Christmas time is almost here…


Adeje is getting ready for the Christmas celebrations that mark this time of the year, with concerts, nativity scenes, markets, gastronomy events, children’s activities and much more on the agenda in the lead up to Christmas, New Year celebrations and the arrival of the Three Kings.

“Christmas is one of the symbols of social harmony and of family in our society. Whether you are a religious believer or not, these dates symbolise a coming together, solidarity, unity, values which we then renew with the arrival of the new year”, commented Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. “Social harmony has been one of the fundamental axis of the evolution of our society resulting in people that feel united, that includes all those who have come here from beyond to make their homes with us. Today we are more than 120 nationalities who share a common space, traditions, moments of happiness and reassurance, and that is because the people of Adeje opened their arms to new friendships and new unities which now define us as a people, which give our history and the road we have chosen to walk added value”.

This Christmas the streets, houses and shop windows of Adeje will be filled with lights, nativity scenes, celebrating what it means to be family, and celebrating the unique moments that this season brings, and that are reflected in the borough’s cultural programme.

The official programme begins later today, Friday, with the blessing of the seniors nativity scene in the cultural centre at 4.30pm. At 6pm there is the annual Christmas games event for local pre-school children and this evening at 8.30pm a Gospel concert with Dorrey and Latonius & Friends. Tickets for the concert are €3.

The first market also opens this evening in the Las Torres parking beside the music school, and is also on tomorrow from 10am to 10pm, with lots to buy and lots for the children to do as well. On Saturday evening there is a concert of sacred music in the Santa Úrsula church with the Reyes Barlet Cultural Association, and at 8pm the Christmas lights will be turned on in the Calle Grande.

On Saturday December 9th the Calle Grande itself hosts a Christmas market as well as being the stage for performances, music and singing. Other concerts of note include the military band event which this year takes place in the Plaza de España on December 14th.

On December 21st the United for Christmas concert takes place, also in the Plaza de España, with music and performances from some of the borough’s most loved groups and individuals.

This year, from December 26th until January 5th, there will be a PIN – Parque Infantil de Navidad (Christmas park for children) in the El Galeón pavilion, open every afternoon. New Year’s Eve will be celebrated in the Plaza de España with live music and lots of fun, and the following day come along to the Costa Adeje New Year Concert with the Canarias Jazz Orchestra.

The full programme is available online in Spanish ( and from Monday in English.


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Cultural exchange in Callao Salvaje


How a roundabout in Armeñime would improve harmonious co-existence was just one of the topics touched upon during the recent visit of the Adeje mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga to the Callao Salvaje Community Church.

The mayor was the invited guest at one of the regular language exchange evenings hosted by Ken and Caroline Cumming in their church centre in Sueño Azul, and there was a lovely mix of people from Callao Salvaje and Costa Adeje in attendance, with a cross-section of Adeje’s multi-cultural population, people from Germany, Belgium, Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland, Italy and of course Spain, in attendance. The local councillor for the area, Amada Trujillo Bencomo was also in the audience.

After the guests had enjoyed some snacks, and a cup of tea or coffee, they sat and were interested to hear the mayor talk about what Adeje can do for them, asking them to continue to be involved in the borough and welcoming suggestions from the floor on how they could become more involved in the future evolution of this international corner of South Tenerife. “I want to make Adeje a reference point for co-existence, for cultural diversity”, he told the gathering, while at the same time stressing the importance of tourism and the need to maintain the area as a top tourist destination too. “We are blessed with the advantages given to us such as the incredible weather, the nature that surrounds us, but most of all, our biggest resource is the people of Adeje” he said, including those present.

The need to constantly improve the destination was also touched upon, as well as the diverse cultural, gastronomic, folklore and incredible sporting offer that Adeje is and has. “And I don’t mean of or for the elite”; the mayor stressed, “I mean the culture of the people, the music of the people, giving people the ability and the tools to discover something about themselves too”. He referred to the Adeje Convivencia and the Adeje Smart City campaigns which were designed and working towards the improvement of the borough for residents and tourists alike.

Responding to questions from the floor Rodríguez Fraga acknowledged that there was still work to be done in controlling unwanted practises in tourist areas such as PR touts and leafleting, and he also spoke of a newish craze that was harming tourism – that of hiring out what were once scooters for the use exclusively of those with mobility disabilities, to anyone who wished, which is now becoming a nuisance on many streets in Costa Adeje and beyond.

