adeje authorities have informed local tour operators, residents and tourists, and public and private bodies of the nature of the event to avoid any unnecessary panic. The information has been made available in Spanish and English to inform as many people as possible in advance. During the simulation public and emergency transport will operate as normal though there will be some traffic diversions in place for the public.

The Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, stressed the importance of exercises such as this one “to better co-ordinate resources and reduce reaction times in the event of a genuine emergency. It’s also important that our people know we are working to be prepared to meet risk situations in the best possible conditions”, he said.