Night running…in La Caleta


The 4th La Caleta Night Run is taking place this Saturday, February 2nd organised by the Insular Athletics Federation in collaboration with the Adeje council. Hundreds are expected to take part.

During the day, from 12.30pm, of the organisers will be hosting a series of social harmony events, handing out numbers to registered participants, and inviting people to take part in Kangoo and Zumba masterclasses. There will be a Food Truck and djs present.

This year there are three different categories, a 2k ‘confidence’ walk (for children and parents), and a 5k and 10 k run. The first 2 kilometre event is at 7pm and under the social project, “Moving the Planet” and asks parents to wear a blindfold and be guided by their children, working to raise awareness of the importance of inclusion in our society of everyone with some kind of physical challenge. The event also creates stronger links between family members, and present will be a well-known ‘influencer’ and the youngest sports presenter in Spain, Jesús Hernández. He is ten years old and will be taking part with his father (

The 5 and 10 kilometre runs begin at 8m, the prize giving is at 9.30pm.

To register – and you must register to take part in any of the three events – you can do so in TDC sports shops in Adeje and Cabo Blanco or online, Monies from the inscriptions will be donated to an “athletes without frontiers” organisation and to the local La Caleta residents association who are working to convert the coastal village into a European Cardio Health Space certified by the European Foundation For Health, Research and Education.




La Caleta night run this weekend



This year the race also features a special ‘2 km of confidence’ which is part of the “Moving the Planet” social project

The La Caleta residents association, with the support of the Adeje council, have organised the La Caleta Night Run for the third year running, to be held on Saturday January 27th. This year the race will also include a special section called ‘2 km of confidence’ where parents who are running will be masked and move according to the instructions of their children. This initiative, part of the “Moving the Planet” social project, is designed to raise awareness about blind people and create greater family ties.

This year Spain’s youngest sport’s presenter and ‘influencer’ Jesús Hernández, who is just 9 years old, who will run with his father.

“Moving the Planet” is a social project designed to inspire levels of responsibility for the planet in people, to improve the world we live in through actions and sporting and leisure events.

Before the 2 km masked event, which starts at 7pm participants can enjoy a zumba master class with Mariana at 6pm. At 8pm the 5k and 10k races get under way and the night will end with a concert featuring the Orquesta Toque Latino.

Registration is online, or in TDC Adeje and TDC Cabo Blanco sports shops. Monies rasied will be used by the La Caleta residents association to fund the move to have village declared a European Cardio Safe Space, accredited by the European Foundation for Health, Research and Education.

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