Safely to school!


The department of resident participation in Adeje, under councillor Zebenzui Chinea Linares, has proposed the borough’s education centres come together to work on a strategy to promote a ‘Camino Escolar Seguro’, a safe way to get to school. The project will work to improve safety for students as they travel to school from home.

The first phase of the project will see parents asked to take part in a poll/fill in a questionnaire so that planners will be able to analyse the different ways students are travelling to school from home – car, bus, on foot, etc – and thus be able to see where they need to plan or make changes. The second phase will see a number of plans activated that should make everyone aware of the need to improve student safety and seek their participation in doing so.

“On a daily basis we are seeing traffic jams and tailbacks near schools at certain times of the day, which in turn affects people on their way to work. With the new plan we are hope to improve that situation, decrease traffic congestion and guarantee better student safety”, commented the councillor.

The plan was presented to the heads of the various public schools in the borough at last week’s meeting with the council. Eduardo Polo, the provincial head of the Traffic Department was also present, as his department will be taking part in the evolution of the plan.


Prioritising pedestrians

The council are also looking at the introduction of a bicycle  lane

The council are also looking at the introduction of a bicycle lane

Council to modify bylaws on footpaths and public spaces

Today at the monthly council session, the Adeje council are scheduled to vote on a series of measures to modify use of bicycles and motorised vehicles on pavements. According to councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, with responsibility for transport, traffic and road safety, “we need to win back the use of footpaths and public places for pedestrians”. The council is also working on overall plan to redesign certain areas in a more modern and user-friendly style regarding transport.

“We are aware of the need to encourage sustainable transport in the borough and will introduce a series of exceptional measures and conditions which will regulate use of electric/motorised transport on footpaths”. He said that “the renting of all kinds of electronic apparatus for transport purposes has generated a problem and created dangers, including for those using them, and is a form of abuse for pedestrians, creating real risk situations, insecurity and problems for the public”.

To address this problem the council will be adopting a series of modifications to existing bylaws which regulate this activity to properly outline exactly where and under what conditions such machines can be used in public zones and in line with the vision and needs of Adeje’s tourist zones. “A tourist destination such as ours has to preserve and guarantee proper use of its public spaces allowing the public to use them in comfort and safety, and any activity that is to be authorised must be compatible with ensuring that they (the public spaces) are pleasant and safe for pedestrians.”

Pérez Ramos also said that the council are currently considering the introduction of a bicycle lane along the coast road to be integrated in the public zones in existence. “This will mean a leap forward in sustainable transport possibilities in the borough, in our form of mobility, and should see an increase in the sporting and leisure use of the bicycle in general”.

Yield to safety!

avenida los pueblos

The aim of the plan is to improve road safety throughout the borough

The Adeje council, via the department of transport, traffic and road safety under councillor Andrés Pérez Ramos, is introducing a borough-wide traffic plan which will include improvements in the condition of the roads and pavements and lead to better and safer road conditions for all residents and drivers.

The councillor responsible said “we are working to improve and guarantee the safety of individuals, so it is important to upgrade the horizontal and vertical (upright) street signalling along frequently used roads and pathways, as well as ensuring that those less used are also in prime condition.

Among the scheduled works are the signalling in Playa Paraíso, Fañabé, Armeñime, Los Menores, La Postura, Los Olivos and the centre of Adeje town. Pérez Ramos added that very soon they would also be repainting in the Charco del Valle, El Galeón and Las Torres neighbourhoods”.
andres perez ramos
Another important inclusion in the plan is upgrading streets and roads for those with reduced mobility, with increased allocated parking throughout the borough, eliminating many impediments that currently exist, and improve access to pedestrian zones.

The councillor added that “the council counted upon the patience of the residents during the work who understood that these improvements are necessary to ensure as much as possible road safety in all the borough’s neighbourhoods, streets and avenues”. He explained that in parallel the council were also continuing with talks in schools to underline the importance of road safety to Adeje’s next generation of drivers and road users.