Lithuanian authors in Adeje

New works from  Edmundas Malūkas and Nijolé Narmontaité were officially launched last week

The Adeje Centre for social harmony (Convivencia) recently hosted the presentation of new works by two Lithuanian authors – the Lithuanian community have a growing resident group here in Adeje.
Edmundas Malukas’ book is an historic novel telling the story of the  Vytautas the Great and his wife Ona, who lived at the end of the 14th century in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania which stretched down to the Black Sea  – during this period in history the  Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest state in Europe.

The second book is by actress Nijolé Narmontaité, who has said that much of the book was written during her time in Tenerife last winter.

Both presentations were organsied by the Lithuanian bookshop Knygu Namai Tenerifeje and representatives from the local Casa Lithuania community and the Adeje council.  Councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linareas told the audience that there were in “a space dedicted to cultural exchange, learning and enrichment”, welcoming the intetgration of the Lithunain community, and thanking them for allowing us learn more about their culture.



Fotografías: Silva Zebrauskaite-Ryazanova