40 injuries but luckily no loss of life

Adeje orders closure of Playa Shop commercial centre following floor collapse

Following the partial collapse of the floor of the Butterfly disco, in the Playa Shop commercial centre, Avenida Rafael Puig, early this morning, Sunday November 26th, the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, and the commissioner of the local police of the borough, Miguel Ángel Morales García, have just held a press conference to outline the actions that are being taken by the Adeje council.

“At 2:30am we were advised by the local emergencies body, the CECOES, that there had been a partial collapse of the floor in a nightclub on Avenida Rafael Puig. We immediately activated all the necessary resources to deal with this kind of emergency, local police, professional and volunteer fire brigades, and the national police”, said the mayor.

Regarding the injuries Rodríguez Fraga told press, “Thankfully there has been no loss of life, something we are grateful for given the seriousness of the situation. As a result of the floor collapse 22 persons were treated for injuries on the spot and subsequently transferred to hospitals in the zone – Hospital Quiron and Hospiten and afterwards some were transferred onwards. In the end the numbers of those injured has risen to 40 with some also making their own way to hospital. The injuries range from serious to minor and the information we have that no one individual is in a critical state. We are, of course, waiting for any updates.”
The mayor also told press that no one had been in the area underneath the floor when it collapsed as it is currently an unused unit – previously it had been used for Bingo – he clarified.


“A judicial investigation into the event has now been opened and our role now, as the local council, is administrative. Therefore we, as the local council, and given the technical evaluation carried out by the experts today of the building and the zone, are ordering the closure of the Playa Shop commercial centre as a preventative measure, as guaranteeing the security of the public is our main concern. At the same time we are evaluating the condition of the three adjacent commercial centres, to see if they have been affected. Once we have that information gathered we will open an administrative investigation to assess the causes as well as examine the infrastructure of the unit in question and the commercial centre” the mayor concluded.

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