Planting good ideas!

Yesterday (Wednesday June 6th) a group of students from the Los Olivos secondary school presented two projects to the Adeje environment councillor Esther Rivero Vargas, “Vigilantes de la Naturaleza” (nature vigilance) and “NaturAdeje” (Nature Adeje), the latter having already won a national competition organsied by CEDRO.

During the presentation the groups presented their proposals and conclusions. Regarding the “Vigilantes de la Naturaleza” students outlined the need to defend and co-exist with local flora and fauna if our local environment was to survive. “Natur Adeje” works to highlight the value of the natural resources Adeje offers and encourages the public to ask questions about the resources and changes in the local environment and why they are happening, and if such changes should and can be avoided.

The students have geo-localised 9,000 points of interest in the borough identifying a huge variety of both indigenous and invasive plant species. The study was carried out under the criteria laid down by the Nature 2000, an EU protection plan concerning the study of birds and habitats.

For councillor Rivero Vargas “this initiative has been seen a huge boost for the local administration, you have helped us enormously in creating an x-ray of the borough in this regard and we are in no doubt that we will be using much of the results you have presented and examining the solutions you propose”. Some of the suggestions are already mirrored in the council’s Adeje 2020 plan and the councillor stated that seeing similar proposals from the borough’s younger people was significant. “We are on the right tract”, she said.

Among the proposals are the vigilance of zones that are home to exotic flora that may be affected by invasive plants and the replanting and growing of indigenous plants. The students are also suggesting the creation of a volunteer environmental network which will work to supply information about local ‘hot spots’.

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New classrooms for IES Los Olivos

Adeje obras ies los olivos


“We want to be able to guarantee that we have in place adequate infrastructures to meet the educational demand”

Building is underway on three new classrooms in the Los Olivos IES (secondary school) in Adeje.

According to the Adeje councillor for education, Andrés Pérez Ramos, who met with the director of the school Luisa González Expósito to see the work in progress, the new classrooms are part of ongoing work in the borough to improve the public educational centres in Adeje. He explained that these work, part of the RAM (Reform, Amplification< and Improvement) project, are carried out via the regional department of education and are designed to ensure that students at each stage of their education have access to proper educational infrastructures and equipment.

Luisa González Expósito explained that “these classrooms are not designed for any particular subject, but for the student population in general, and the overall aim is to improve the school given the number of students attending”. She added that work to keep the school in condition is ongoing throughout the year, and hopefully students would be able to use these new classrooms by December of this year.

Adeje obras ies los olivos (2) Adeje obras ies los olivos (1)

Andrés Pérez added “these public education centres serve an important school population and our ongoing commitment is to work in partnership with the regional department of education to offer our students the best possible centre with new and fully equipped classrooms”.

During the meeting the increase in the student body was also mentioned which has seen the need to increase the number of places to 1,200 approximately. Given this demand, the councillor said “before the end of the council’s current term of office we want to be able to guarantee that we have in place adequate infrastructures to meet the educational demand for the present and the immediate future in Adeje”.