Fañabe students on message!


The students from 6th class in Fañabe primary school recently completed a month-long course in radio organised by the Adeje council. During the course they learnt about how this medium of communication works, how to understand the messages transmitted and how to create, write and record messages for radio. The students also had a practical day visiting the Radio Sur 107.9FM studios in the Adeje cultural centre and the press centre.

The initiative was jointly run by the departments of communication and education under councillors Zebenzui Chinea Linares and Adolfo Alonso Ferrera, who agreed on the “need to improve the community skills of the students at this stage in their education and before they enter secondary school”, adding that the students were learning about the importance of constructing and designing a message for communication.

The course was run in two sections; theoretic and practical, with the students, on the final day, preparing a series of radio announcements and publicity spots and recording them in the radio station. During the course the importance of reading as a tool in improving word use and adaption was also emphasised. They also examined how news stories and adverts for radio are constructed.

The 26 students who took part in the course, and the professors from the Fañabe school, were extremely pleased with the results of what was, in essence, a pilot project, with all seeing benefits from the experience. The councillors said “with this course the council is continuing to allow students experience work practises and allow them see the workings of the local administration too”.

Department of Communications

A sultan of swing!


I’ve just recorded an interview with Chris White, saxophonist with Dire Straits, in advance of the Dire Straits Experience this Saturday in the Magma Arte y Congresos centre.  What a gentleman, great chat about music, the impact Dire Straits had on the post-punk era,  with some great memories of his early days with Dire Straits, upgrading from tour bus to airplane to first class travel as the band’s popularity grew.

dire straits interview

To hear the full interview make sure you tune into English Time on Radio Sur Adeje tomorrow (Thursday 1pm)…

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English Time is back!



This season the programme will be closely following the Adeje Convivencia/Adeje Together programme and hosting a series of round-table discussions on tolerance, multicultural identity, religious beliefs in a modern world and respect

The English Time radio programme returns to Adeje’s municipal station, Radio Sur Adeje tomorrow, Thursday November 20th, at 1pm. The programme, in English, can be heard live on 107.9fm locally or online at www.radiosuradeje.com.

English Time will now be broadcast once a week, on Thursdays, from 1-2pm, and Clio O’Flynn returns to the presenter’s seat and is looking forward to the changed format and longer programme. “We have been building up English Time since it began two years ago, and now the hour-long slot will give us more flexibility to feature a diverse range of items and spend more time discussing matters of importance and interest to Adeje and Adeje’s resident population”, she said.

English Time works to bring local news from Adeje and environs to local residents and tourists who might not speak Spanish. But the programme has also attracted many Canarian listeners who enjoy the opportunity to listen to English on their local municipal station. Adeje council are delighted too that the programme is a direct information link to the ex-pat resident population for news and important announcements from the council offices.

This season the programme will be closely following the Adeje Convivencia/Adeje Together programme and hosting a series of round-table discussions on tolerance, multicultural identity, religious beliefs in a modern world, respect and many other issues the campaign is focussing on. English Time will also be bringing listeners news of local business and employment developments in the borough as well as sporting and cultural events. “We will also, when it’s relevant, focus on major international news stories from around the world, particularly if they affect the ex-pat community in anyway”, says Clio O’Flynn. And of course music will play a part in the programme, playing classics, favourites and the week’s No 1 in Spain and the UK. “We are also planning a Christmas Day Special with classic Christmas hits so would love to hear from listeners who might have request – a special song for a special someone perhaps”.

Tune in and check out the new English Time this or any Thursday, 1-2pm, on Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9fm, or online.radiosuradeje.com.

English Time, time for everyone

ADEJE-entrevista Rafael Dolado en Radio Sur Adeje (2)English Time, time for everyone


In its first six months on air English Time, which is broadcast twice weekly on Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9fm, from 1 to 1.30, has established itself as an informative and welcome part of the ex-pat day.


The Adeje mayor said he was “very happy with the way the programme has developed and its success, particularly as we have noticed that it’s not just foreign residents who are listening, but a lot of Spanish residents are also tuning into English Time and using the programme to help improve their English”.


According to presenter Clio O’Flynn, an Irish women resident in the Adeje village of Callao Salvaje, it has been a fascinating, challenging and rewarding first six months.  “The programme has already established some excellent regular contributors, such as the highly respected local British blogger Janet Anscombe, Colin Kirby, as well as inputs from journalists based here, Spanish, British and Irish, freelance and staff from national and local publications such as Island Connections Canarian Weekly and Diario de Avisos, and I am always delighted to welcome the local talent onto the programme”.  The British and Irish Consuls Steve Jones and Ward Woods, as well as Embassy staff have also appeared on the programme, as has the Irish Ambassador to Spain Mr Justin Harman, on the eve of Ireland’s accession to the presidency of the EU.  Tenerife’s Cabildo president Ricardo Melchior was also one of the many welcome guests. 


However the programme is very focused on news and views from Adeje and South Tenerife, and members of the Adeje council are regular contributors, in English, to the programme, as are members of other neighbouring councils and the Tenerife Cabildo.


The programme, in line with the policy of Radio Sur Adeje, sees itself very much as a public service provider, and in recent weeks devoted time to bringing listeners information on making tax returns, the new legislation covering the declaration of overseas assets, local and insular assistance during strikes or weather disruptions as well as clarifying issues such as driving licence renewal and most recently confusion over a by law regarding laundry and barbecues on balconies.


English Time is continuing to grow and develop and there is also now a blog, Adeje English Time (http://englishtimeadeje.com/) and a facebook page where people can interact with the programme in English.  The programme is also beginning a series that will focus on new businesses in Adeje, particulary those that are linked to the development of tourism and involve ex-pats.

The programme also depends greatly upon the advice and help of the Adeje council team and the Radio Sur Adeje personnel.  “I have been made feel extremely welcome and helped in every possible way during these first six months by the team”, said Clio O’Flynn.


If you would like to contact English Time please ‘like’ the Facebook page, visit the blog, or listen to the programme on Mondays and Thursdays, on Radio Sur Adeje, 107.9fm and get in touch