Los Menores, 5 June 2019

Due to road upgrades taking place along the TF-82, in particular the part linking Las Vetitas and Los Menores, the Tenerife Cabildo has said there will be some road closures by Los Menores tomorrow, Wednesday, from 8am until about 2pm.
Drivers will be redirected via the TF-1 with temporary road signs erected indicating the diversions in place.



As a result of ongoing roadworks being carried out by the Cabldo, part of the TF-82, by the Los Menores bridge beyond Las Rosas, will close today, August 31st and tomorrow, September 1st.

The closure will affect the following roads: From km 43 (link to Vera de Erques), to km 48.5 (link to the TF-1) on the days mentioned. There will be a provisional diversion via the TF-1, km 48.5 (Los Menores), although residents will have allowed access from the bridge zone. At km 43 the diversion will be via the TF-465 to the TF-1. There will be signposts advising drivers of the diversions.

Drivers and residents are asked to co-operate and take notice of all the diversions.

For more information contact the Cabildo roads division, 900 210 131.

Borough works helps those on the dole


The Adeje Council, through the departments of employment, municipal works, social welfare (under councillors Manuel Luis Méndez Martín, Isabel Fernández González and Carmen Rosa González Cabrera), had undertaken a social initiative which has meant employment for 59 members of the community, who are now working to regenerate public spaces throughout the borough.

Under a six-month social employment scheme, co-funded by the Canarian Employment service and the Adeje council, almost 60 people, most of them who are long-term unemployed and at risk of social exclusion, have been engaged in different work in distinct parts of Adeje.

The work has included gardening and cleaning in green zones, maintenance in public spaces such as parks and gardens, annual reformation work in public education centres and major work in both the Las Rosas-Los Menores zone and along the Avenida De La Galga en Callao Salvaje.

Adeje marks World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alzheimer’s Day was on September 21st


The Adeje councillor for health protection and quality of life, Amada Trujillo Bencomo, underlined the commitment the Adeje council has to the Alzheimer unit in Los Menores Cultural Centre during a ceremony to mark World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21st.

During the day the councillor visited the unit which offers help and support to those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and senile dementia as well as their families. She met with the centre director, Alejandro San Blas, and detailed a number of on-going projects the council are working on in conjunction with AFATE (the association for families and sufferers of Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related conditions), as well as promising to continue the good work that has been underway since the centre opened a year ago. Among future plans are a series of information workshops about Alzheimer’s, talks about early detection and possible improvements in quality of life for sufferers and their carers and families.


At the moment the centre attends to 11 persons (six women and five men) with the assistance of a qualified team trained in psychology, physiotherapy, speech and occupational therapies.

Alzheimer centre for Adeje


The Cabildo, Adeje council and the AFATE association have cooperated to open this centre which will be based in the Los Menores cultural centre

Aurelio Abreu, the Tenerife councillor for welfare, health and dependency with the Tenerife Cabildo, alongside the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the president of AFATE, the association for family members with Alzheimer’s disease and other senile dementias, Manuel Ángel Hernández Garcia, have visited the centre which will home the day care centre for those with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. The unit will be based in the Los Menores Cultural Centre, use of which has been ceded by the Adeje council.

During the visit other members of the AFATE association were also present, as well as experts from the Cabildo and the Adeje councillors for social services and the elderly, Amada Trujillo Bencomo and Carmen Rosa González Cabrera respectively.

The project is an initiative of the Cabildo and will be part of the island-wide network of social services, hand in hand with the AFATE association and those councils that have expressed an interest in taking part. The Adeje centre is currently being improved to meet the needs of the new service. Once open the unit which will care for those with mild-moderate levels of dementia and will have three qualified professionals in the centre from 9am to 1pm Monday – Friday caring for up to 30 residents of the borough. As well as offering professional attention for those who are ill, the unit will also offer family services and support. Interested families can request inclusion through the offices for senior citizens in the Adeje Cultural Centre even though age will not be a factor in the allocation of places.

The Adeje mayor expressed his satisfaction with the initiative “which will meet a real need in our society, and give our residents in Adeje a resource that is important and essential. Alzheimer’s disease is a concern not just for the patient but for families of that patient and now we can count upon professionals who can assist in the control of the illness and assistance for families, freeing them somewhat from the pressures which they often find themselves under and offering professional advice on treatment.” The mayor added that the council have also scheduled a meeting with the Adeje health centre to inform them of the imminent service which they will also be able to use in referrals.

According to the Cabildo councillor Aurelio Abreu, “the Adeje project will be part of the island-wide social services network which we in the Cabildo are helping to install. These are services which, until now, were only available in the city zone. With this programme we have the chance to create 14 centres throughout the entire island, which is a source of enormous satisfaction. For the 2,500 people on the waiting list for care, AFATE has found this intermediate solution which are these centres which can help families.

Aurelio Abreu also mentioned “the magnificent work that the Adeje Social Services is doing, and Adeje was actually one of the boroughs most interested in requesting insertion into this island-wide network. We will now be able to expand the services on offer in the Adeje to attend to illness such as Parkinson’s, those who are deaf, who need assistance in learning sign language, etc”.

The technical director of AFATE, Inmaculada Rodríguez, said she was delighted with the Adeje installations; “this is a marvellous centre and the council have done all that is needed to adapt the space to meet the required needs and we hope that shortly we can being to use it for that purpose. Our team is ready, and we are beginning to contact families here and any family that would like to avail of the service can ask to be included now”.

She added, “this unit will be geared towards those who have any kind of dementia in low to moderate stages. We won’t just treat persons with dementia but also anyone who is suffering from mild cognitive impairment who might currently find themselves in limbo, with no one to turn to. We are here to help and to, where possible, avoid in the medium term that their condition progresses to dementia.

The director of AFATE said that “we want to stress that this is an integrated service as we are attending to persons in all aspects that are relevant – physical, mental, using physiotherapy, logopedia, psychology, occupational therapy and basic care and attention. We also will be working with families with assistance and information as well as home and centre-based assessment.”