To a question from a local IT provider regarding poor internet coverage in Callao Salvaje the mayor said he would look into it as soon as possible, “as it is often up to the council to persuade private companies that they need to serve areas that they might not consider hugely profitable, although Callao Salvaje is a profitable area”, he said. And when asked about how they might tackle the daily traffic blocks and tail backs by Armeñime the mayor confirmed that the plan to introduce a roundabout there was now approved, “land has been ceded and work should begin in a few months…no doubt helping develop more harmony in the community”, he joked.

As the meeting drew to a close one of the audience suggested the establishment of a focus group among ex-pats to work on and inform the council about issues of concern – the mayor welcomed the idea and we hope to see this group up and running soon – so let us know if you would be interested in taking part.


The mayor, in closing, thanked Ken and Caroline for hosting the event, and also for their recent involvement in the fund and food raising Gospel concert in the Adeje Cultural Centre, with all proceeds going directly to the Adeje food bank. He also invited those present to get involved in local borough events – “I know language may be a barrier, but not one that we can’t overcome”, he said.

Failte romhat – Adeje welcomes Irish Ambassador

Embajador irlandes en Adeje (4)

The Irish Ambassador to Spain, Mr David Cooney, paid a courtesy visit to Adeje this week where was officially welcomed by the mayor, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga as well as invited members of the council, local business representatives and members of the resident Irish community.

The mayor spoke of the important links that tourism can develop, not just economic, but in terms of cohesion and personal development. He said the Irish community had grown in recent years and of the benefits of on-going exchanges.

Ambassador Cooney, who was accompanied by Madrid Consul Caoimhe Ní Chonchúir and the Tenerife based honorary consul, Ward Woods, said he was delighted to meet members of the Irish community here who were contributing to the local community, “who want to make a contribution to their adopted home, not just for the Irish but for all the people of the borough.” He also referred to the fact that Adeje is home to people from up to 120 different countries, “a mini united nations”, with the people of the town at the heart of it, “who make this place somewhere that people want to come and visit and stay.”

The Ambassador also said that he was struck by “the extraordinary links between Ireland and Tenerife and the contribution that they and their descendants had made to the history of this island”, and thanked the mayor and guests for the welcome they show to Irish tourists and potential residents and that they had shown to him.

Following an exchange of gifts the Ambassador signed the visitor’s book and was delighted to take time out with the mayor to visit the Convento de San Francisco, the Plaza de España and the Santa Ursula church. As a recent Ambassador to the Vatican he told Adeje parish priest Fr Honorio of his interest in churches and statues and was particularly struck by the detail in the church in Adeje and congratulated the mayor on the effort in saving the building many years ago.

This is the first visit of Ambassador Cooney to the Canary Islands. He arrived in Spain in September of last year to take up his post of Ambassador of Ireland. He was previously Ambassador to the United Kingdom and, before that, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations in New York. He also served as non-resident Ambassador to the Holy See between 2012 and 2014.

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Adeje Rally back in Nationals

rally pic  1

We will incorporate this sporting event into our promotional agenda and it will definitely be of interest to many who visit us…”

The first race in the 2015 Spanish Asphalt Rally Championship season will be held in Adeje on April 10th and 11th, marking the return of the Adeje Rally into the national circuit. It replaces the El Bierzo Rally in the calendar.

The news was relayed to the Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga and the borough’s sports councillor Adolfo Alonso by the sport’s local team president Policarpo Delgado and the man in charge of Team Factory, Orlando Méndez. They outlined their plans for the rally to the mayor and the councillor and promised “a lot of surprises” during the event.

The return to the national stage took time and effort, and the announcement was even more welcome this year given that “we are also celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Rally Villa de Adeje”, said the mayor. He added that this sporting event was very important to Adeje, and not just within the borough’s sporting department, but also “in the tourism sector because it adds to our excellent image here and abroad. We will incorporate this sporting event into our promotional agenda and it will definitely be of interest to many who visit us”, he said.

The Rally Villa de Adeje will be held a week before the Rally Islas Canarias, the other regional circuit, meaning that drivers can take part in both in the hunt for points for the national title. According to Policarpo Delgade, “this is very positive news for Adeje, for the team and for all the fans of motor racing and sport in general in the island. We fought long and hard to get into the Nationals and we are very proud to have achieved our goal”.