Improving security in Adeje

Permanent co-ordination group of security bodies agreed

During the week Adeje, with the Government delegate Elena Máñez Rodriguez, hosted a meeting of the different security bodies. Also present were the general head of the Guardia Civil in the Canaries, Juan Miguel Arribas, and the Tenerife south national police commissioner, Eloy Román Rodríguez, as well as representatives of the local police in Adeje.

The session dealt with a number of on-going and current issues, and talked in detail about the need for co-ordination and better security in Adeje as the main challenges to be faced. There was also mention of the creation, in the future, of a service or an office dedicated to the needs of foreign visitors. The meeting heard that in recent months there had been a drop in crimes reported across the board, something welcomed by both the government delegate and the Adeje mayor Jose Miguel Rodriguez Fraga, “although we are never happy when any crime is committed”, he clarified. He added, “The better figures are a result of the work by the men and women of the security forces in the borough”. He also said that the work of the local and national police and the civil guard was to promote social harmony too among all residents and visitors, something vital for the good of the tourist industry. “No tourist chooses Adeje because we offer top security, but they won’t return if it is lacking”, he added.

Other matters discussed included the number of vacant homes and premises in tourist zones currently occupied by squatters, the intrusion caused by PRs on the streets, and the need for more police in both the national police and civil guard teams in Adeje and South Tenerife – the mayor said there was currently a need for at least 120 more agents to meet daily demands.

There was agreement across the board on the important issues, and on the use of co-ordination tools to improve the overall security in the region. The creation of a permanent co-ordinating body was approved by all with representation from all three of the operational security forces, to meet once a week. The mayor commented that “up to now the co-ordination that has existed has worked well, with good fluid communications between all the security forces, but we have decided to create this permanent body which will serve to improve security overall in terms of services and attention to the public”.




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“In the line of duty…”


The Adeje council has paid tribute to members of the National Police who have fallen while performing their duty to the public with the installation of a commemorative monument. The homage was unveiled on October 2nd, the day of the forces’ patron saint, the Custodial Angel.

The monument, located in Costa Adeje, also marks the restitution of a plaque which was placed there in memory of Victor García González who died in 1992 when he was shot in the line of duty. The plaque had been removed during works in the zone. The new monument names García González and extends the tribute to all members of the state security forces who have given the lives in the line of duty, saving others.


The mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, offered his sincerest thoughts on “this day, which is so significant, as we are remembering and honouring members of the National Police who have given their lives in service, and to all those members of the different security forces who have demonstrated their commitment and generosity every hour of every day, performing the most heroic deed of all, giving their lives”.

The mayor added that “we want to leave a permanent reminder of our love and gratitude to all of those who serve others by putting their lives on the line. This is more than a profession, it is a vocation. In difficult times, such as those we are experiencing at the moment, the presence of the police and security forces is vital and for that reason symbolic acts such as this one are also a way of passing on society’s recognition of that commitment.”


For his part, the Tenerife Sur Police commissioner, Carlos Ludeña Alonso, explained that the repositioning of this plaque honouring Victor Manuel García González who was the victim of “a terrible and cruel assassination in the act of serving the public as a member of the police force” brought together everyone in the Adeje council and saw the realisation of their promise to re-establish this monument that had been removed to facilitate local works. He also said that “the gratitude of all the people of Adeje was reflected in the monument which recognised the service the National Police gave to the public on a day to day. And for that my sincere thanks to the borough”.

Also present at the commemorative act were representatives of other security forces including the Adeje Guardia Civil, the justices of the peace, Adeje councillors and the artist who designed the monument, the Adeje-based sculptor, José Luis de León Torres.