Ten Diez, moving art


“…Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions.”
The current Ten Diez exhibition will run in the FIT – Factoría de Innovación Turística in the Adeje CDTCA complex until Friday December 5th.
The exhibition brings together a collections of locally based (though not necessarily born) artists in the third edition of the show, with the support of the Adeje council, and is considered one of the best platforms for showcasing up-and-coming talent in the field of fine art, sculpture, photography etc, as well as a space for established artists.

In the words of the organisers, “TEN-DIEZ brings together some of the region’s most exciting artistic talent, giving both complete beginners and more experienced artists a platform to showcase their work. In contrast with stereotypical elitist, closed circles of artists that are impossible to get into, Ten-Diez welcomes everyone, no matter how inexperienced, and provides a supportive network that encourages all members to pursue their passions”.
The councillor with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, says it “is a fascinating space which brings together a range of artistic disciplines of excellent quality. Through previous editions we have been able to discover the wealth of artistic talent in Tenerife while also demonstrating how Adeje is becoming a reference point for the wider international artistic community.” The councillor was also keen to stress the welcome given to those showing for the first time,. “We welcome everyone to this event, regardless of past experience, as we fully understand that art, in whatever manifestation, can be adapted from many different points of view”.

During the inaugural session of the exhibition the organisers presented an award to the ‘best artist’ voted by his peers, Sergio Díaz, a passionate traveller who tells of his journeys through his photographs. Second placed Carlos Ortega, an interior designer, was also praised for his personal pieces.

During the week-long exhibition there are also a series of parallel workshops and art-based debates, master classes and round-table discussions. To end the week, at 8pm there will be a ceremony to name the winner in the FIT CANARIAS/TENERIFE NO LIMITS, photography competition, with the winner taking home a GoPro4 Black camera.

More information: http://ten-diez.com

Picture This!


Knowledge to be theme for photography competition

The Adeje department of culture, under councillor Nayra Medina Bethencourt, has released details of the Adeje Summer University’s photography competition. The central theme is knowledge, with entrants asked to present their personal interpretation of learning and the search for it. The winning photograph will mean €600 for the photographer and also be used as the main poster for the XXII Summer University this year.

The date for entries begins this Saturday, March 29th and the competition is open until Wednesday April 9th. Entries should be either delivered to department of culture, or posted but stamped at the post office with the date it is presented to ensure that it qualifies for consideration.

According to the councillor, “the Adeje Summer University has always been a forum for debate and participation and for that reason we want to encourage even more participation in the creative process from the public. Photography encompasses so much – art, science, memory and the human experience and we hope the idea will appeal to a lot of people.”

Those who wish to enter must abide by certain rules and respect the basic theme of knowledge in their final work, as well as displaying their theme development, composition, light, and originality.

The best 20 photographs will form part of an exhibition under the Adeje Summer University title from July 21 – 25th.

Entries must be original and new and not previously published. You may enter just one photograph or a series consisting of three or five images. The width should be between 24 – 30 cm, length 30 – 40 cm. The photograph must also be accompanied by the relevant entry form, which can be downloaded from the Culture section of the council webpage, www.adeje.es.

There will be a prize of €600 for first place and €300 for the runner up.